Wandering the city


10.10.03, the


Once in the press flashed a message about the strange pictures transmitted to Earth via satellite communications with the American interplanetary space station. Lens are caught in the frame of the city, wandering … in outer space, as if he alone went for a walk! Known mirage, phantom picture of life on earth, known as transferred to a different space, and even at other times, but that happens on Earth. Here — the open space. And the picture

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St. Petersburg: Lenenergo commissioned substation Pushkin — South

July 25 in St. Petersburg, "Lenenergo" (part of the group of companies of "Rossetti") after extensive modernization commissioned 110/10-6 kV substation № 185 "Pushkin — South".

The substation will provide a reliable power supply in the south of the city where housing is active. Reconstruction of the substation allowed to give extra power to the network of Pushkin and provide backup power supply of residential and commercial sector as well as consumers such as Arcade, Pushkin House Youth Pushkin Museum of History, Cathedral of St. Catherine and other world famous historical and cultural sites.

At the

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New Zealand city hit by tornado

New Zealand city hit by tornado Natural Disasters

According to witnesses, the largest city in New Zealand, there was a "mini-tornado". But his strength was enough to carry three people. Also, because of the unusual storms, seven to Auckland had to seek medical attention. More than 200 people from their homes.

The tragedy occurred on the construction site, which could not resist the onslaught of wind. A gust caught the wreckage of the building constructed and sent them to standing near the truck. Its passengers were not able to survive. As three people died, while not established. To

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St. Petersburg = 5,000,000!

The long-awaited and landmark event! St. Petersburg back in the list of world cities pyatimillionnikov.

Five millionth resident of St. Petersburg was born on Saturday, September 22, 2012 in one of the maternity hospitals in St. Petersburg. Told "BaltInfo" Chairman of the Committee on Social Policy Petersburg Alexander Rzhanenkov. Name the five million petersburger morning September 24 call Governor Georgy Poltavchenko.

In recent years, the birth rate in St. Petersburg has been increasing steadily. To a certain extent this is due to the accepted government of St. Petersburg measures to improve the negative demographic trends prevailing

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Meteorite instead of roosters



10.10.03, the


Residents of the western part of Australia have seen quite a rare phenomenon. On the night of 6 to 7 October in the sky above the city Douverin flying meteorite. The speed of the celestial body exceeds the speed of sound. Due to the high speed of the meteorite in the Australian sky was a terrible roar, awakened many residents. Astronomers from the city of Perth Observatory reported

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Living underground


In the beliefs of almost all the nations present underground and cave dwellers. European gnomes, Zetta Norwegian, Irish seeds, Lapland chakli, Nenets sihirtya … In the Altai, in the 30-ies of the last century, members of the expedition Roerich told of strange people coming out of the caves and is paying the old coins, showed the ground littered with inputs, "which went Chud."

Legends of the kameneyuschih the sun dwarfs the inhabitants of the underworld of the great magicians and wise men recorded even in Polynesia and Australia! Myths and legends whether it's about actually existed, but

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In the west, Georgia residents evacuated due to flooding

July 30, 2013. Part of Senaki in western Georgia was flooded due to heavy rains, do not stop for a few days. The water level rose to 50 centimeters, and in some areas of the city up to a meter. Local authorities decided to evacuate women, children and the elderly. At the moment, the city is paralyzed traffic, remain flooded basements and first floors of dozens of homes.

Source: RT

Flooding in Jordan

Flooding in Jordan Natural Disasters

In Amman, the Jordanian capital, flooding occurred. Heavy rains caught the city by surprise, as well as the nearby town of Zarqa, which is 22 kilometers east of Amman. On the streets of this village were a lot of water, vehicles stopped traffic on the already congested streets.

The local people were in a panic, because the flood was a major in 10 minutes after the start of rainfall. To avoid accidents and drift cars with flooded streets, had to temporarily block traffic. Because water itself could not get off, even mine drainage

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Japanese tradition. Manila

Rukopozhatnye journalists in the subjects of the Japanese constantly extol the extraordinary loyalty to the traditions of the islanders. Well, as long as we do not put this idea into question. Let's talk about the traditions themselves.

Part 3. Manila

Manila — the capital of the Philippines. The city was built by the Spanish in the late 16th century. During World War II, Manila — the residence of the collaborationist government, captured by the Japanese islands.

At the beginning of February 1945 under pressure from the U.S. Army Japanese command decides to leave the city. Army headquarters was moved

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Farewell to the American Dream

The socio-economic situation in the United States began to deteriorate as a result of massive defaults on the grassroots, municipal level, which is carefully concealed from the federal and international statistics

Over the past two years showed a strange migration trend of 21 of my classmates and friends, has long been safely ensconced for permanent residence in the United States, more than half, 12 people, unexpectedly returned to Russia. On the question of "why", says people are just horrible stories, more similar to the round-up of the poorest countries in Africa. "America is not the

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