In Brazil, recorded a strong tornado

September 24, 2013. After a crushing blow tornado in the Brazilian municipality Takuarituba, located 328 km east of the city of Sao Paulo, a state of emergency. The inhabitants of the municipality still can not make out the rubble of crumpled cars, fallen trees and other debris left behind by the wind funnel almost every street Takuarituby.

During the revelry of elements here two people were killed, another 64 were injured. One of the victims was the driver of the bus, lifted into the air by wind and thrown on the road, bus passengers survived. The second man

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Another city in the United States with a population of over 200 thousand people went bankrupt

Another California city, this time to San Bernardino, went bankrupt. This is a special report said municipality.

"The City of San Bernardino, like other cities, has affected a severe economic downturn. So he took action to reduce costs. However, the costs continue to outpace revenue — said in a statement. — The city is faced with insufficient funds to meet its contractual and debt obligations in July 2012. "

Alas, the city has exhausted its reserves and projected expenditures exceed revenues by $ 45 million in the current fiscal year that began July 1. In the near future the

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Earthquake in Myanmar

Earthquake in Myanmar Natural Disasters

In the mountainous region of northern Myanmar, an earthquake, a magnitude of which was originally identified as a 7.0 magnitude, but later reduced to 6.8 points. Depth shock, recorded only 186 km from the city of Mandalay, was 9.8 km. According to local media reports, the death toll was at least 5 people. All of them at the time of death were near collapsing bridge, which run through the Irrawaddy River, the bridge was built by 80%.

In areas of the country, close to the epicenter, there have been numerous destruction, people received

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Heavy rains in the central city of Tanzania

Heavy rains in the central city of Tanzania Weather and Climate

December 20, 2011 about 13 people were killed in the floods caused by unusually heavy rains in the central city of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam. Tanzanian Meteorological Center appealed to citizens to leave the city due to the ongoing rains, but some people refuse because they fear for their property. In the city there is widespread destruction of property and infrastructure hundred people were left without homes, bridges destroyed, roads on the outskirts of the city are blocked by flood waters. December rains have formed as a result of

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A strong earthquake struck near the capital of New Zealand

August 16, 2013. An earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred on Friday near the capital of New Zealand, Wellington. Information on casualties and no injuries were reported.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the epicenter of the quake was located 74 kilometers south-west of Wellington. The earthquake at the depth of 10 kilometers. After some time, the region was registered a magnitude 5.7 aftershock.

According to the local newspaper Domininion Post, in the included Manila in Seddon earthquake building collapsed in some areas of the South Island there were power outages. The authorities decided to suspend air and rail links to

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Another earthquake in New Zealand

Another earthquake in New Zealand Natural Disasters

10 months after the devastating earthquake in February that killed 182 people and devastated the city center in Christchurch December 23, 2011 again saw a series of tremors of 5.8. It is reported that there was no serious damage. One person has been damaged, is in a shopping center, and four had to be rescued from the landslide. During earthquakes, many goods in the shops were falling off the shelves, forcing shoppers to flee into the streets.

The first earthquake occurred at a depth of 4 kilometers to 26 kilometers from Christchurch. It

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News from the education sector

ICE and FBI special services detained more than a dozen pedophiles to molest students directly to the school walls. And one of the detainees for years shooting movies in the classrooms.

Independent organizations have once again called teachers of New York among the worst in the country, noting the stable low student achievement. Moreover, the school staff has repeatedly incriminating in roughness and physical abuse. Even the most respectable nerves were frayed.

In the city of East Norport security services detained a local resident Willard Lanherma who stole from the Department of Education $ 1.7 million. By stealing public

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Deserted America: the most desolate places in USA. Photos

The increase in the number of unoccupied dwellings leads to the fact that in many U.S. cities, there were whole neighborhoods abandoned. We can say that this article — the modern "A Tale of Two Cities" Dickens.

Over the past decades, Las Vegas, as if sucked into the glittering Carnival of urbanization, was immersed in new construction and ongoing economic development. A Detroit earlier — support American industry, slowly hunched and covered with rust under the weight of an empty property. Now both of these cities gets tough.

Now Las Vegas already can compete with Detroit, rightfully earned the

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Last summer I was in Rybinsk, and received a lot of good memories. And when he learned of the existence of this site, then simply could not keep quiet and not to tell anyone anything. The official founding date is unknown, but the first mention of a settlement in the area was in 1071. Status of the city received the third in August 1777. According perepesi 2010, the population of the city of Rybinsk 200.771 people. Historical tsetr city consists of many interesting old buildings, which, alas, are subject to serious RESTORATION. But there is a finished masterpieces, many of

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Neelam spinning cyclone in the Indian city of Chennai

Neelam spinning cyclone in the Indian city of Chennai Weather and Climate

Neelam Tsiklonoobrazny storm, which was forecast to fall on the Indian city of Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, has bypassed this town side. But instead suffered a city Chennai India — Mamllapuram, located 60 km to the south.

Ironically, in an area of the state, where the storm looked in the first place, no one was hurt. But in other towns of Tamil Nadu there are casualties Neelam. According to official figures, the death toll is 4. The entire population of the northern coast of

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