Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news this week



Kindergarten "Sunshine"opened after reconstruction. This day his students will remember for a long time. For them, this long-awaited meeting with the native kindergarten — in the morning in front of the preschool children were waiting for fairy-tale characters. The scope of work performed considerable: updated facade, remodeled the interior spaces, landscaped neighborhoods changed fencing and additionally bought new equipment.



On the day of the city opened two additional groupskindergarten "brook"50 seats in the district Customs, the creation of which was spent 12 million rubles from the

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The monument is open to two outstanding scientists in Dubna

September 20, 2013, the second day of the Scientific Council of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, a monument was unveiled two outstanding scientists, academicians Bruno Pontecorvo, one of the greatest geniuses of physics, and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Venedikt Dzhelepov, who for many years headed the Laboratory Nuclear Problems, where they both worked.


The monument — sculptor Dmitry Yarmin and Vyacheslav Sergeev — were able to fully embody the idea of colleagues BM Pontecorvo and VP Dzhelepov the lab and the institution: to present them in simple situations, which

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About 18 thousand people took part in the day in the district

Tomsk (PHOTOS)

About 18 thousand people took part in the district Saturday in Tomsk (PHOTOS)

Last weekend was the first phase of a citywide work day under the slogan "I love Tomsk." The most active were the students and employees of educational institutions.


As the press service of the city administration, in the October district took part in the clean 6293 people who have collected 239 cubic meters of debris. Assigned areas cleaned more than 5,000 employees of schools and kindergartens, 237 representatives of management companies (particularly distinguished MC "Mayak" MC "October

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Heroes without gold stars, Salvation Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Recently, the majority of our fellow citizens, responding to a question about whether there are real heroes of our time, show a grin, saying something like this:Yes, some heroes? Some "buy-sell" and "take what is bad" circle. Werewolves in epaulets, corrupt prosecutors, mayors, presidents, judges and others. Heroes in the past.With this judgment can agree, well, just kind of taking into consideration the thesis that "There were people in our time!" Agree with this one hundred percent impossible by definition. The reason is that the TV screens and newspaper pages from the first we more often broadcast on robbery,

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New school athletic fields opened in Krasnodar

In Krasnodar, in the central and inner city districts Karasunsky opened two sports fields. They are located on the territories of secondary school number 32 and 14.

In addition, new markets opened in the school number 31 in the western inner city district and school number 79 in the Kuban inner city district, the official Internet portal Administration of Krasnodar.


That’s how we live

Stumbled into one place on the material and how it is caught me, I decided to share with you …


Why no one is impressive, it’s about why no one writes??

People with their own bodies to protect the dam from the storm. Their bodies! 

Something rotten in our society and do not see any clearance to recovery. Happy to discuss any boogers in the nose in politics, the country of his find fault on the part of fools, roads

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New water held in the satellite city of Perm

Construction of inter-municipal water supply Perm-Krasnokamsk cost 348 million rubles completed in the Perm region, a satellite town of the regional center will provide a reliable source of water, according to the regional administration.

Krasnokamsk city on the right bank of the Kama River below Perm stream periodically left without water — the only source of a river. According to authorities, the issue was about a quarter century. After one of the biggest failures in February 2010, when more than 50,000 residents were left without water for three days, the authorities took up the issue seriously change

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Near the city of Tours (Tuva), construction on maralnik

700 head of breeding stock

At 19 kilometers from the city of Tours, Centre Pii-Khem district, in the town "Top of Turan" installed the first poles for the future maralnik. Thus launched the practical revival in Tuva maral antlers.

Maralnik, designed initially for 700 breeding animals, will take 1,820 acres, in the future herd will be increased to 1,000 head.

Builders need to install 17,000 rounded pillars height of 2 m 40 cm each, pull wire 180 km, 64 km grid, 164 thousand to fix the appropriate brackets. It will also build the necessary production

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Buses Volzhanin

"Volzhanin" — a Russian holding avtobusostroitelny. The parent company is located in the Volga city of Volgograd region. The holding company also includes the leasing company, a distribution center with a wide network of dealers and logistics center.

The company was founded in 1993. The first five years of work she collected buses from kits Likinsky bus plant. "Volzhanin" was the first in Russia to manufacture low-floor buses with aluminum body and electronic control systems. The company produces a full range of modern cars: the city (including the extra-large capacity), commuter, intercity, small class tourist buses and

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Ideal option

Farewell monologue head of Goethe-Institute in Novosibirsk Julia Hanscom

The first director of the Goethe Institute in Novosibirsk Julia Hanscom shut down in Siberia — and it is not known whether the returns.


Since the end of 2000s, she oversaw dozens of exhibitions, workshops, conferences and festivals, and the region visited the eminent figures of the cultural and scientific areas of Europe. On the last working day of the khan Sib.fm publishes her thoughts about life in the snow and cold, the long-suffering Russian, local and

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