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St. Petersburg: Lenenergo commissioned substation Pushkin — South

July 25 in St. Petersburg, "Lenenergo" (part of the group of companies of "Rossetti") after extensive modernization commissioned 110/10-6 kV substation № 185 "Pushkin — South".

The substation will provide a reliable power supply in the south of the city where housing is active. Reconstruction of the substation allowed to give extra power to the network of Pushkin and provide backup power supply of residential and commercial sector as well as consumers such as Arcade, Pushkin House Youth Pushkin Museum of History, Cathedral of St. Catherine and other world famous historical and cultural sites.

At the

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The first trams with Wi-Fi appeared in Kemerovo

Passengers of the longest streetcar route in Kemerovo can while away the time in a way to benefit and without getting bored — now this transport 3G-equipped routers with free access to the world wide web.

According to the press service of the city administration.

As specified in the administration, it is the city’s first electric transport, where there was Wi-Fi. "As long as they have equipped two tram number 10 with tail number 184 and 139. This tram route is the longest in the city. According to the results of testing the service,

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An anonymous benefactor has presented two ambulances Ternopil

From November 2011 in Ternopil charity project continues, "I want to live" under the patronage of the municipal authorities of the local organization of the Red Cross and media corporations Aria. During this time the organizers of the action managed to gain more than 120 thousand hryvnia, although originally planned to collect half a million for the purchase of two new ambulances. But to realize these plans helped philanthropist who wished to remain anonymous. That he bought two second-hand car brand Volkswageno the amount of 20,000 euros. Both cars were purchased in Germany and are in perfect condition and

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In the city of Kaliningrad Light opened a kindergarten for 120 places

Near Kaliningrad, opened the first modular kindergarten. The city has its bright built in just six months, and now the institution is ready to take 120 children.

The project cost amounts to almost 150 million rubles, of which 115 million were received under the federal program for the development of 15 million rubles — the regional investment program, and the municipality has allocated 19 million. 

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Construction of the resort Gorky Gorod

The lower part resort  "Hills City"At around 540 meters completed facade work is finishing and decorative trim interior, engineering networks are laid.

At the Olympic Games in 2014 "Hills City" will house the Olympic media village for 2658 numbers (1780 numbers at around 540 meters and the 878 rooms at around 960 meters) and the auxiliary media center for international journalists.


Just two parts resort "Gorki-Gorod" will be built 2.5 million apartments in apartment buildings and townhouses, 110 detached houses (villas, chalets), 9 hotels by 1.5 thousand

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In Tver, opened its first Russian House of Poetry

The idea of creating his own honorary citizen of the city, the poet Andrew Dementieva. The initiative was supported by the city government for poets and picked an old mansion in the center. The opening was timed to the birthday of Andrei Dementieva, who turned 85 years old.

It is planned that will take place in the House of meetings with famous poets and beginners, master classes for lovers of art, literary evenings. 

At the opening of Andrei Dementiev came not one but, along with his friends, among them Joseph Kobzon, Valentina Tereshkova, Svetlana Kryuchkov

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In Poltava destroyed plaque Vatutin

In Poltava committed third month desecration of the monument symbolizing a common historical destiny of the peoples of Ukraine and Russia …

The third month of the historical monument desecration committed in Poltava. Nastiness plaque inscribed with Field-Marshal I.F.Paskevichu, desecrated the monument of Poltava, Heroes of the Soviet Union and now the broken plaque to General Nikolai Vatutin.

It seems that the nationalists of his arrogance just experiencing the city and regional authorities and law enforcement agencies. In the center of town, 20 meters from the regional department of the SBU

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Omutninsk became the city labor glory!

Today, Governor of NY WHITE took part in the celebrations of the 240 th anniversary of Omutninsk and the main enterprise — Metallurgical Plant (JSC "Omutninsky Metallurgical Plant").

Before the start of the festive meeting of the region and led to attendees were shown a film that reveals the history of formation Omutninskoye — one of the plant. His team, from the first dynasties Omutninskoye metallurgists, repeatedly overcame difficult times and successfully moving forward. Unprecedented heroism of labor was marked by a difficult period of life of the enterprise — the Great Patriotic War.

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In Krasnodar, completed reconstruction of the pumping station

"The screw-2"

"Krasnodar Water" completed the reconstruction of sewage pumping stations, "Auger-2" design capacity of up to 3 million cu. / Hour, the press service of the city administration.

"The company effectively implements an investment program of more than 3 billion rubles.

Modernization of the station, which provides transportation to waste more than one hundred thousand customers from such neighborhoods of the city, as the Komsomol, RMZ, CSC, apartment blocks on the street. East Kruglikovskoy, st. Pustovoyt, etc. — has become one of the key projects for the long term development of the city, "-

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In Lviv began testing a low-floor tram Electron

In Lviv began testing a new tram local production enterprise "Electron". Told this to Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy, reports GolosUA.

In order not to cause inconvenience to citizens, electric transport was tested in a silent way street Gorodetsky. In the tram, there were about 20 engineers tested the tram system.

"This is a very big plus. We will be the first city in Ukraine, will show a good trend — to change the old streetcars to new, modern ", — said the mayor of the city.

He added that next year should

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