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In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky began construction of a new road

The new road will connect the second ring in the district of the North-East of street Chubarova and expensive monument along the border guards for 7 km. In 2013 it is planned to complete the arrangement of gravel fabric, and the following year a new asphalt thoroughfare.

 On the road under construction visited Kamchatka Territory Governor Vladimir Ilyukhin, mayor of the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky district Alexey Alexeev, and the company’s director of MUP "Spetsdorremstroy" Sergei Mechetin.

Work on the new road, which will relieve the entrance to the city, have already begun.

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New trolleys for Cheats

14 new vehicles will join the fleet soon Trolleybus Department of Chita. They are slated to September. To purchase them from the city budget was allocated 92 million rubley.Pervaya batch of new trolley buses go to Chita in early August. On city routes they will come after debugging, running and driver training. The new machines are equipped with modern technology and an onboard computer. 

Sergey Bogachev, acting Deputy Chief Operating Depot: It will be modern technology with all the locks, with all the warnings. Constantly need to adjust your computer. Every day you need to

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The construction of the road Plesetsk-peace

Our website is often talks about building a new Russian cosmodrome "East". But it is not forgotten and acting cosmodrome "Plesetsk". In the framework of the Federal Target Program "Development of Russian space centers for 2006-2015" is building a two-level road junction length of 4.5 km between the city and the peace settlement of Plesetsk, as well as the road section P1, bypassing the village Plesetsk length of 5 km.

Road interchange is located north of Plesetsk and includes 2 overpass on 159 meters long each of the major routes of the Northern

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In the heart of the city homeless tore ovation, playing piano on the street

In the center of the city near the chapel Boim homeless gathered a large audience, quite skillfully performing on the street a few piano tracks, including famous works by Jan Tiersen La valse d’Amelie

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20 new buses joined the fleet of transport Vladivostok

Today, July 9, in the central square of Vladivostok, a solemn acceptance of the municipal transport enterprise "VPATP-3" has 20 new buses "Volkswagen" Today on city routes already has 16 "Volkswagens", 20 more will come on line later this month.

   By order of the mayor, they will go first on the socio-important routes, which asked citizens. The yellow "Volkswagen" can be reached within 17 rubles to the "Dawn" to Sadgorod, not for 50 rubles as of now offer commercial carriers. And also on the housing estate Snow Pad by Tukhachevsky and Funicular can get out of Sukhanov.

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In Kungur (Perm region) opened bridge over the river Iren

In Kungur opened a new bridge over the river Iren. The bridge was 112.3 linear meters. Its construction was allocated 179.7 million, with 95% of the funds — from the regional budget, 5% — co-financing of the city treasury. The new bridge Kungura residents gave the name "Transfiguration."

The construction of the bridge was included in the program "Improvement and development of the road network of the Perm Territory in 2009-2013.

The facility will be located on a five-year warranty, the period of its operation 100 years. The bridge connects

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In the city of Murmansk hospital intensive care unit was opened after renovation and Therapy

Every year there will receive quality medical care to more than a thousand people. Prior to 2015, repaired two floors of the hospital and placed there a neurology department and emergency cardiology. On the basis of these three offices will be established urban Vascular Center.

In a city hospital ambulance major overhaul of the intensive care unit for patients with heart attacks and strokes. It is located on the 9th floor of the main hospital building and is designed for 24 seriously ill patients. It has already received the first patients.

Repair of office equipment and equipment

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New healthcare facilities are open in three regions

In Chelyabinsk, the City Hospital opened number 8 primary vascular compartment, equipped with the latest technology.

It is intended for patients with stroke, myocardial infarction and acute coronary syndrome. Such an office in the town so far the only, the second is scheduled to open in the city hospital number 1.

In suburban Kirov region opened its second branch in the region hemodialysis.

Found ten sets "artificial kidney. In the future it will be possible to establish eight more. When operating at full capacity office will serve 108 patients.   


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Vladivostok hospital neonatal awarded on the day of

Vladivostok hospital workers handed medals 12 babies born in the City Day on July 2.


"Two kids who are ready for discharge, we write in a festive atmosphere. Today, their parents will be the first document on their children — birth certificate. We decided that the remaining ten kids also do not have to suffer because their parents receive gifts today, "- said Svetlana Sagaidachniy, chief medical officer of Vladivostok hospital number three.

While Vladivostok celebrated its 153rd anniversary, the city’s population increased by 12 people.

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New ambulances arrived in 4 regions

In Region 4 sent 23 cars

The two health care facilities in Murmansk were five ambulances Class A. Four out of these cars started their work in the Territorial Center for Disaster Medicine and one — in the Murmansk city hospital emergency medical care.

As part of the regional healthcare modernization program in Nakhodka in profits on new cars "Ambulance", which are equipped with expensive modern medical equipment.

 As stressed by the head physician station "Ambulance" Andrew Dzhirma is a very important event for the city. "All cars are equipped according to European

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