Vladivostok hospital neonatal awarded on the day of

Vladivostok hospital workers handed medals 12 babies born in the City Day on July 2.


"Two kids who are ready for discharge, we write in a festive atmosphere. Today, their parents will be the first document on their children — birth certificate. We decided that the remaining ten kids also do not have to suffer because their parents receive gifts today, "- said Svetlana Sagaidachniy, chief medical officer of Vladivostok hospital number three.

While Vladivostok celebrated its 153rd anniversary, the city’s population increased by 12 people.

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In Yakutia opened a modern clinic

On June 21, Yakutsk, the grand opening of the clinic medical school NEFU.

Work on the project began two years ago. Behind the painstaking design of the superstructure of the fourth floor, the selection and purchase of modern medical equipment, including laboratory and simulation center, interior finishing work.

The clinic consists of three main units: the educational, clinical, diagnostic and scientific production. In the research unit will operate six teaching and research laboratories: clinical, diagnostic, immunological, microbiological, and laboratory osteoporosis, genomic medicine, neyropsihofiziologicheskih research.

"For the future of medical skills are as

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The new station lobby Birchwood opened in Novosibirsk

The new Metro station "Birchwood" opened on Friday in Novosibirsk in honor of the 120th anniversary of the city, according to Novosibirsk Metro.

Prior to that, at the station "Birch Grove", which was opened in 2005, worked entrance hall with access to the odd and even sides of the street Koshurnikova near Dzerzhinsky Avenue.

   "The new station lobby" Birchwood "Novosibirsk subway with entrances from the Dzerzhinsky Avenue and Park of Culture and Rest" Birchwood "opened its doors on June 28 … This was another gift to the city to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the city

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On Tyumenremdormashe updated equipment

At the "Tyumenremdormash" started building a new one — welding machines multifaceted tapered poles lighting company "MTS" (Italy). With it you can weld supports up to 10 pieces per hour. Furthermore, the plant appeared modern machine for making round and polygonal road signs diameter or diagonal to 2.2 meters firm «Lucas». This was "Vsluh.ru" the press sluzhbepredpriyatiya.

As the general manager of Alexey Ragozin, the introduction of high-tech equipment at the plant are cleaned regularly. "We are growing, increasing the quality and range of the plant equipment. Currently, we are the largest company in the Urals Federal

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In the Ishim (Tyumen region). Opened a new quay

New Quay in Ishim — an important improvement to the city. The construction of the embankment in Ishim began in 2008, it will cost more than 792 million rubles. Work has been done on the landscaping, construction of sidewalks and street lighting equipment, bank protection and landscaping, amenities beach.  "There have been discussions — whether to invest in such facilities, or have more important needs. But the quay in any city — is a place that has a certain aura that serves as a point of attraction for people, especially for young people. Memories of places remain for

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In New Lala Sverdlovsk region opened sports complex

In the city of New Lala June 28 the grand opening of a fitness center.

Construction of FOCA in New Lala began in September 2011. Now it is a modern multi-purpose sports complex. It is built in the district of South, and will be the basis for children’s sports schools, which previously occupied the basement. The school specializes in the development of skiing and close to the Fock construction begins lighted ski trails.


The track will be able to enjoy all the residents of the neighborhood. Will be available to residents of the city

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Novosibirsk switched to ultraviolet water purification

"Gorvodokanal" launched on the right bank of Novosibirsk block ultraviolet disinfection of drinking water (UVR).

With the launch of the new unit Novosibirsk completely switched to ultraviolet disinfection of water and was second in the Russian city-millionaire after St. Petersburg, who switched to a new system of cleaning.  


The first block of UFO appeared in 2010 on the left bank of the city.

In the second block UV mounted on pump-filter station number 5, will purify the water that flows into the plumbing of all right-bank part of the city,

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In Dagestan build a satellite city Cote d’Azur

According to experts, it is an object that includes a large number of social infrastructure. The project provides for the opening in the 4 schools, kindergartens, Republican Perinatal Center. As well as an indoor water park, the home of dance "Lezghinka" Theatre for Young Audiences, and even the circus. The city will be in an area of 300 hectares. The total amount of funds spent 150 billion

The new song and video about Vologda

Now, not only Vologda-always, but the city of days and nights … Vologda written a new song about the city and took off her wonderful clip.

Opened in Karelia in Russia’s largest plant for the production of oriented strand board

In Petrozavodsk, Russia’s largest open plant OSB-plates. It will sell products at prices that are 20% -30% lower than in the west.

Finished products of the new plant

In the first phase MLC "Kalevala" will produce 250-350 thousand cubic meters of slabs per year, and after the start of the second stage of the enterprise — 550-600 thousand cubic meters.

The plant OSB-boards became the first implemented on the territory of Karelia Development projects from among those who have received priority status in forest development. Its cost is estimated at 8 billion rubles.

"For our

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