Adler Station: finishing work

In the building of the passenger terminal station Adler initiated work on finishing decoration. Close to the end of finishing in the main distribution room for passengers and the "city" of the station complex.


The new Adler station consists of four functional buildings, covered a single roof. On both sides of the train tracks are two 7-level building — "urban" and "sea" part, which contains the basic premises of the administrative and technological purposes. The central inputs and outputs to the terminal

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On the Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic have a wind generator

Russia’s first wind farm in the Arctic Circle will work in Labytnangi in July. Her power — two hundred and fifty kilowatts.

In Yamal city Labytnangi establish a wind power plant. It will begin work this summer and will provide electricity to the station neighborhood Ob. "Wind turbines are designed and manufactured Tulganskaya electromechanical plant — told TV" Yamal "chief engineer of the municipal enterprise" Mobile Energy "Mikhail Kolesnikov. — By installing a playground in one hundred square meters. The height of the wind farm — thirty-five meters. "

Mount the generator specialists factory and

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Extreme fun for charity

Downhill with a 40-meter height on the roller on the tight rope arranged Zhitomir extreme. At the city pedestrian bridge on the trolley ride everyone to raise money for the treatment of an 8-month-old girl from the city, which received 45 per cent burns to skin and requires expensive treatment.

On a visit to the dinosaurs Viatka

Vyatskaya amazingly hospitable land — beautiful nature, Dymkovo toy, delicious ice cream, open and friendly people … "World fabulous game ‘. The second year in a row tale characters from different parts of Russia and foreign countries come to Kirov region on the international festival.

During his two-day stay in the region we visited the Kirov, visited the festival events and explore the city Kotel’nich. With him and begin our story about the region. Especially because if you go to Kirov from Moscow by rail to the city before the train stops.

In the surrounding

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New buses for Krasnodar

10 new buses to fleet arrived in Krasnodar Tram and Trolleybus Department. Currently, buses make out in the traffic police, as well as solved, what routes they follow, the press service of the city administration.

Cruising around the city and suburbs buses will start from next week.

Funds in the amount of 60 million rubles. the purchase of new buses LiAZ 529360 marked on the regional program "Krasnodar — the capital’s image."

This model buses have low floor level, a platform for the transport of wheelchair users, equipped with a pickup and placards

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New guided object in the Crimea: antique flooded city of Acre

Now tourists can make underwater walk through Bosporus.

A new tourist attraction was the ancient city of Acre, which was flooded by natural processes. However, at the time of his visit due to weather conditions is not possible, but with the end of May, it will be possible to plunge into the underwater world of Bosporus. This was announced by Head of the Department of Underwater Archaeology KRU "Black Sea Undersea Research Centre" Victor Vahoneev. 

He said the tour of the ancient city of Acre will be held until the beginning of July, as

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And so the victory is sweet to dress like a girl in pearls. About

the release of al-Kseyra

In the area between the Syrian city of Homs and al-Kseyrom — border climate zone. If you drive from Damascus, then to the area — dry land, the low mountains covered in a poor and sparse vegetation, and none of the reservoir. And already at Homs begins  full of life the beauty of nature — the holiday greenery and flowers, talkative and silent river lake. In the distance are blue distant mountains — this is Lebanon. Confrontation line of Syrian army and terrorists a few days ago was held on the same territory, but the

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In Nyagan (Yugra) built a station potable water

In Nyagan began testing a new water treatment plant that the city waited for 13 years. The commissioning of the filtration room will solve the problem with the quality of drinking water.  The absence of a complex wastewater treatment plant — one of the most urgent problems for the residents of the city and to Nyagan resursosnabzhayuschego enterprise of "Nyaganskaya energy resources." That N’yaganskaya water almost the worst in the region have repeatedly confirmed Epidemiology studies. For example, in one liter of fluid, which is supplied with the organization calls "economic-drinking", contains 2 to 3 milligrams of iron,

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Safe City in Krasnoyarsk

The automated system for fixing offenses presented in Krasnoyarsk

Integrated Automated System (CAS) "Safe City" presented in Krasnoyarsk.

The system allows to fix the offense and send to place order of police. On it informs RIA Novosti news agency, referring to one of the authors of the draft general director of the Russian Corporation of communication (RKSS) (Included Rostekhnadzor) Eugene Melnyk.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. "Safe City" was presented on Wednesday, the first day of the All-Russian seminar meeting of deputy heads

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LAZ put Kremenchug 13 new trolleybuses

Trolleybus fleet management Kremenchug added 13 new trolleybuses LAZ LAZ model E183A1, acquired through the sale of municipal bonds. New trolley buses began working on urban routes from May 31, the press service of the Kremenchug city council.

Trolley buses are equipped with two slow-moving and computers to control the operation of components and assemblies, and digital display. They have ramps for the disabled. Information about the next stop is displayed on the display and announced by the driver.

The manufacturer LAZ noted that all the electrical transport in terms of warranty service will

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