Belarusian Atlyantyda: Minsk Enigma

In 1937, in the 2nd edition of the "Little Russian Encyclopedia" in the article about the city is written as follows: "Minsk is famous since the 11th century. Initially, he was on the river Menke, in 1067 was looted, burned Kiev prince Izyaslavom and transferred to Svisloch River. " This conclusion was endorsed by the official Russian science for a long time there were undisputed. But in the late 1950s, some scientists have begun to substantiate that Minsk has always stood on its own site. Since then subsides dispute about the location of the initial capital of Belarus. Vyacheslav Rakytskyy:

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Citations past: Pinsk glad … approved the proposal to apply argoticheskoy Hebrew

"Nasha Niva"In 1907, informs:" In these days of ministry to the whole atpustsila Belarus and Lithuania 300 thousand rubles the opening of public schools. Mogilev open 165 schools in 105 Vitebskay in Minsk 100 A ninth in Vilna, Kovno, Grodno and only 30 schools. These provinces have zemstvo to mute anyone try that, that give the apartment, central heating and a security guard for the school because it is not on the treasury atpushchae means; hard men give themselves well and not just sgavarytstsa them. "* "Nowe Zycie" in the 1927 report of the land: "In Pinsk city glad voices

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Migrant worker who fled on foot in Belarus, he reached home

Molodechno "Regional Newspaper" reports that on the highway Minsk-Grodno several motorists have been victims of swindlers. Those car stopped and offered to buy them from a gold ring cost more than 100 bucks. Fraudsters were that out of funds for gasoline. Drivers only later learned that the ring is not gold and the dollar is worth less. Militiamen people detained in Romania, but has not yet found the evidence of their guilt.Krichevskaya newspaper "Free City" in the article "Unsubscribe" reports on correspondence working farm "Light" with the State control. People sent a letter of cash irregularities and malpractice svinakompleksu administration.

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Mogilev municipal publications decreased circulation

Mogilev 5 out of municipal publications with a total circulation of about 150 thousand copies. With more than half of it — in the regional "Mogilevsky statements."Fact for comparison: non-state "Evening Mogilev" has about 40 thousand copies.According to the views of the editors, the drop in popularity municipal media will continue if they do not receive help from the government.Ask what background impacted decrease circulation? That outlook cerebral editor executive committee "Bulletin of Mogilev" Basil Navichonka:"Entrepreneurs are now almost every month, or every six months, open advertising and commercial newspapers that print and applets. All these newspapers, instead of distributing

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Slavgorod: PRUE, Praposhak or Propoisk?

It turned out that their travel Chernobyl three years after the disaster began in the Mogilev region of Slavgorod.City and nearby places were part in the evacuation zone — radiation levels there ranged from 15 curies and above.Hitherto, in the eyes of three charred huts with roofs, overgrown with moss — the main drive of radiation. They just took off on the highway to the city. Showed all the gloomy sign of Chernobyl.Felix Shkirmankov, past first democratically elected provincial chairman of Mogilev city council, also remembered those huts, briefly saying that when it …Shkirmankov: ‘I remember, they were removed to

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Travel to Minsk — vacation with Lenin

"Traveling to Belarus — it’s not everyday travel abroad and exotic journey. Something for fans of other stories or even virtual reality" — write the creators directory Malgorzata Nocun and Andrzej Bzhazetski and recommend to begin acquaintance with Belarus from Minsk. In their opinion, "if honest, Minsk city is ugly, but it totally does not mean that it is a city uninteresting.""In the future, Minsk architecture and climate can be worth its weight in gold. For example in Krakow tourists pay so well they were taken to" Trabantse "from an old town to the latest Guta — Demonstration neighborhood socialist

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Baranavichy toloka held at the monument to victims of repression

Now Baranavichi activists "Young Front" Yaroslav Hryshchenya Victor Parnachov Artem Lastovetskiy Anastasia Zdroh, Kasia Radchankava and other cleaned the area around the cross in honor of the victims of Stalinist repression. Jaroslav says that no one bothered them, but none of the passers-by to the farm madafrontavtsav not joined: "Today, all the old bushes uprooted and dried flowers, which have around a cross. Remove the paper, bottles and other trash in the park, and later planted flowers, which zatsvituts later. So makarom, In September there will be flowers already here. " First, the 1990 representatives of the democratic public in

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The initiative will help out an old Orsha ready to boycott Dozhinki 2008

Orsha activists made public four letters collective management of the town, as the presidential administration to save from destruction of monuments construction 18th and 19th century — house number 17 and number 19 on the streets of Minsk.Historical buildings Minsk streetPreviously, the two buildings were included in the list of historical sites protected by the state, but several years ago in the list of seized. Grounds local historians have not learned. And that historical buildings scheduled for demolition, too, learned the case."After you alone remain the same" box "concrete …" — "So what?"Make an appointment to the executive committee chairman

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Youth activists BPF police Ivatsevichy promised difficulties

Sergei Semeniuk, Andrew Ignatovich, Illya Bohdan and twelve members of the "Youth of BPF" heading into town Kosovo Ivatsevichy district to meet regional activists "BPF Youth". Detainees have tried to remove fingerprints, but young people refused to pass function. After checking the passport data, without a protocol boys released.In a personal conversation district police chief Alexander Ivatsevichy Guk recommend youth to leave the area. When they refused, the guard promised enforcement opposition "prepyadstviya follow." Currently BPF youth activists continue to move to the final Fri trip — Kosovo town.

Columns — our city, and there are no Sash …

"Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1927, "he says," You have to think, the bourgeoisie was determined to get even with Soko and Vanzetti. South American consuls and ambassadors hiding from demonstrations, governor and the referee did not want to hear the defenders. But the proletariat will never agree with the murder of his own comrades. Blood Soko and Vanzetti will last drop of patience working classes. She turned red flags under which the proletariat to follow in the last fight. " "Star", "year 1937". Kiselev, commander of the transition in gas masks and suits protsiiprytnyh Minsk-Kyiv, reads: "In this transition game bestowed

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