Renewal of road engineering in Cheboksary and Kostroma

In Cheboksary on Red Square has passed demonstration of the new road machinery. Over the past few years is the biggest update the machine park of the municipal road maintenance companies "Doreks." The technique has been purchased with the support of the city under the lease agreement.

This year purchased 19 units of road maintenance vehicles (2011 — six units of special equipment, just for the enterprise — 97 units of specialized equipment). The total cost — 30.5 million rubles, a down payment of 20% — 6.1 million rubles, the monthly payment — 844.5 thousand rubles. Under the agreement, the

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In the city of Kirov region Kotelnich appeared dinosaurs

November 17, 2012 in Kotelnich opened dinopark "Dinosaurs in Vyatka." In the center of the city, in line with the river Balakirevitsy, housed 18 pieces of dinosaurs. The biggest — Apatosaurus length of 25 and a height of 5 meters.

The project aims to develop tourism. In Kotelnich district of the Kirov region is a deposit of ancient dinosaurs — pareyazavrov. Regularly carried out archaeological excavations to extract the bones of ancient inhabitants of the earth. These dinosaurs found only in Africa, Australia and Kotelnich.

During the first day of the "dinopark" was visited by about 5.5 million people.

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Upgrading of urban transport in Rybinsk and Zheleznogorsk

In Rybinsk in 2012. upgraded 10% of trolleybus park.

Two modern machine park will add to the enterprise by the end of this year. Another — in the beginning sleduyuschego.V This year we have increased our fleet of five new vehicles that we have received from the owner — Vologda holding company. This is a modern low-floor model with electronic drive and great engines that are easy to use, require little maintenance and thus make it possible to save up to 25% of the electricity. "

The first of these trolleys appeared in Rybinsk in 2008.

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Launched the first block floating dock project 28140

Ship repair — Shipbuilding Corporation, Gorodets city, Nizhny Novgorod region, 30 November 2012 launched the first block of metal floating repair dock of the new generation (Project 28140) carrying capacity of 8,000 tons. Construction of the floating dock, the tab is held December 28, 2011, is for the Azerbaijan State Caspian Sea Shipping Company. According to the press service of the FCS.

Launching of the first block of the floating dock, the city Gorodets, November 30, 2012

In the ceremony, along with the city, the public and the media, attended by the head of department of Public

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Kostroma 3 years increased the area of green space in a 1.8-fold

Kostroma. Arbour Ostrovsky. © RIA Novosti. Anna Skudaeva

Kostroma, November 19 — RIA Novosti, Anna Skudaeva. The area of green space in Kostroma in three years increased from 4.3 to 7.7 square meters per person in urban greening program, told RIA Novosti on Monday the head of the Kostroma Yuri Jurin.

State of green space in the Kostroma became the topic of discussion at the working meeting in the administration area. Environmentalists are very concerned about the fact that in urban parks and gardens is a massive construction. Since 1978, the officially fixed area of protected natural areas

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6 business cards Cherepovets reached the final of the competition logo

In Cherepovets was probably the first city in the country, which swung to create AUDIOSLOGANa! At least we have about these attempts so far have not. Also, choose a regular slogan and logo. 6 "cards" to the finals.

Following the meeting, the jury selected six works were the most different from the rest graphic combinations, composite constructions and originality of the concept. The works represent a sufficiently diverse composition of the letter combinations "Che", a stylized graphical representations of the city with recognizable buildings in the form of diagrams and abstract architectural models of the mark. Now each of

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In the Reach commissioned five new modular gas boiler

Five new gas-fired modular boilers (BMA) commissioned in Pleso. Their customers are residential houses, social facilities and tourist infrastructure facilities located in the streets of Kornilov, Soviet, lunacharskogo alley in the village of Pushkin and Severtsev.

Due to the complex topography of Ples, district heating in the city was missing. Operation of the old coal-and oil-fired boilers led to greater heat loss and, consequently, an increase in costs for the maintenance of boilers.

In addition, all existing boilers Ples and its related settlements were working at full capacity, free capacity boiler for connection of new facilities, including tourist infrastructure

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New equipment for communal Volga (Volgograd region).

Carport MBU "Combine improvement" added a new technique. To carry out maintenance works of roads purchased five tractors with attachments, dump truck — 65115 and KAMAZ special machine for distribution bishofita.The acquisition of this technology cost the city budget of 8.5 million rubles.Last purchase of equipment for the improvement of the city was made in 2003, when it was purchased a few tractors.

Maloyaroslavetz real

Maloyaroslavetz that in the Kaluga region, the town is small, but well-known. In the battle of 1812 Maloyaroslavetz eight times from hand to hand, was burned and destroyed. But Napoleon was forced to retreat along the old Smolensk road. The city has experienced great sorrow, but for the suffering he was given unfading glory.

Today, the city is growing, growing. The center is equipped with Maloiaroslavets Square, where locals and tourists can walk in any weather. Visited the city after a long break. Pleasantly surprised.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, the materi.1744In 1744, on the site of the collapsed

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Journey of Kostroma

In Kostroma, clean, comfortable, quiet. Stalin’s house and wooden buildings, buildings of different ages coexist quite naturally. Happen, of course, accidents, when a modern building "masterpiece" grows between the wooden houses with carved architraves. Lovely promenade beckons walk along the Volga, to sit, to think, to dream. Neither urban wedding is complete without photos in the gazebo Ostrovsky.

Indeed, wonderful views from the remains of the shaft of the Kostroma Kremlin. From the Kremlin’s almost nothing left. But in almost intact preserved 18th-century shopping arcade.

You can take a tour of the production, the museum Large Kostroma Linen manufactures, and

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