In Yakutsk, opened his MFC

The official opening ceremony was attended by head of the city district directly Aisen Nikolaev, Chairman of the Duma Alexander Yakut city Savvinov, the first deputy head Igor Nikiforov, who had a direct bearing on the reconstruction of the building, as well as many invited guests.The Department has never had its own building, and was forced to move from place to place 7 times. The townspeople had to collect the necessary information throughout the city, but now everything has changed. All required windows are now located in one place, there’s even a walk-in closet. Head of Department, Anna Alexandrova thanked

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In Maloyaroslavets reconstruction of the battle took place outside the city

The streets of the county town Maloyaroslavetz, that, in the Kaluga region, flooded the French cavalry and Russian Hussars. I go to the store — there is Russian Hussars, I sit down in a minibus — next passenger in an overcoat and a cocked hat. I asked: "How to get to the Ivanovo meadow?" — Is silent. Apparently, the Frenchman. "Who was it — Russian or French? — The most popular question in the city.

All guests of the city in the early 19th century clothing — members of military history clubs in Russia. They came to the

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In Ufa open first Demskoi overpass (photos)

Photo: "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", Sergey Slovokhotov

October 22, 2012 in the city of Ufa, the long-awaited event — the opening of the first stage Demskoi overpass.

Head of the branch "Bridge Construction number 30" ZAO "Uralmostostroy" Paul S. Rabuhin reported to the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov that the order of the President on the construction of the first phase of the overpass and the interchange is satisfied. October 17 was tested object, the experts gave a positive conclusion. "Getting to the second stage — said Paul Rabuhin. — The following year, in July, she will be

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Construction of the century: how to build Tomsk Pushkin isolation

So true. On Saturday, October 20, in Tomsk, inaugurated the movement on the roundabout in the 4th clinic.

Everyone remembered Cheburashka with his "We built-built and finally built! Hurrah! ". Indeed, the "Cheers": a two-level interchange, for which the well established name of "Pushkin" after so many years of waiting, yet built.


The emergence of the first project of reconstruction of the intersection of Pushkin street — Komsomolsk prospectus referred back to the 80s of the twentieth century. Then isolation, developed by experts from Voronezh, was a single-level. The project is the

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Gas and solar heating is running near Astrakhan

A hybrid solar-powered heating plant near Astrakhan

The new hybrid heating station (TS), which combines a gas boiler with a set of solar panels, has earned 24 October in the Astrakhan region, starting to supply heat and hot water 12000th city Narimanov, the general director of LLC "Thermo-technology" (project developer) Anatoly Petrov.

The project amounted to 96 million rubles has no analogues in Russia over the area of the solar field: the first such structure built in the Krasnodar region, four times lower than in the size of Astrakhan. According to the regional Ministry of Housing, the

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Novosibirsk hospital number 7 opened after renovation

Maternity hospital № 7-opened after major overhaul

In Novosibirsk, completed the implementation of the modernization program of health, calculated for 2011-2012, according to which this year should be repaired three maternity hospitals. Currently, repairs completed in MBUZ "Novosibirsk city perinatal center" and MBUZ "Maternity Ward number 7."

— In the maternity ward were replaced communications, plumbing, windows, oxygen supply systems, ventilation, — the press-center of Novosibirsk city administration. — Refurbished generic-operative department, and newborns, a complete reconstruction of the central sterilization.

In the mayor’s office said that after the repairs have improved the conditions of stay

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Last summer I was in Rybinsk, and received a lot of good memories. And when he learned of the existence of this site, then simply could not keep quiet and not to tell anyone anything. The official founding date is unknown, but the first mention of a settlement in the area was in 1071. Status of the city received the third in August 1777. According perepesi 2010, the population of the city of Rybinsk 200.771 people. Historical tsetr city consists of many interesting old buildings, which, alas, are subject to serious RESTORATION. But there is a finished masterpieces, many of

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In the Arkhangelsk region opened a new route, bypassing the city Velsk

Sorokakilometrovaya line includes two overpass over the railway and the 150-meter-long bridge across the river Vel.

According to the customer’s construction and reconstruction of roads, head of the highway M-8 (Holmogory) Chuprova Constantine, the new route will bring all transit flows over the line Velsk. This will give the opportunity to unload urban highways, increase speed and road safety, to ensure avtoputeshestvennika guarantee a comfortable drive.

The idea of what needs to be done in a transport artery bypass of the city, there was even twenty years ago, but came to life just now.

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In Tula opened after the reconstruction of the sport complex Metallurg

The grand opening of the sports complex "Metallurg" was held on October 18. In the sports complex will operate three rooms — two for combat sports, and a hall for indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball.

According to Mayor Eugene Avilova, next year at the sports complex will begin construction of an ice palace with a swimming pool and a fitness center with a universal hall and a swimming pool for the disabled.

Symbolic key to the new building was awarded to young sportsman Ilya Lomivorotovu — son of the master of sports of Russia Roman Lomivorotova.

After the completion of

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In Novokuznetsk opened bypass road

A new highway is directly connected to the two districts of the city — the Kuznetsk and factory, reducing the distance between them three times. Now, from one area to another will be accessible in 30 minutes instead of one and a half hours. New detour should relieve the city center and to improve road safety.

It used to get from a factory in the Kuznetsk district, had to make a detour of nearly 30 km through the city center, and twice to cross the river Tom, you have to drive for two road bridges. Such a route is seriously

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