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In the city of Voronezh region LISKI opening School playgrounds

October 8 in the city of Voronezh LISKI opening School playgrounds at secondary school number 10.

The structure of School playgrounds entered the football field with artificial turf, running track and athletics kernel.

Sports facility built in the framework of the Federal Target Program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation in 2006-2015."

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Construction of the north-eastern bypass Belgorod completed

October 8 opened the final section north-eastern bypass Belgorod $ 2.2 bn and a length of about 20 kilometers.


Reasonable road-Novosadovy length 19.87 kilometers, which became part of the bypass road of Belgorod, started construction in September 2011. The total cost of 2.208 billion rubles.

Four-lane highway with a dividing strip all over equipped with bike lanes, barrier fencing and lighting. Road capacity — 16,700 vehicles per day. For it is built of reinforced concrete bridge over the river Reasonable, overpass, transportation, rebuild 23 adjacent road.

"We chose the most promising task — ring the city of Belgorod.

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Step into a great future: Kaliningrad’s introduced a new tram

Three-piece train Polish company PESA will be released on line in December of this year.

The long-awaited update of the Kaliningrad tram park was designed in the now familiar tradition. PCR "KaliningradGorTrans" presented new car in Victory Square — as previously demonstrated for the first time citizens new "trolley-grasshopper" from the factory "Belkommunmash." On Sunday, October 7, the Ming green trolley has also been exhibited in the main square of the city, but all the attention he is not getting any Kaliningradians or even the new bus Polish production, and, of course, the future of "changer"

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Bus park filled with new Kazan NEFAZ

Group of companies "KAMAZ-Leasing" solemnly has leased his partner — MUP Kazan "Passenger Motor Transport Company number 4" another batch of 10 buses NefAZ. Supplier of technology is the Open Society "NefAZ" (a subsidiary of "KAMAZ").

10 city buses polunizkopolnyh NefAZ-5299-30-32 Class I are equipped with Cummins engine 270 hp and comply with environmental standards "Euro-3".

In buses installed: satellite navigation, mechanical folding ramps for arrival in the bus passengers in wheelchairs and electronic links with a given itinerary of the bus in the city. MUP Kazan "MTE-4" is planning to further develop the corporate

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New architectural character I Tall dominant Russian Yekaterinburg Part 1

Ekaterinburg City — being built business district in the center of Yekaterinburg. According to the draft, he must unite more than 400 thousand square meters. m of commercial and retail space, offices, hotels, entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants. It is planned to build 12 sites: four high-rise office, business park, with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses, the so-called shopping mall and two hotels. Area of the quarter will be five acres. The following discussion focuses on objects Ekaterinburg City as being built and planned.

The draft of the new business district, owned by the French

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The first world-class hotel opened in Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia)

In the capital of North Ossetia, recently opened its first grand hotel world level. The hotel is dubbed "Alexander", in honor of the Emperor Alexander II. In September 1871, Alexander II, accompanied by sons arrived in Vladikavkaz. In this political gesture a few years after the completion of half a century of Russian-Caucasian war was assigned a symbolic border of peace in the Caucasus.

Finding the hotel was a notable life in the city of Vladikavkaz event — waltzes performed by a military brass band, string quartet minuets, sauntering along the majestic facade of the building ladies and gentlemen —

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In Pikalevo (Leningrad region). Opened a business incubator

In g.Pikalevo opened a business incubator for start-ups. As the press service of the regional government for the residents provided 27 premises for small businesses and offices.The business incubator already has 10 business projects, which include manufacturers of paints and varnishes, furniture, sporting goods, food products, the organization of cargo transportation, mini printing press, counseling center on business. It is assumed that all small businesses business incubator will create about 50 new jobs in the city.For entrepreneurs in the business incubator at preferential rents: in the first year allowance on rent will be 40%, in the second — 60%. In

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Ishim — a city in the south of the Tyumen region, the regional center. Located on the left bank of the Ishim River (a tributary of the Irtysh). Population — about 65,000 people.Founded in 1687 under the name of settlement Korkina exactly 100 years after the laying of Tobolsk. Beginning in 1721 in the settlement was carried out regularly Nicholas Fair. In 1782, by decree of Catherine II Korkin suburb gets the name of the Ishim (named after the river) and the status of the city. December 30, 2011 at Railway Square appeared a memorial — a

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In Krasnodar, set pointers to the solar-powered

September 29th mayor of Krasnodar, in celebration of the Day of the city opened the first direction sign to the tourist attractions.

The design is set at the intersection of the Red and Budennogo. The inscriptions on the signs will be seen not only in the daytime, but at night by the lights, powered by solar panels.

"These signs are needed today to numerous tourists and visitors to the city — said the head of Krasnodar Vladimir Evlanov. — These pointers are traditional for many cities in Europe and the world. They help develop tourism in our city and now

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In Sokol district of Lipetsk opened a new private kindergarten

October 3 at the opening of the Lipetsk branch of the private educational institutions of pre-school education "Happy Children", calculated for 65 children aged 1.5 to 6 years.

The head of Lipetsk Michael Gulevsky reaffirmed the city government to solve the problem of shortage of places in kindergartens in 2014, including by means of a small business that has recently been actively develops this line of business. In a short time, the city has 27 small private kindergartens. There are investment proposals from entrepreneurs to create larger preschools.Of course, the child‘s stay in a private kindergarten will cost parents

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