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In Barnaul, opened the city’s first water park

In Barnaul, the official opening of the first water park in the city. "His size — 7 thousand square meters. meters. Water park occupies three floors and is able to receive up to 500 people, "- said General Director of the regional water park Eugene Chulyukov.

On the ground floor of the center — guest lounge, showers, locker rooms, spa-area (font, whirlpool, salt cave, shower, infrared, Turkish, Finnish sauna). The main part is occupied by three pools: a wave, children and the main volume of 1,900 cubic meters. m and there is a five slides up to 9 meters. The

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First appeared in a children’s park Sovgavan (Khabarovsk Territory)

The first children’s park appeared in Sovetskaya Gavan in the Khabarovsk Territory. Safe Park was the first project of this level in the region.

Playground, created with the support of the charity fund "Naked Heart", was the first stage a large-scale reconstruction of the city park Sovgavan "Green Cape".

"It used to park" Green Cape "was administered by the district and was quite well-groomed, demanding reconstruction — says the mayor of Sovetskaya Gavan Paul Borowski. — Then we were able to transfer him to the city and begin his transformation. In 2010, the city won a grant for

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The company producing packaging opened in Birobidzhan

The company producing modern plastic packaging was opened in Birobidzhan. Start Enterprise timed to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the city. In the workshops established Chinese equipment and supplies come from Russian regions

"The packaging, produced by the enterprise, will stand the inscription:" Made in Birobidzhan, "And it’s worth it. I say thank you to the organizers of the project yet because that small business is the backbone of the economy of any country and any city. Did not stop there and develop new ideas, "- said the mayor Andriy Parkhomenko.

As the executive director

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The town began construction waste recycling plant

Regular fires that occur in the interior of multimeter debris, were the last straw that broke the patience of city officials. And at City Hall hosted a presentation of the new production, designed to receive 200,000 tonnes of waste per year. By the way, the Eagle produces only about 140,000 tons. Just plant was built from the perspective of the regional center. At full capacity the plant will earn at the end of August 2013. And in the Eagle will be about 300 jobs. Although a significant part of the waste segregation could automate — no manual labor can not

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In Rostov, after the reconstruction of the stadium opened Arsenal

Updated sports complex located on the street. 2nd Krasnodar, 145/6 in the Soviet area of the city. In addition to the standard football field with artificial turf here were repaired four universal playgrounds. In addition, there was a track and field core with four circular running track, as well as sector for jumps. With tables for tennis court and made to play tennis.

Watch the races spectators can with convenient stands, designed for 1700 seats. In pritribunnyh rooms are equipped changing rooms, toilets and a gym. Overhaul facility was conducted during the year. Construction of the stadium cost the

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Buses to Kazan from the KAMAZ-LEASING

The group of companies "KAMAZ-LEASING" continues to participate in updating the bus fleet of Kazan. In August, four passenger carrier capital of the republic were able to purchase buses are NEFAZ using KAMAZ Leasing programs.

Under the deal, designed for 60 months, the capital of Tatarstan transport companies to lease 33 new bus polunizkopolnyh NEFAZ-5299-30-32. Supplier of technology is the Open Society "NEFAZ," a subsidiary of "KAMAZ".

New NEFAZ — city buses for passenger transport I-Class, equipped with Cummins engine of 270 hp, the relevant environmental standards "Euro-3". In buses fitted satellite navigation, mechanical folding ramps for arrival

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Upgrading transport g.Cheremhovo (Irkutsk region).

In Cheremhovo received all 10 new 14-seater minibus "Gazel" acquired under the regional program "The People’s Initiative." The total cost of buses is 7,890 million rubles, including co-financing in the amount of 490 thousand rubles.


As the Mayor Vadim Semenov, 8 new vans will embark on city routes in September, one bus handed over to the Department of Education and the Department of Culture and Library Services. — The decision to purchase buses at the expense of the "People’s Initiative" by chance — said the mayor. — In Cheremhovo there is an acute problem with the

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Vladivostok APEC 2012 and Bridges

Reports of Alexander "Russos" Popova

A couple of days ago, started in Vladivostok 2012 APEC summit. His training has been written many articles and many more tried to calculate — where did 600-something billion rubles. What have built and done?

Since the idea to fly to Vladivostok came late, then get on the Russian island was impossible — it hosted the FSO. So look turned out only the city itself. Immediately noticed that the bridges overshadow everything. On the background of the other buildings in the city look very pale and completely lost. But, nevertheless, look at

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Learning Center at the dental clinic opened in Cheboksary

In Cheboksary, open research and education center for innovative technologies in dentistry AU "City dental clinic."

Physician training takes place on the job of patient care in the workplace — via the Internet, WAP-technology, digital libraries, interactive clinical dissections. Inside the training center each year will increase more than five hundred qualified dental specialists profile.

Today signed an agreement on cooperation between the AU "City dental clinic" and VPO "CSU them. IN Ulyanov. "

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In Irkutsk new school opened

In December 2010, on the site of the old school building number ’23 Irkutsk began construction of a new school. Now it is a modern three-storey building with a total area of 13565 square meters. m, consisting of a whole-school and school blocks. A total of 1,100 school students will learn.

September 1 in Irkutsk renovated school was opened number 34

At a solemn line dedicated to the Day of Knowledge, came to 988 students and 66 teachers. School number 34 — one of the oldest schools in the city of Irkutsk, it was built in 1938.

For major

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