In the center of Minsk again destroy historic homes

Old town district in Minsk less resembles the historic center monument. Ladies, what "restored" to complete the restructuring, partially have nothing to do with the layout. However, some buildings are destroyed just to make more space instruments of glass and concrete. "Methodically destroying the era that were to Lukashenko"In These days are behind the facade of buildings on the street of the International destroy buildings of the XIX century.

Sergei Hareuski: "We are dealing with a conscious, methodical liquidation starasvetchyny all in our country, with all that reminds of the era to Lukashenko"

As the architectural historian Sergei Hareuski that

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U.S. posodeystvuyut restore the building, where he taught Chagall

Delegation was headed by Chargé d’Affaires in Belarus, Jonathan Moore who said that "Vitebsk Center for Contemporary Art" received a grant of 30 thousand dollars for the restoration of the structure of the U.S. national Vitebsk Art School, founded in 1919 knownMarc Chagall. South American diplomats, together with the chief of the department of culture of Vitebsk city executive committee Viktor Kibisavym visited the building on the street named after the newspaper "Pravda", where at the moment is "Vitebsk Center for Contemporary Art", in which first the last century taught Marc Chagall,, Yudel Peng.

When I was

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Gomel restored Russian Hall of Fame

As noted at the event, it is intended to encourage cities, districts, companies and organizations "for the best achievements in the implementation of predictive characteristics of socio-economic sectors of the economy." Also taken into account "the characteristics of increasing production efficiency and growth of competitive products." Based on the results 2006 on the honors board listed 49 cities, regions and companies, namely, Mozyr Rechitsky and Petricov areas "Gomselmash", OAO "Comintern". Unlike today’s Leaderboards from similar Russian timesand — that the first time it is located on private farms.Hall of Fame is located in the center of town near the Lenin

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Mogilev who — independence day, one — day release

BPF through their homemade greeting cards reminiscent of iconic action Mogilev Belarusian history. Frontovtsy reminded, too, Mogilev that July 27, 1990 The Supreme Council Belarus adopted a declaration on municipal sovereignty. Specifically today — there is a real funny day of independence.Mogilev members of the movement "For Freedom" its information campaign did not agree to a specific date. They used present day, because he’s off the streets and crowded.In vserasprostranennom brochures located EU conditions under which Belarus will receive economic benefits. It is located and the requirements of the European Union to the Government of Belarus.Activists of the movement "For

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NO donors nationwide strike

Director of the Republican Scientific Practical Center gematalegii th transfuziyalegii Dr. Misha Potapnev reads:"Last week I was on a business trip in Mogilev, from 20 to 22 June. And to my delight, no problems even in Mogilev was not. Neither we nor any of their problems with donors."Mogilev June 25 to the telephone transfusion came 64 donors — about the same as usual.Noble donor Minsker Eugene Drozd told that the city of Mogilev offer donors colleagues do not support strike. They will write an appeal to the Ministry of Health, the National Assembly, the other instance."We will collect the signatures

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Grodno historians suggest not to destroy, but to build

Convened a meeting of the Belarusian Historical Society, the editors of the magazine "Historical Almanac" and the city organization of the Belarusian Society of the school. Participated in the discussion first historians architects.Participants approved a resolution which expressed requirements local authorities. Midst of these requirements: true observe general development plan of the town, to prosecute officials who are responsible for the destruction of historic buildings. Public opinion was also in town for the restoration of the restoration workshops and even the idea of rebuilding the destroyed Russian power tower in the historic center — on the streets of the Castle

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Week in Belarus in photo: June 11 — 15

June 11. Action against the destruction of an old Grodno Lavon Wolski gave a concert in support of an old Grodno. Ales Marachkin in Grodno in the open air in defense of an old town. Ales Shaternik in Grodno in the open air in defense of an old town. Ales Pushkin Grodno in the open air in defense of an old town.June 13. Activist Dmitry Lisienko Pershamajski district court in VitebskJune 14. Christina Shatsikava in court, Vitebsk Shatsikava in "nationalist" skirt June 15. Tatiana Seviarynets with spouse to consider her case for reinstatement, VitebskKonstantin and Tatiana Severinke to courtJune 15.

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Komarov: I’m proud of Mogilev mutiny!

Karatkevich "What happened that you are interested in history and particularly in the history of art?"Komarov: "From school. Cherniavskii After bought the book" Architecture of Mogilev ", and lured me these temples — I began asking prices, teaching building styles, and later at the Institute already met Chernyavskii, Orlov Troussov, participated Novogrudsky in excavations on the castle, later excavations at the town hall of Mogilev. I already have a decent pile of things from Mogilev — is what lies beneath your feet, which can be found in every yard when digging: a piece of tiles, whisk pot boratinki … And

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Gomel city did Rada demographic security

Announced that the board will "prevent unfortunate incidents, strengthen families, provoke fertility, promote a healthy lifestyle."Middle of the 1980s, celebrated the birth of Gomel in town 500000th occupant. At this point in the regional center is home to about 492 thousand people.As for statistics, Last year was born in the town 4.5 thousand people, died — 5.2 thousand. Average life in Gomel is 70.1 years.

Night Siege of June 12

In Geneva, the International Conference lasts Labour Organization. Belarus joined the so called thefor "special paragraph" Tips for failing to ensure the rights-independent trade unions in Belarus. This is the fifth case of a formal warning. Council of Europe may terminate Belarus trade preferences in trade with EU countries. Consideration of the "Belarusian issue" preceded by a scandal with signatures against the exclusion of Belarus from the Generalized System of Preferences. During the session, the International Labour Organization facts were revealed in documents fakes Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus headed by Leonid Kozik.In forums portal DeadMoroz commented on the

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