Sun City in the Astrakhan region

Astrakhan power began installation of equipment for power generation of solar energy in Narimanov region, the equipment will start after a month or two, told the governor Alexander Zhilkin.

The project is based on a portfolio of solar cells, called "Sun City" and the cost to be about $ 70 million rubles.

"Funds allocated only from the regional budget. This experiment, which we show to the Russian government in the future will offer the federal budget to co-finance access to alternative energy in hot regions. Field of solar panels, which will last for the entire city Narimanov", —

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Develop new models of trolleys in Novosibirsk

In Novosibirsk, came on the second line trolley with independent power supply. Batteries are made for him by the Novosibirsk plant of lithium-ion batteries "Liotech."

Range independent course of the new trolley is 60 kilometers, which is more than twice the technical capabilities of the first hybrid Novosibirsk. Trolley will run from the square. Kalinin to the airport "Tolmachevo". From the street. Station to the final destination of the route and back trolley will move independently. New vehicle manufactured forces Novosibirsk manufacturers.

In addition, in the Siberian capital of trial operation passes low-floor trolley, the press center of the

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In Barabinsk (Novosibirsk region). Opened Lokomotiv Stadium

August 4 Barabinsk city first became the center of the celebration of the Day of the railway in the Novosibirsk region.

Various activities to mark the celebration of the Day of the railway took place from early morning until late at night over the city: on the central square in the city park, in different neighborhoods and, of course, opens the day after the reconstruction of the stadium "Locomotive".

The opening ceremony of the stadium started at 11:00. Under the new athletics track was a parade of veterans of sports and outstanding athletes of the Novosibirsk region. After the official

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The results of repair of roads in Krasnoyarsk, Achinsk

At the station the edge of the road "Achinsk — Mountain — Birch" held "innovative" repair.

"Anti-aging" cosmetics for the edge of roads — the know-how of experts KrUDora. They offered to employees Achy DRSU handle portion of the road special emulsion, which "lights up" asphalt concrete pavement.

"We specifically chose a section of road that has not been renovated for over 15 years — said the head of the road maintenance and road safety" KrUDor "Andrey Zhuravlev. — The special formulation penetrates into the asphalt emulsion at 8-10 cm, seals the road surface and restores the original properties

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In Ufa university professors got its own house

Kirov district of Ufa commissioned residential home for university teachers of Ufa. The opening ceremony was attended by the head of the object of the city administration Irek Yalalov, who expressed confidence in the prospects of such projects.

As the press service of the administration of Ufa, in the construction of the house the city government helped with land allocation and accelerated connection to utility networks.

— This is a landmark event for Ufa, a kind of beacon showing the entire business community, our natural monopolies and companies that can successfully address

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In Ufa, there was a modern day hospital

In Demskoi near Ufa launched a new outpatient clinics city number 47.

The modern hospital will improve access to and quality of health care provision. It’s equipped with the latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment of adults and children.

For example, in the offices of the new office is the intravenous laser devices "Matrix-VLOK" magnitolecheniya appliances and more. In the wards for patients — Modern furniture, held a special ventilation, retaining optimum temperature even on the hottest day.

The modern hospital — this is the third health care facility, introduced in Demskoi district of Ufa in the last year.

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In Smolensk, opened the first youth hostel

In Smolensk, opened the first youth hostel. This small, seemingly news — a good sign for the overall economy of the region. The fact that we are sorely lacking of available Hotels, know and visit, and Smolensk, which ever book to friends and colleagues.

Even Muscovites celebrate the high cost of Smolensk hotels. But "weekend tourists" do not need much: spend the night in a cheap and clean place to recharge the battery so the camera. And the construction of the hostel — a good way out. These residences are today — a common phenomenon in large cities, which are

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Eurocup 2012. Part 1

Eurocup 2012 is coming to an end and there are only two contenders to win for the best skyscraper in Europe. This famous London 30 st Mary Axe Norman Foster and complex "Capital City" on Krasnopresnenskoj waterfront. Only the top 32 attended a skyscraper from all over Europe, including the first European supertol (after a 2-Moscow) London Shard (Shard London Bridge).

The grand opening, which the British were celebrating July 5, 2012.

Shard (as the British call it) is a little higher than our complex (309 m vs. 302 m), but it’s not the height.

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Litkarino. In pictures.

I say at once, the most ordinary places, and not in a small Litkarino no special attractions. However, positive trends in the new mayor is impossible not to notice. Virtually everything in the photo was made for the years 2011-12. In the center of the city erected a monument to defenders of the Fatherland.

By May 9, 2012 monument at the new DC area joined the four guns of the WWII.

Overgrown landscaped park, where 20 years of nothing but a few benches and a dilapidated Soviet-era gazebo was

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In Tyumen after the cap. Repair opened the children’s department clinics

On the eve of the Day of the city for the children of the district Vatutine long-awaited and important event — the opening of the updated children‘s department of city hospital number 8 on the street of Friendship.

The Office of the clinic has doubled. Now the area will completely cover not only the current need for medical support for the people of the region of Tyumen, but are designed for the future growth of the young people. Of all pediatric office covers ten areas. According to the calculations of power will be enough space to service a population

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