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Stary Oskol (April 2012)

Long time since I have not shown you their city. Going for a run, on the way naschelkal "a couple" shots. They are now to you and show you. Designated absolutely ordinary, then ran past, then fotkal. And the sights that we have not really — a small town.

The weather is good. Green is all around!

Remember this house plan. They have a lot of different configurations. It’s like a 90’s design. I call them the "Tetris".

And here is my provider. Not bad for a small town of 30

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Izhevsk — the capital of the Russian weapon

When born Izhevsk?

The exact answer to this question is an old "Statement of Kazan particularistic zavodosoderzhatelyah": "Ona Izhevsk factory for iron forging of Goroblagodatskaya cast iron structure started his own excellency Costa, 1760 and April 10 is the date thereof in Kazan province on the road to the river Arsk Seeking to public land. " His Excellency — this is an unusually gifted and resourceful figure of the Empress Elizabeth Count Pyotr Ivanovich Shuvalov.

On a February day in 1760 from Kazan left the road on a barely visible dirt road to mend jelly

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In Tatarstan, the innovation center instead decided to build IT-city of 150 thousand people

Far from Kazan in the next two decades should see the real city with a population of about 150,000 people. This was announced at the presentation of the project to create an innovation center "Innopolis Kazan."

The authors of the project are experts Singaporean RSP Architects. Presentation to the president and senior officials of Tatarstan held CEO Liu Thai Ker.

Welcoming the guests, President Rustam Minnikhanov said that a few days ago reported on the project to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and received his approval. "The success of the project was the obvious — announced Minnihanov

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Krasnodar is preparing for the 2018 World Cup

April 10 in Krasnodar, visited the delegation of FIFA and the Organizing Committee of "Russia 2018".

Guests, including the Theatre Square was presented that during the World Cup will be able to accommodate about 55,000 fans. This area is specially built so as to become a gathering place for football fans. There is a unique light and music fountain, there is a large screen television, on the eve of the championship will be installed two screens measuring 10 by 13 meters.

The fountain was opened in the City Day September 25, 2011.

New light and music fountain in Krasnodar,

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In the Russian cosmodrome will be built East, a new city and akademogorodok

According to his Facebook page, Dmitry Rogozin, April 12, Vladimir Putin has supported the project to create a spaceport "East."

According to the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, together with the spaceport will be built a new city and a space akademogorodok.

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The best creative calendar 2012 calendar recognized company IntelLeks.

Corporate Calendar "Contrasts of urban life" ZAO "IntelLeks" received the first prize for creativity at the V All-Russian competition "Corporate Calendar — 2012". Calendar "Contrasts of urban life," continues the series of corporate calendars that extend the boundaries of the life office worker.

The company "IntelLeks" develops software systems for the railway. Despite the basic profile of the activities, their calendars are not traditionally have no relation to the programming, or to rail transport. Year after year, they offer employees and customers on an imaginary journey beyond the usual office a reality. This year, the calendar tells about the

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In Kazan, opened the first library in the city of modal

11 Prel in Novo-Savinovskom district of Kazan was opened after the reconstruction of the first multi-purpose municipal library. From the usual format library is different departments — modules. In the children’s library-branch number 45 in addition to traditional subscription and reading rooms, operating room periodicals, Internet Point, a school of early development "Govorushechka" literary cafe, theater children‘s books, as well as the museum. The library is equipped bar-coding system and is connected to a database of single electronic catalog of publications that are available in the libraries of the city.

In addition, the library is now available for visitors

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November Zenit Stadium ready for opening

April 9 during a working visit to Noyabr’sk Tyumen Oblast Duma, head of the regional policy of OAO "Gazprom Neft" Sergei Bilko visited the construction object. According to Sergei Veksler Stadium ready for 99%, it remains only to spring cleaning, however to cut the red ribbon is premature. Now comes the process of transferring the "Zenith" to the city, on the paperwork will take time.Today Noyabr’sk on assets of the Company built the largest sports complex in the area, "Zenith", an area of 10,000 m2. To ensure a walking distance of sports facilities in

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In Russia there was a second million of the city in two days

According Permstat, as of January 1, 2012 in Perm population 1,000,000 679 people. At the end of 2011 in the regional capital for the first time there was a fairly long period of natural increase of population, which amounted to 337 people. This positive trend has developed due to the growth rate (up to 80 people or 0.6%) and the reduction of mortality rate (per 544 people, or 4.2%). But the dominant factor in enabling them to cross the city millionth milestone, began the migration process, "- said in a statement on the website of public services of the Perm

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In the city of Vladivostok has opened a new kindergarten for 240 places

April 9 at the solemn opening ceremony of modern kindergarten "Cutter" in the residential district of Snow Pad. This preschool is the third act in a new neighborhood, built on the same design as its predecessors — "Tiger" and "Firefly." The new kindergarten "Cutter" will take another 240 children.

With the opening of the kindergarten "Cutter" partly solved the problem with a queue to kindergarten, because in this garden will not only adopt children of military personnel, but also children from other areas of the city, standing in the queue.

Finishing work in preschools conducted according to the most modern

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