Night Siege of June 12

In Geneva, the International Conference lasts Labour Organization. Belarus joined the so called thefor "special paragraph" Tips for failing to ensure the rights-independent trade unions in Belarus. This is the fifth case of a formal warning. Council of Europe may terminate Belarus trade preferences in trade with EU countries. Consideration of the "Belarusian issue" preceded by a scandal with signatures against the exclusion of Belarus from the Generalized System of Preferences. During the session, the International Labour Organization facts were revealed in documents fakes Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus headed by Leonid Kozik.In forums portal DeadMoroz commented on the

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In Grodno not only Lenin

"We renew our tradition of honoring the patron saints. We encourage you to love your own city, know its history and traditions, to be indifferent to what he lived and live the city and that it is now made of different rank bureaucrats. We want to offer to you the history and Grodno tradition without ideology "- they say the organizers of the Holy Days Guberta.Decided to organize a conference after, in April this year official ideology for political reasons, the number of participants crossed scientific conference devoted to 880 anniversary of Grodno, Grodno 2-historians, medical sciences — Ales Ales

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Artur Finkevich limited while in town

From the words of Artur Finkevich previously managing special settlement or did not allow him to leave the city in general, or permit the whole day. 2-hours in town he can not go to the bath, the hair and relax. Groomed same kind prisoner may be basis for recovery. In the special settlement shower repaired. On Friday, the acting head of the special settlement Sergey Kuskov restricted visiting political prisoner.June 4 Artur Finkevich denied premature release.• In the special settlement does not exclude early release Artur Finkevich, 8.06.2007

In May 2006 activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front"A. Finkevich

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Grodno — 880 years

Authorities have taken note, but decided to celebrate the anniversary of the moment, as the 1128-th year in the Russian era was officially approved. Held a "parade of military and labor societies," Russian concert on the square in the city park exhibited their works craftsmen.Correspondent"The whole street is filled with Russian students who are driven by a solemn parade, and they are beating, burst balloons just about walls of houses. 880th anniversary of Grodno note just as a municipal prazdnichek: Russian soldiers in the square majestically Russian war era, with a platoon of policemen" Kalashnikovs " . crowd gathered

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Belarusian mix in Dresden

Her prepared Brussels’ Office for Democratic Belarus "and Belarusian alliance designers. Supported event German Robert Bosch Foundation and the South American Marshall Fund.In a press release from the Office notes that "the exhibition is a reflection the most diverse audiences than emphasizes the universal character invented Belarusian plyakatystami semietyki variants of perception which may have different colors, worthy of attention and surprise." In one format, the exhibition hosts a number of cultural activities related to Belarus. Exposure poster accompanied screening of the documentary "For Freedom 1 … 2 … 3", reading books Arthur Klinova "Minsk — the City of the

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Vitebsk youth unwilling youth center

Series of shares of public protest began about a month in Vitebsk reverse — when the company "Vitebskvodokanalu" without permission from the Ministry of Culture has taken earthworks at Freedom Square. Paving communications staff "Vitebskvodokanalu" massacred remains of the cathedral, demolished in 1957 — destroyed what remained of the monument architecture under a layer of earth and asphalt. These works were carried out without permission Academy and the Ministry of Culture, and suspend them never failed any complaints to the prosecutor, nor appeals to bureaucrats.Now pits, in which were perfectly visible pieces of old walls, already bombarded again. But Vitebsk

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Grodno: portraits of princes, rulers, church hierarchs

Correspondent"The exhibition was opened Director of History and Archeology Museum Yuri Kiturko. Portraits of Kachan has previously exhibited in the museum, and what new?"Kiturko"New here quite a lot, exhibited portraits, which are currently owned by the city executive committee, beginning with the princes. Next was another exhibition of Grodno governors. Priests our first time here and rectors also selgasuniversytetu first time." Correspondent"It is curious that people who lived in the town at the moment in the portrait gallery. Maybe these are even in other towns?"Kiturko"How do I know, no. I think that in other towns renders people who somehow deserve

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C.Salash: swap generation, while in towns townspeople begin to live

Four years after reversing the CEC Sergey manages to reach the reception, during the last campaign was arestvoan with their submission. This year also was removed from the election race: davneshnie "friends" —  Secretary Election Commission № 62Stasov Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee and LA.Shutko Tipo accused him of slander. Days are held at the tribunal. He took the side of the representatives of the vertical.

But Sergei Salash booked our correspondent cook  transmission not the hot election issue. Although specific role in the elections — the practice of campaigning on a "door to door" gave him

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My Fatakonkurs Belarus light works on your victory

Warmly welcome regular participants fatakonkursu and everyone who looked at the "Freedom." Our competitive Page — a good reason to linger. Impressive gallery! At last Minutka environment (so arrange) we got more than 50 photos. Number creators greatly increased, and among them there are friends who first publication (and quite successful, I’ll tell myself) volunteered for the next role. Call all in order:Alexei Ozhinsky Firule Alexander, Alex Adamovich, Roman Zabello, Sergei Morozov, Glory, Alexander Kushner, Paul Misuno Arseny Pakhomov, Lyudmila Prakopau Misha Rumyantsev, Anton Yakutovich Vadim Titov, Sister Jeanne, Valery Kazyuminski, Sasquatch, Zorna, InSomnia, Svirepix.Greenish WIND SailingInitiate coverage with a

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Grodno: how to stop the destruction in the historical building?

About their own experience of building monuments upholding told Vitebsk architect-restorer Kavbovich Eugene, who arrived in Grodno. By him, most importantly — ensure that power is one hundred percent made legislation as for building heritage. It should also, that before the restoration of buildings certainly held a competition for the best project.Participants noted: failure in Grodno, authorities abolished the restoration workshops, even in Vitebsk they survived. In the town of Neman is largely preserved historical buildings and means — we need a chief architect-restorer available in Polish towns.Architect-restorer Eugene Kavbovich from Vitebsk

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