Earthquake in Turkey-Syria border

Earthquake in Turkey-Syria border Natural Disasters

Near the town of Sirnak on the border of three states of Turkey, Iraq and Syria, was a powerful and devastating earthquake of 5.4 points. Its epicenter was 31 kilometers south of the city (37,237 ° N, 42,495 ° E) and had a depth of 9.6 km. The worst thing was Silopi 5 km from the epicenter of the earthquake has a population of 74,798 people. They are all located in the area of the potential danger, as aftershocks continue.

The history of seismic activity on the border of Turkey, Iraq and

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Wuhan plunged into a strange haze

Wuhan plunged into a strange haze Facts

All residents of the Chinese metropolis Wuhan in Hubei recommended if possible, not to leave their homes, to limit the use of air conditioners and do not open the windows because of the thick yellow-gray haze, suddenly is shrouded streets of the city with a population of 9 million. The presence of respiratory dressings welcome, especially for people with health complications.

After multiple tests determined that the cause of the haze is not any industrial accident or an explosion in a chemical laboratory. Smoke came from the uncontrolled burning of straw

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Russian trams transform electric transportation Enakieva (Ukraine)

The session of the City Council adopted the municipal property three new handsome man who came from beyond the Urals.

One of them — a gift to the Foundation of MP-countryman Yuri Ivanyushchenko and two others acquired through a partnership with the city of PJSC "Enakiyevo Steel." So here only appeared in Ukraine, experts say, cars of the fourth generation of Ust-Katav factory, and for the city is a huge event.

First of all a big country rode on the production of Russian enterprises, producing a month to 250 cars. And now, in many cities across the country and

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African Durban turned into a snowy kingdom

African Durban turned into a snowy kingdom Weather and Climate

For Durban, one of the largest cities in South Africa, suddenly swept incredible hail storm, the city covered the white "winter" shroud. Damaged many roofs city buildings, gardens, cars, plenty of trees turned inside the roots. It is surprising that some suburbs could avoid the Gradova cloud, for example, and Glenmore Vestvilyu. Injured same regions except heavy hail were also small flood after heavy rain preceded by hail, which brought up to 30 mm of rain in the first few minutes. Houses that escaped the hail strikes, flooded with water.

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Climate anomalies


19.08.11.V early August in the most arid Atacama Desert on the Pacific coast of South America, the snow fell. Covered with snow half its territory. The thickness of the cover — 80 cm rains flooded the rest, although there is usually one year falls no more than 3 mm.

After the August rains in the desert bloomed flowers. In sand dunes appeared deep puddles. Hydro say it happens once for half a century.

The Austrian city of Salzburg in late July, the snow fell. Roads turned into a skating rink. Local wore coats and hats.

— This was observed

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Sinkhole in Murom. Video

Karst holes

10.05.12.V Murom sinkhole occurred in the city center. "Exposure of history" in the literal sense. In Murom sinkhole occurred in the city center. PE occurred in the area 1100 years.

These frames are sent to us by our colleagues from the television "Murom meridian." Rescuers quickly left the scene. That which was hidden under the asphalt, impressed many. It turned out that in the very center of Murom — vaulted underground passages. And the failure — one of its areas of landslides. What is it — a strange communication or brick cellars urban shopping malls, experts have

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Montreal flooded in two steps

Montreal flooded in two steps Natural Disasters

To the south of the Canadian province of Quebec swept torrential thunderstorms. To Montreal twice a rain descended, making May day at dusk. In an instant all were flooded streets and turned for a few minutes in real rivers. The water level reached 1.2 meters in some places. Of sewage water with all the garbage rose directly to the surface, adding "spice" everything going on. Closed due to water coming one subway line.

Storm caused power outages. Reported damage to property of citizens and the evacuation of thousands of houses and

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Northern Lights seen in Novosibirsk


31.01.12.V frost Novosibirsk witnessed rare optical phenomena.

According to witnesses, it resembles something like the Northern Lights — hovering in the night sky light colored lines.

Witness of this light show was Andrew Slobodyanyuk late at night. Went to the balcony and could not believe my eyes. "I saw a very beautiful glow in the sky, thought it was the northern lights shimmered all, these posts are not from the bottom, from the bottom of the rose, and hung in the air strips and high enough", — says Andrey Slobodyanyuk.

Columns of light at a time and disappeared,

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In the United States celebrate the stranger




On Monday, residents of various American cities gathered in the state of New Mexico. Every year, they come to the city of Roswell to celebrate the Day of the alien.

According to NTV, the initiative to celebrate this day in February, were residents of the city —

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Off the coast of Chile Earthquake 5.8


13.02.11.Zemletryasenie magnitude 5.8 occurred off the coast of central Chile. Reported by the U.S. Geological Survey. According to forecasters, the tremors were recorded at 05:51 local time (11:51 MSK), 35 km north-west of the city of Concepcion at a depth of 25.4 kilometers. The data on the destruction or injuries were reported. Note that in February 2010, an earthquake of magnitude 8.8 near the city of Concepcion killed more than 300 people. The earthquake was the fifth in the world by force of tremors since 1900.


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