Smog over Omsk. Photo


5.07.12.Smog, established over Omsk, called boreal fires in the Khanty-Mansi and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Districts, said the Weather Service. Forecasters difficult to say when the smoke shatter.

Smog, established over the city yesterday, fire in the Khanty-Mansi and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, told the Omsk Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring. The smoke from boreal fires bring the northern and north-eastern air currents prevailing in the Omsk atmosphere.

Employees of the center is not yet ready to say when the city was able to shatter.

"This will happen, or if the air flow to change direction to the south, southwest,

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Japan warned of new strong earthquake


13.03.11.Kolichestvo victims of the earthquake in Japan may in the thousands. As reported today by the police prefecture of Miyagi, one only in this region of the country, probably killed more than 10,000 people. One of the cities with a population of almost completely wiped out.

Japanese authorities have clarified what happened on Friday by an earthquake. Its magnitude was increased to 9. In terms of power, it was one of the strongest earthquakes in the world on record. While tremors continue — after new earthquake tsunami threat exists again.

That night, Japan was able to leave another

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Record drought in Brazil threatens agriculture

January 12, 2013. North-east Brazil is suffering from its worst drought in decades. The greatest damage to the agricultural industry is suffering. Suffered from a lack of rain fields of corn, cotton and sugar cane. From drying pastures killed many goats and cattle. Thousands of farmers lost their livelihoods.

Commented the Minister of Agriculture of one of the north-eastern states Brazil Eduardo Salles: "We are experiencing the worst drought in 50 years. The consequences of this can only be compared with the earthquake. "

Another negative factor associated with drought, a decline of hydropower. Dam in the north-east of the

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In Novosibirsk, the pigeons were more likely to die


29.08.12.Zharkoe summer affected the number of birds in Novosibirsk fewer waterfowl and pigeons are often die under the wheels.

Told Ph.D. ornithologist Alex Yanovsky, a drought this year led to a reduction in the area of wetlands. This has a negative impact on the number of waterfowl and waterfowl. In the Novosibirsk region decreased population of ducks, geese, swans, gulls, terns and waders.

Ornithologist confirmed that the pigeons that live in the city have become more die from disease and accidents. "In many flocks of young, inexperienced, they are subject to disease and death from accidents," — said Alexei

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Rainfall and snow disrupted normal life in India

January 22, 2013. Last Friday, the northern parts of India have fallen snow and heavy rains. Particularly hard by the disaster went to the hill states of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

No luck, and the nation's capital — New Delhi. City pretty "battered" downpours and hail. According to meteorologists, 36 hours in the capital fell to 33.5 mm of rainfall, while the maximum temperature dropped to 16.4 degrees Celsius, four degrees below normal.

Moreover — Friday morning in New Delhi was a top record rainfall that fell in 24 hours, which was held in January 2003.

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Buenos Aires has covered the storm and flooded. Video



7.12.12.V Thursday in Buenos Aires lightning storm hit. Most of the city was flooding, including areas of Palermo and Belgrano.

In just one hour dropped 112 millimeters of rain, flooding streets and causing traffic lights off. As a result, in the heart of the Argentine capital paralyzed vehicular traffic. Highway and railroad tracks leading into the city were completely under water. Stopped working and the subway. Toward the evening the rain eased and the water started to recede, leaving behind destruction. NTDRussian

Fires in Spain. Video


2.07.12.Smog from forest fires blanketed much of the Spanish province of Valencia. Fire reserves the tens of thousands of hectares of land with charred trees.

Almost two thousand firefighters in five dozen helicopters and planes are fighting the flames, but despite the best efforts of rescuers, it continues to spread. Local residents, armed with buckets of water, trying to help the professionals, they can.

Capital city of Valencia was almost completely covered with a huge cloud of ash. Residents complain of breathing problems.

All the efforts of the rescuers are now aimed at, to prevent a fire in

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In the skies over Africa exploded another meteor

March 15, 2013. Residents of Cape Town's claim that on March 12 2013 , they saw a meteorite, after a "ball of fire" exploded in the sky in the city.

He was spotted just after noon. Nicolas Lorin, astronomer of the South African Astronomical Observatory, said that they received four or five reports from witnesses.

Fireball with a white tail, iridescent green and blue light appeared in the sky above the city is likely to have been caused by an accumulation of dust that may have formed in space and entered into the Earth's atmosphere.

Lauren explains: "In March, are

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In Sochi, coming off a giant landslide damaged homes. Video


30.08.11.Sereznaya problem — the lack of service in the city to monitor the landslide processes — is still not solved. Federal Office of bank and counter-work is now in the process of bankruptcy. But time does not stand still, and the events in selected areas sometimes develop exclusively by the laws of nature.

Most in these days things are on the streets of Baku and Voroshilovgrad. In April, the body is more active landslide. As demonstrated by geological survey, the dimensions reach a mile in height, depth — 6 meters, length — longer than 200. This effectively moves

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6.2 Earthquake in New Zealand


3.07.12.Zemletryasenie magnitude 6.2 occurred in the area of the North Island of New Zealand, said on Tuesday the U.S. Geological Survey website.

According to the service, the tremors have been recorded in 22.36 local time (14.36 MSK). The earthquake lies at a depth of 236.1 kilometers. The epicenter was located 57 kilometers south-west of Opunake.

In mid-February 2011 in the second largest city in New Zealand, Christchurch, a devastating earthquake that almost leveled the center of the city. Many buildings were destroyed, the central cathedral, several areas are uninhabitable. 6.3 magnitude earthquake's epicenter was located in the vicinity of

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