In Donduseni sea birds. Video


24.01.12.V Donduseni was recorded massive sea birds. Residents of the city are concerned about this event. Head of the Veterinary Public Health and safety of animal products, Yuri Wenger commented on the situation in the region, if not alarming, although signals of deaths of birds came to him, not only from the city but also from villages moshav and Corbin.

According to George Wenger, citizens, faced with plague poultry should apply to free-practicing veterinarian, who will need help. The area has 12 such doctors, including one in the city, and control over their activities, the district veterinary service.

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Large fire at an oil plant in Egypt


Smoke from the fire is visible visible from anywhere in the city (photo:

15.04.12.V downtown Suez lit tank with dozens of tons of fuel. To fight it were thrown 50 fire engines and four Egyptian Air Force aircraft. The fire started at the plant for processing oil and then spread to the storage of petroleum products, one person was killed and about 20 were hospitalized. Residents of nearby homes were evacuated.

The plant is owned by Nasr petroleum, which produces about a third of the total amount of gasoline consumed in Egypt.

Car fire and ambulance arrived

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Parking spaces and playgrounds in Rotterdam will be resistant to weather changes

Parking spaces and playgrounds in Rotterdam will be resistant to weather changes Facts

Dutch city to develop new ways to protect the city from increasing rainfall and tides caused by climate change.

Photo: The protective sheath of storm surge at the entrance to Rotterdam — the largest port in Europe. Windmills, which are known to all as a symbol of the Netherlands, are reminiscent of the fact that residents of low-lying areas were able to hold back the tides. In addition to the barriers, the first of which were built about 1,000 years ago, in the Netherlands there

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Flooding in Australia: the roads turned into rivers

February 23, 2013. In the Australian state of New South Wales grows severe floods. Forests, cities and farmlands poured torrential rain that does not stop a few weeks. Disaster victims were two men, TV channel "Russia 24".

In the cities of Campsie and Bellingen declared a state of emergency, the authorities ordered the evacuation of residents. The roads in the state have become more like a river, the drivers of the cars pulled out by rescuers. Ten of thousands of homes were left without electricity.

Source: Lead

On Australian city Sydney storm hit wind and torrential rains


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Christchurch earthquake is once again facing

Christchurch earthquake is once again facing natural disasters

In the new year the New Zealand city of Christchurch again subjected to earthquakes. More than 40 aftershocks have occurred during the day, recorded on January 2, 2012. Night 5.5 earthquake caused automatic shutdown of the power supply of 10 thousand homes, however, the morning service was resumed. Data on soil liquefaction or destroyed houses have been reported. During the night there were 14 aftershocks force of more than 3.3, the last of which took place about 20 kilometers from the city.

Recent earthquakes much afraid of people, but to ensure the

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Popokatepetel not stop erupting

Popokatepetel not stop erupting Natural Disasters

Ash emitted Mexican volcano Popokatepetel, forced authorities to close the airport for 14 hours of Puebla — the nearest city to the volcano. Such measures are needed to clear the runways of ash and volcanic rock. Airport work was resumed on the same day, May 9, 2012. Luckily, was canceled only one flight from Puebla to Houston, Texas, USA.

For several weeks, there is increased activity Popokatepetelya: volcano stops spewing gas, hot rock and ash at a distance of 1.6 kilometers from the crater. In addition, the volcano regularly emits steam and

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11 people were killed in floods in Indonesia

© Handout | Reuters

January 21, 2013. January 15 Indonesia has heavy rains that caused severe flooding. While usually in the capital — Jakarta — the January total precipitation totals 300 mm, in these rainy days just for one day 180 mm of rain fell. Traffic in the city is almost completely paralyzed.

Disaster victims are already 11 people. Five people died as a result of electric shock, four elderly people died of hypothermia or disease, two children drowned, reports Bloomberg. More than 18,000 man had to be evacuated.

According to meteorologists forecast, rainfall will be going

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Mexican volcano Popocatepetl awoke again


* 8/31/11 * active volcano Popocatepetl, located 40 kilometers to the southeast of the Mexican capital of Mexico City, Tuesday, and awoke again four times threw steam, gas and ash from its crater.

Mexico's National Center for Disaster Prevention has imposed restrictions on access to the 12-km zone around it, while adding that the risk to people in the surrounding towns do not.

According to the Interior Ministry, emissions of particles from a volcanic crater reach a height of one kilometer. Has been falling ash in several villages and towns in the state in Mexico City, and the wind

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Indonesian floods again no casualties

Indonesian floods again without victims of natural disasters

May 9, 2012 floodwaters filled volcanic residues, flooded the city in the east of Indonesia, resulting in four people were killed (including 9-year-old boy). According to official figures, 10 people were missing and 15 were injured.

According to the National Emergency Management Agency, 11 villages have been inundated by flood waters in the province of North Maluku in the adjacent areas of the city of Ternate. After a strong nightly showers of volcanic flood ravaged village at 2 am. More than 280 people, or 58 families were evacuated to government

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Rats and mice invaded the Egyptian resort of Port Said


20.06.11.Iz Egyptian city of Port Said in a hurry run by tourists. Reason for this was the mouse and rat, literally flooded the city in recent years.

The city authorities have already sounding the alarm, because rodents are a real threat to both human health and the tourism business of the city. Despite all the measures taken by the city government of rodents is not reduced. Rats and mice have run out in the open on the streets in residential neighborhoods and resort, frightening tourists and creating the image of Port Said dirty city.

To get rid of the

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