Tales of Chinas Tridens

Britain played an important; but largely forgotten, role in the modernization of the Chinese civil aviation fleet in the 1960s and 1970s, after the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) put a toe in the water and purchased six Viscounts in 1963 and 1964. Its involvement with the Trident came about after Pakistan International Airlines’ decision to sell its four Trident 1Es in 1970 to China United Airlines, the civil transport division of the People’s Liberation Army, within four years of acquiring them.

The aircraft were successful, and CAAC quickly followed up in August 1971 with orders to Hawker Siddeley

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YOUR civic duty

The Programme of the Communist Party have repeatedly emphasized that only the direct participation of the broadest masses of the working people in the management of all the affairs of the country will allow for our grandiose creative plans for the building of communism, «communist production, — stated in the Program — requires a high degree of organization. clarity and discipline, which are provided not by coercion, but by understanding the public debt … «

To build communism is nothing more important than a rapid and continuous growth of labor productivity. That increase productivity and reduce the cost of the

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Guest on Freedom — Stanislav Bogdanovich

He is a doctor of economic sciences, doctor. In 1991-1995 he was chairman of the State Bank. Deputy Supreme Council 13th convocation, favorite faction "plainclothes action." Chairman Joint civilian Party in 1995-2000, now — a noble chairman. Is married and has 3 sons.As for current Belarusian-Russian fuel conflict, Stanislav Bogdanovich says:"Declared Minsk and Moscow integration intentions not supported by actual practice. Both sides violate their commitments data in the main case, the words on the construction so called allied countries remain empty rhetoric. "Stanislav Bogdankevich questions can be asked in advance: round the clock telephone answering machine (8-017) 266-39-52, via

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Civil marriage: Pros and Cons

Minsker Yuri GAEV marriage civilian lives in its tenth year and officially register their business is not going to:"I’m not against marriage, as of early pabrannya categorically opposed. This severe problem in our country. Especially when they start" yulozits "mind the possibility of obtaining an apartment at third child, people rush into marriage, the madness begins. This race is unnecessary because later have very very calculated. These are not empty words, if we compare the statistics of marriage and divorce. Virtually present day any second family — created anew after the divorce of any of the parties. Boast that many

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The opposition may legitimize the dictatorship

One of the favorites of the "European Belarus" coordinator civilian initiative "Charter 97" Dmitry Bondarenko convinced that if several opponents of the regime would be "allowed" to take parliamentary seats, the authorities can be claim about the legitimacy of all "dictatorial system": "At the present moment the majority of subjects civilian campaign "European Belarus" support boycott: it "Young Front", civilian activists campaign "Jeans for Freedom" civilian campaign "For Freedom" (Not to be confused with the "freedom movement"), a number of adult politicians, representatives of civilian society. "Reporter: "But it will be manifested in any action or it will boycott, as

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Holding Aviation presented 20 innovations

Holding "Aviation" has completed testing of innovative landing gear, emergency oxygen systems and components for fuel, hydraulic and air systems that can be installed on the promising Russian planes, helicopters Ka-62, Mi-38 and other machinery.

In the framework of the federal target program "Development of Russian civil aviation for 2002 — 2010 and for the period up to 2015" holding "Aviation", which is part of "Russian Technologies", completed the testing of 20 innovative designs. "I can say with confidence that the characteristics of these developments fully comply with international peers — that's why we are planning to collaborate

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Lyudmila Hraznova

Organizing committee member civilian initiative "Charter 97", from 2004 — vice-chairman Joint Civilian party.

Russian Helicopters Tech Center in Africa

More recently, Holding "Helicopters of Russia" together with the South African company Denel Aviation has created the Johannesburg center for repair and maintenance of civil helicopters in Russia.

In fact, this is a very significant event, the Soviet Union and Russia has always been a priority for the supply of civil and military helicopters among African countries. Now we have proved its undisputed leadership. We have legalized helicopter repair market throughout the African continent.

Offered watch video, "What Africans think of Russia" from Rostekhnadzor.

Now when you purchase any of the

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Taganrog aircraft Be-200ES evaluated in France

Under the arrangement, the Russian-French commission on bilateral cooperation at the level of Heads of Government, at an air base of the Office for Civil Security (Marignane, France) assessment of aircraft performance and operating characteristics of multipurpose amphibious aircraft Be-200ES in the program of the pilot flight putting out fires.

The first stage of the evaluation, which at the moment is almost complete, includes the introduction of French pilots and maintenance personnel with the aircraft, and flight operations to evaluate the performance of the aircraft when operating both in the air and with water, and the definition of

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The Russian government has opposed the appeal of free guns

In the Government considered the draft federal law.

The bill proposes to include a civilian weapon of self-defense firearms short-barreled rifles tool Russian production with a muzzle energy of less than 300 J, giving him the right to purchase Russian Federation citizens who have reached 23 years of age, is under license.

But introduction allowed in the current time types civilian self-defense weapons can be rated as excellent and successfully serving the goals of self-defense. Together, the technical properties of the short-barreled guns can not be a factor in the evaluation of its greater efficiency in comparison with existing legislation

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