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Пылесос для уборки сухого мусора и жидкостей


РАСХОД ВОЗДУХА (макс): 82 л/с

РАЗРЕЖЕНИЕ: 147 мбар


ВЕС: 5 кг

ОСОБЕННОСТИ: функция выдувания воздуха; возможность работы без мешка для сбора пыли; защита двигателя при заполнении бака жидкостью; пылезащищённый выключатель

КОМПЛЕКТАЦИЯ: пылесос; полиуретановый фильтр; бумажный мешок; всасывающий шланг; 2 удлинительные трубки; 2 насадки

ЦЕНА: 2790 руб.

Хозяйственный пылесос серии Classic относится к бытовому классу. Это практичная и универсальная модель, оснащённая ударопрочным пластиковым корпусом. Она уверенно соберёт крупный и мелкий мусор, грязную воду. При своей компактности и малом весе отличается солидными параметрами.

Двигатель с системой by-pass

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Punched up classic

When a documentary filmmaker wanted to revamp his shingled Cape Cod-style house after an amicable divorce, he turned to Los Angeles-based designer Julie Goldman. Seeking a relaxed-yet-vibrant style, he desired a home that would suit his classic sensibilities and his newly single life with his two daughters.

“[My client] wanted a space where he and friends could watch television or enjoy a barbecue and relax,” Goldman says.“He wanted to be able to entertain both kids and adults.” Goldman, who launched her J. Latter design firm in 2000 after years in production design, started with color.

To make the 2,100-square-foot house

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EC-256 MGO

There’s a lot of competition at the budget end of the buying spectrum, especially when you’re looking at classic designs. Marcus Leadley samples a fine contender for you hard-earned cash

Back in 1996, Japanese guitar maker ESP decided to expand in a big way into the lower-cost end of the electric market. The company already had a profile as a supplier of serious thrash metal ordnance to the glitterati of the day – bands such as Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer – so a new brand, LTD, was launched as the home for these new, price-friendly models.


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Manufacturers classic Hi-Fi has long been seeking to enter new markets. One way was the production of headphones. Another, more obvious way to reach a wider audience — to begin production of the active wireless speakers.

TEXT Maxim Naumov

The debut of the company DALI in this market segment for me was a surprise, since the very image of the company is quite conservative. During the entire existence of the brand is really the first active model, besides the call-realization in a very unusual design. High colored columns are called Kubik Free, apparently, for a square section. In proportional-tions as one column is a rather two dice set on each other. Tissue grills covering three sides of the housing may be of different colors. To start the developer opted for black, white and red, but potentially

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Classic Plant

We look at an emerging branch of the military vehicle collecting hobby

Although there have always been those who have had an interest in plant and construction equipment, in the main it has been confined to civilian equipment and supports a thriving hobby, but in recent years the level of interest in military plant and equipment has risen to a point where it can be considered to be an emerging branch of the hobby today, with more and more vehicles attending shows. Over the last few years we here at MMI have been watching the growth of this area of

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Classic Jersey

The Amateur Photographer Masterclass with Tom Mackie

A beguiling mixture of British and Continental influences, Jersey is in a league of its own when it comes to landscapes. Tom shows five AP readers how to make the most of its classic landmarks. Gill Mullins reports.

SOME 100 miles south of the mainland lie the Channel Islands, with roots in both England and France but with a flavour all of their own. Jersey is the largest and most southerly, just 14 miles off the Normandy coast. Its 45 square miles pack in an extraordinary range of landscapes, from rugged coves to

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Classic chic

Nicola and Nick Pain were not thinking about moving until they first spotted the Victorian manor that would become their home. ‘We weren’t looking for a new house, but as soon as we saw this place, we just had to have it,’ says Nicola.

The property, which is one half of the building, had an outdated kitchen, unsuitable layout and a makeshift lean-to, but Nicola only saw the beautifully proportioned rooms and large sash windows. Fortunately her husband Nick was just as keen and, employed in the building trade, he wasn’t fazed by the work needed to turn the house

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Classic and timeless.

Trench — SUBJECT classical female clothing that goes out of fashion for many years. CONSIDERED THAT Thomas Burberry trench Invented already in 1901 and since then it has almost no altering. In anticipation of the new season, we suggest you read NEW variation on the classic raincoat.


Trench evening plans can be worn with formal attire, and his naked body. With the second option you have to be careful: it is important to find his long cloak — namely, not less than a foot. The top button can be fastened safely be set to break a variety of

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Restoration of teeth this week: myth or reality?

Dental Implants — an operation that frightens many patients, despite the fact that every year it is becoming more and more popular, and doctors are recruited professional experience. And if classical implantation is still not clear to customers, what can we say about the methods of rapid implantation, which allow you to restore from one tooth to the entire dentition in just a couple of days. Is this possible and are there any pitfalls, which do not tell the doctors?

First we need to understand what is happening with the tissues of the jaw after we lose

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House of Writers Who’s Who in the Belarusian literature

"Classical — it is an ideal harmony, symmetry, clarity, simplicity, the starting point, the golden fund"Michas Scoble: "Lord, first conversation, I turn to the" Dictionary of foreign words "Alexander Bulyk:" Classic (from Lat. Classicus) — eminent writer, activist art. "" Classic — literary and art works of global recognition and care of their ages value. "If you judge by this account of Hamburg, who in Belarusian literature — classic, and what works in it — a classic?"Michas Tychina: "I looked in other dictionaries — in Polish, British, and there is little explanation of the other, more refined. Classics — a

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