Map Google Earth allows you to view nearby even for hidden objects

By enabling "Google Earth" can see the cottage from space. Also quite put pressure on the mouse button to locate the image of the presidential administration in Minsk on Karl Marx, 38. Excellent outlines of buildings and courtyards. You can move the image on the right, to the left, up, down, reduce or increase the scale.Spokesman of the State Secretariat of the Security Council Steward said Vincent does not see in the shooting with satellite possible safety."In the age of satellites it is not surprisingly. Well what can you do if the technique allows all it mattersTh? We are a

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Zeltser secret deal

"Regarding allegations — any comments, the case classified. In including not I can tell, and how much of this case. I think we will meet a half weeks. As for health of my client, it is the former — very weak, so very ill, "- said the lawyer for the" Freedom "after a meeting with Emanuel Zeltser in the KGB prison. Recall, a U.S. citizen lawyer E. Zeltser was arrested in Minsk airport on March 12. In Minsk E. Zeltser flew to address heritage Georgian tycoon Badri Patarkatsishvili, who had part of Tipo 1st from petroleum companies in Belarus. According

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Russian budget black hole

Not so long ago, spices Institute for Economy in Transition costs were estimated Russian budget. It would seem that even assess if almost every step possible to hear about how much money the government allocates development one way or another industry. But an evaluation of the IET urges a somewhat different view of the fact that we are being offered officials.

Following these professionals designated by the Institute, it is possible to say that in the intervening period in 2011 is not clear on what was spent nothing less than $ 1 trillion and 300 billion rubles. Specifically, such

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