ONE OF NATO’s top annual live air exercises, clean hunter focuses on co-ordinating allied air operations. This year’s event was the biggest to date and took place over Northern Europe between June 14-25. Its operational areas extended from as far south as central France up to Denmark, and from the United Kingdom across to the middle of Poland. One of the most complicated exercises in Europe was supervised by the Headquarters Allied Air Forces North (HQ AIRNORTH) at Ramstein AB, Germany, through its various Combined Air Operations Centres (CAOCs).

The CAOCs are where the information and intelligence supplied by satellites,

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A clean slate


In the wet room, Cornwell used honed tiles on the shower walls and tub surround and mosaic matchsticks on the shower floor, both in Luxor Grey from Ann Sacks. A Kohler multi-spray showerhead offers a spa-like experience. In keeping with the modern, monochromatic palette, Cornwell used Sherwin-Williams’ Summit Gray for the vanities and Crushed Ice for the walls and ceiling.

WHEN MONA AND TOM JONES were introduced to 3GD Inc. co-founders Rich Brya and Porter Winston in 2001, they were also introduced to

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Until autumn Grandfathers Tulloch Kurapaty be held every Saturday

The other day, a day or memory Protz Radunitsa came to Kurapaty civilian activists. People were cleaning debris and burned winter around the memorial stone. Cleanup ran council secretary of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Ales Cheholsky:Cheholsky "Now day before Radunitsa. In today usually come to the cemetery, revered own Protz — grandfathers, fathers. Our party started Saturday classic Tullock. Arrived young people, members of the party supporters. After dinner, people will come, who are currently working. Note that we are in this place, how many years there are already removed and meanwhileand portions to which we have not yet,

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Combine TORUM successes in Russia and the U.S.


The company's "Rostselmash" rotary combine harvester TORUM-740 copes with sweeping fields with complex agricultural background and has already earned the respect of the Russian machine operators. He is able to remove a wide range of crops — from wheat to rice. Applied on it rotary threshing scheme is best suited to farms with large areas of crop and high yield. Grain is poured into the hopper always clean, as its quality is ensured by a large area cleaning sieve, sieve of an additional and powerful flow of air created by a two-piece fan.



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Japanese tradition. Nanking

Rukopozhatnye journalists in the subjects of the Japanese constantly extol the extraordinary loyalty to the traditions of the islanders. Well, as long as we do not put this idea into question. Let's talk about the traditions themselves.

Part 1. Nanjing. In December of 1937 under the impact of the Japanese Army troops left the Chinese Kuomintang capital — Nanjing. 6th and 16th Japanese Division entered the city. For the next six weeks, Japan had implemented its popular policy of "three clean of all" — "burn clean of all", "kill all clean of all", "steal clean

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Svetlogorsk — cold Baltika warmer Southern Seas

Svetlogorsk — a small town in Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea, which in 2012 was attended by about 500 thousand tourists, of which about 50 million — were foreigners. Cold Baltic Sea and the beaches are quite small — its natural "cons" Svetlahorsk draws in the "pros". 

The coolness of the Baltic forced exercise fiction in attracting tourists to the town of Kaliningrad, and keep it clean at the neighboring Northwest Territories. A variety of hotels, motels and guest houses — a continuous flight of fantasy owners. Great nature, clean air and friendly locals.

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Vent door against carbon dioxide

Vent door to fight to save the planet with carbon dioxide

A research group from the University of Melbourne has developed a new method to extract the CO2, which will help reduce the cost of screening and storage of known greenhouse gas. This will ensure a clean future, because carbon dioxide will be compressed and safely conserve or use in the chemical industry.

The principle of the new method is to capture the CO2 molecule with a molecular sieve with a mesh of suitable size, which is to seize and other substances, which required later to conduct additional

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The present work for the creative class in Europe

The history of the 25th letnegno ispanatsa, who received two bachelor's degrees, and one — the Master, but has not been able to find a sensible operation, which became famous by Facebook.

"My name is Benjamin Serra. I got two degrees with honors and now I brush my shit in a foreign country. No, I'm kidding. I do this in order to pay for the room you rented a flat in London.

I work at a popular coffee shop chain in the UK since May. And after five months of work, today I

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Kazakhstan refuses to clean energy

Kazakhstan refuses to clean energy Facts

Kazakhstan, which has vast oil reserves, recently officially adopted several programs for the implementation of technologies for alternative sources of energy. But after that, after VII Eurasian Forum Kazenergo leaked allegations that the country will continue to develop and mass-produce its natural field for economic purposes. To "green" energy will be given only 10%.

The forum participants commented his decision by saying that the process of clean and renewable energy is too expensive for their country compared with the traditional one. Slant on alternative energy is planned after the new technologies become

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Akka wins gold at World Weightlifting Championships

The tense struggle ensued on Saturday between Russian weightlifters in the weight category up to 105 kg at the ongoing World Championships in Paris in weightlifting. The strongest was the European champion in 2011 Khadzhimurat Akka.


In the double-event, he showed the result of 430 kg (198 kg in the snatch and 232 kg in the clean and jerk). In the last part of the competition challenge the leadership Akkaeva tried another weightlifter of Russia Dmitry Klokov — 428 kg (196 plus 232). In a final attempt in the clean and jerk he lifted the same

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