Destroyed the barrier — radiation left

Society On August 1, 2010 the Resolution of the Department of the aftermath of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Emergency, according to which in many affected areas canceled check mode. Rehabilitated land given mainly to the disposal of forest, and they will be grown forest. Is cleaned polluted area?This is not the first of its kind adopted in This year,. In accordance with the Council of Ministers on 10 February 2010 the total number of radiation-contaminated settlements decreased by two hundred eleven, and here is a new document. The actual text of the decision in the press is not, nor

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Nanobutylki save the world from a shortage of drinking water

Climate change constantly reduces drinking water on the planet. But even if all the water from the rivers and lakes dry up, now there is hope for humanity will not die of thirst with a new device — a special bottle, absorbing moisture from the air. But according to scientists, the Earth's atmosphere are concentrated over 11 quadrillion gallons of water.

The world already knows about wind turbine, which can absorb water from the air even in the desert, but this method of getting rid of thirst extremely expensive. The company offers the option of NBD Nano modestly, as

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Russia last in the ranking of countries developing clean technologies

Denmark topped, and Russia closed the first ranking of the "green" business innovation, which created the most favorable conditions for business development with the use of clean technologies, according to a survey report published by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

"The ratings were 38 countries that were assessed on 15 criteria relating to the creation of start-ups, using clean technologies. Ranking first five countries — is Denmark, Israel, Sweden, Finland and the USA. Completing the list of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Russia," — the report said fund.

The study, which published the fund was first conducted an international consulting firm

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In Kazakhstan, flushed lake

And in the Almaty region inhabitants of New Chemolgan faced with this environmental disaster. Local lake suddenly painted in scarlet. Local residents began to sound the alarm when the area became home to die bastard. On the shores of Lake colored visited Askar Mendybayev.

Kudaibergen Tazhiev daily tries to fight off his herd from a dangerous body of water. All in vain. The whole area is the only reservoir. Shepherd sure murrain associated with this water.

Kudaibergen Tazhiev, villagers NEW Chemolgan ALMATY REGION:

— I recently lost about 10 horses, the whole village noisy, it is clear that after

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Dry cleaning machines VYAZMA

Any sufficiently pushed forward technology is indistinguishable from a miracle. Arthur C. Clarke


Currently on the market of laundry equipment sold the most modern equipment to perform dry cleaning. The most popular models are the ones that take up the least possible space. Compact and cost-effective equipment — a key requirement of the consumer. Today, with the dry cleaning machines will introduce you of "Vyazemskij Machine Works." In 2003, the factory began to develop serial production of machines for dry cleaning LVH, charge weights at 8,12,16 and 22 kg. Even from this point machines are in

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The government will allocate 3 billion rubles for the Clean Water Program in 2013

The Russian government will send a 2013 federal program "Clean Water" 3 billion rubles in 2014-2015, the cost of the program does not provide, according to a draft of the federal budget, published on Tuesday on the official website of the Ministry of Finance.

As detailed in the paper money will go to "subsidies for co-financing of capital construction of the state (municipal) property."

Earlier it was reported that in 2012, as part of 29 regions of the country will also be allocated 3 billion rubles.

Public funding of the Federal Program "Clean Water" for the time of its implementation

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In the Donetsk region Kramatorsk per night car covered with black dust unknown

Kramatorsk covered with black "snow" Fruits and vegetables that grow in the courts, it is impossible to clean. C horror car owners look at the car, but an even greater shock is thought that all the dust settles in the same way and in the human lungs.

"Leaving at night, left his white" Lada "in the parking lot, and could not even think of that coming in the morning to discover them as" black "- says a local resident. By car dust lay thick, apparently similar to the chips. "That's how our CHP works!" — Adds stunned by what

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The utility of Rostov-on-Don got new sweepers

Today, June 7, Mayor of Rostov-on-Don to the district town of five new cars for cleaning. Deputy Mayor for Housing Vladimir Artsybashev said that the funds allocated for the purchase of the budget.

About 8 million rubles worth every machine that can be used in summer as in winter or with the special equipment. In summer, the machine will function as a vacuum cleaner to clean the snow in the winter.

Artsybashev assures that the machines were distributed to areas that lack the harvesters and the money to buy equipment.

New cars more

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How to build a nuclear power plant Beloyarsk

Reporting by Dmitry Gorchakov

Exactly one year to be held to run one of the largest power facilities in the Urals — a new 4-th power Beloyarsk BN-800. Corresponding Portal 66.RU regularly visits large-scale construction project, and today we will talk about the main stages of construction in 2012, the year.

This year saw the completion of major construction works. Recall that the construction of the 4th unit of BNPP is a unique technology — in parallel with the construction, inside the main building of the future station was

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Soon Australia will fully switch to renewable energy sources

Researchers from the Melbourne Institute and representatives of the joint project "Australia without carbon dioxide" made a report, which stated that in ten years the continent will be able to completely abandon the so-called "dirty" energy sources and switch completely to renewable energy. This rapid transition is possible due to the location and landscape of Australia, which has unique potential for production of solar and wind energy.

As soon as the Australian government will provide the required investment for the industry, the production of clean energy will begin in full swing, which will significantly reduce the ecological footprint of

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