EXPERIENCE mechanical harvesting GRAPES

STAFF Dagestan Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture, led by Professor AM Negrul developed a system of mechanical harvesting grapes. For this grape-constructed machine (Fig. 1), and created a special trellis.

Agrotechnical bases of mechanical harvesting grapes — fruit formation and placement of links vines on horizontal and inclined trellis (Fig. 2). On a trellis fertile shoots can be placed only at the appropriate cutting dry and green garter. In this cluster under the influence of its weight hanging down below the trellis wires, and the bulk of the device due to leafy positive heliotropism (rotate, move, rise to the

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Bacteria are happy to eat the remnants of lignin in the effluent of pulp and paper industry. It is possible to four times lower content of harmful impurities in the wastewater while the wastewater discolor. A very promising treatment thiobacteria sewage falling into Lake Baikal.

Any body of water, whether it’s a lake or river, you can overload the dumping that it would be similar to the gutter. And often overwhelmed. No wonder that the problem of wastewater treatment is probably the most a burning in our age of intensive production.

Even small improvements in treatment can not be

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It abruptly white metal! On CHEMK opened smelter, which is no longer smokes

On Chelyabinsk Electric Factory was state acceptance of a unique complex gas treatment by which the smelter is no longer emits harmful substances. As the correspondent «URA.Ru», for the first time on a large industrial enterprise of the pipes is virtually alone air.

Similar equipment used in factories in South Africa, the USA and Germany. The new facility consists of five gas treatment units, each of which includes a separate set of equipment — cyclones, coolers, fans, exhaust fans. In total, they found 7.2 thousand tissue 10-foot hose from a unique membrane fabric made of polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon-like).

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Lida Region: victim harvest

Officially, it is reported that he was not allowed to work, as he was drunk. Harvester sat his partner, but declined mechanic came on the field and unsuccessfully tried to jump onto the harvester in motion. Victim was 40 one year. The incident happened near the village Konyushany.From July 28 until August 13 Roads Grodno region police conduct operation "Intoxicated driver." Task — to identify, namely, drivers and mechanics involved in harvesting grain. To do this, the police use mobile drug items GAI. Planned mobile courts to discern on the spot action against drunk drivers.

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CMP reconstructed furnace gas cleaning in EAF-2

Chelyabinsk November 3 "Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant" (CMP included in the company "Mechel") has revolutionized the gas exhaust tract arc furnace at the electric shop N2 (MSP-2) with the installation of a new pyleosaditelnoy cameras, the press service of the plant.

 Photo source:uralpress.ru

Pyleosaditelnaya camera is installed in addition to the existing gas exhaust ducts, which will reduce emissions of the furnace shop 3 times.

Enter the camera will keep the high efficiency gas cleaning waste gases, extend the turnaround time of its operation. The new camera also peleosaditelnoy improved scheme of gas and dust extraction provides

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Gingivitis— An inflammation of the gums. The disease is quite common.


The reason Gingivitis can be either local (often) and common pathogenetic factors.

Local factors:

The accumulation of plaque. Occurs when insufficient oral hygiene (brushing teeth irregular, neglect dental thread, etc.); Violation of building vestibule of mouth; Dentofacial anomalies and suprakontakty.

Furthermore, gingivitis may be caused by the herpes virus, vitamin deficiency, etc.

What's going on?

Inflammation of the gum tissue initially appears because of massive microbial concentrations and emissions of enzymes and toxins. While inflammation is limited only by the gum, and the underlying tissues are not

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Household chemicals Sarma

Sarma — the name of the wind on the lake, strong, powerful, sweeping away all obstacles in its path. The company "Neva cosmetics" gave a name of a series of laundry detergents and household care. In a short time products "SARMA" earned an excellent reputation among consumers, for which they were repeatedly received awards.

Household chemicals series "Sarma"

"Household cleaning series" Sarma "- is anti-bacterial gels for washing dishes, cleaning powders, gels for cleaning the basin and bathroom, floor detergent.

Features of household "Sarma" — to achieve this purity radiant health, not just because of the ability to

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The glory of Russian arms makers!

As we are "bullied" over the AKS-74, but to break it and could not!


These events occurred in 1985 in the MMG, in one of the northern province of the DRA. PV units, motomangruppy in those years were in constant combat readiness or constant fighting — I do not know what to call it when the base mongruppy is under constant fire from small arms, and sometimes — from heavy machine guns and mortars, in any case, We were wrong. So we had no weapons lockable rooms. And as mongruppu could at any time

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Self-organization in the village of shots of the Arkhangelsk region

In the village of shots (Pinezhsky District of the Arkhangelsk region) live 450 people. It is located on a high bank of the beautiful Pinega. Earlier this village was the manor farm, it had all the necessary to live and work infrastructure. When the farm is gone, everything has fallen into decay.

Shots (Arkhangelsk Oblast)

Villagers at a general gathering decided and organized territorial self-government (TOC) in the interests of the community service projects in their village. To participate in the contest "Rural Initiative 2003" CBT has developed the first and most ambitious project, called "The Road to the Temple."

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Star Mercedes-Benz at the DorTransExpo

At the meeting in late October in Kazan specialized exhibition "DorTransExpo" road utility vehicle based on the Mercedes-Benz Actros with attachments manufactured by JSC "Asteys" was voted "Best Product Exhibition."

 Photo source:mercedes-benz.ru

This is the first car of this type is fully manufactured in Russia. It combines the chassis, assembled at the site "Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vostok" in Naberezhnye Chelny, tipper body of one of the leading Russian Bodybuilding JSC "Betsema" and attachments JSC "Asteys" — the largest Russian producer of bodies, superstructures and equipment for construction equipment. According to the results of the 10th anniversary exhibition "DorTransExpo" held

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