Ecology eyes Minskers: garbage trucks, Chernobyl

Woman: "Surely, this global warming. Climate change — it Anyway bad. "Man: "I was most worried about pollution. Especially in hot weather effect is enhanced emissions, apart from the transport of companies. Also — the pollution of rivers and lakes." Lady: "What wildlife destroying nature. And then try to keep them as individuals. " Reporter: "Tell me, please, what difficulties Environmental Protection trevozhut you the most?"Man: "I support a This is the meaninge anti-globalization call for a reduction in emissions. See how climate change: Europe and America is not in vain floods because very great content of harmful substances. Disrupted

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In Belarus, a suitable climate for grabbing

Tsigankov: "Vladimir Bryntsalov during his own visit to Minsk said that Belarus has a very good climate for investment." I advise their employees and pay attention to the Belarus ", — said Bryntsalov. Do you agree with the statement about a" favorable climate "?Romanchuk: "In Belarus, a good climate for what is called" grabbing. "Our government, unfortunately, make the conditions for all investors, do not conduct open tenders and tenders. They make conditions for backroom arrangements with people who wished would have a monopoly in some markets. Bryntsalov — a man who is no stranger to some Russian acceptable business

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Togliatti plant Valeo climate control systems will be commissioned in September

Togliatti plant for the production of automotive climate control systems French company Valeo will be commissioned in September 2013.

The agreement to build the plant climate systems between Valeo and JSC "Avtozavodstroy" was signed in July 2012. The agreement provided for the construction of housing and installation of equipment at the site of 10 thousand square meters. m

In the future production site of the new enterprise can grow up to 40 thousand square meters. m due to deploy the other car components.

Investments in Togliatti plant Valeo are about 17 million euros.

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New facts about the young Earth's atmosphere

New facts about the young Earth's atmosphere Facts

British researchers say that the development of complex life on Earth was launched by the effect of "swing" that emerged 2.5 billion years ago in the planet's atmosphere. Young atmosphere periodically passed from carbon-free state in the phase of saturation with carbon. This time of transition of the environment to the organic haze is the result of intense microbial that later greatly influenced the Earth's climate.

This assumption gives a glimpse into a time when the planet's atmosphere had no oxygen. Its heat contributed nothing like organic haze layer, the evidence of

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Small volcanoes cool the Earth

July 6. Products of volcanic eruptions that do not reach the stratosphere once, after a while there is still carried by atmospheric currents and begin to reflect the sun's rays.

Scientists have shown that even small volcanic eruptions have a significant impact on the climate, saturating the upper layers of the atmosphere of their emissions. The study is published in the journal Science.

Previously it was thought that only large volcanoes that could throw ash particles directly into the stratosphere affect climate in the long term. Sulphur dioxide (SO2), one of the main products of volcanic activity, forms in the

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The World Bank is seriously concerned about the future climate

November 19. As the saying goes in the report (PDF-file) of the World Bank, increase in temperature of 4 ° C will feel the every nation, every state, but especially such a test would be difficult for the poorest countries, which will be self hardest to deal with the lack of food, sea level rise, cyclones and drought.

The global lender on the development now takes a stricter stance on the integration of climate change into development programs. According to the head of the World Bank, poverty and not be able to cope if not loans climate change. And

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Seychelles idyll in danger

Seychelles idyll in danger Weather and Climate

Sudden heavy rains disrupted idyllic tranquil shores of the Seychelles. Due to climate changes during dry periods are longer and more severe storms, so international organizations help local people keep the world's only country whose territory is 50% of the reserves.

"Seasons mix. Short showers occur more frequently, but periods without rain extended. Of drinking water is rapidly declining, having a negative impact on diet and reproduction of the species, "- said Rolf Payet, an expert on climate change in the Seychelles. Of that, an increase in temperature makes beautiful places of the

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Global cooling VS Global Warming

Scientists predict global cooling at the end of the XXI century

March 26. Prediction of continuous warming is not justified, the chairman of the Joint Scientific Council of the Earth Sciences RAS Academician Dobretsov.

According to him, evidenced by changes in ice conditions in the Arctic.

"At least the ice was in 2007, in 2008-2011. and, apparently, in 2012, the ice began to grow again, you can see for yourself on a cold winters — again in the Arctic cold. Therefore, what we are waiting for the continuous warming — it is obvious that this is a legend, "- he

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Does the climate: causes flooding in eastern Russia

September 4, 2013. Although the Amur and Jewish Autonomous regions water is already on the decline, in the Khabarovsk region, it keeps coming. Unprecedented in scale flooding in the Far East this year left behind a devastating impact.

Russian service Bi-bi-si talked with the head of the situational center Rosgidrometsentra Yuri Varakina that caused such severe flooding in the region and whether this is due to global climate change.

Bi-bi-si: What is the reason for such severe flooding in the Far East?

Yuri Varakin: There are several reasons. First, of course, one of them — a regional climate change,

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Arab Spring has caused drought

May 17, 2013. U.S. scientists have put forward an unexpected explanation of the reasons for which the world in recent years swept the various political upheavals and even revolutions, the largest of which was the "Arab Spring." According to them, these disturbances is alleged climate — or rather, it changes. The fact that a connection can be between weather and unrest, in an interview with "Rosbaltu" have told the authors of the report "The Arab Spring and climate change", co-directors of the Center for Climate and Security Francesco Femia and Caitlin Uerrell.

— Why did you decide that

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