Ways of development of hospital construction

L. Yurovsky, the candidate of architecture

New organizational forms of medical care, carried out by the Ministry of Health in recent years (the association of hospitals with polyclinics) and in the common organic fusion of inpatient and outpatient care, in a rather largely change the structure of the old hospital, regardless of its organization (decentralized, mixed, centralized ).

In this regard, the architects there is a problem — to develop a new structure of the hospital, while ensuring appropriate conditions for hospital and outpatient.

One of the major issues that have a significant impact on the bulk composition of

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In the Name of the Future

Professor, Head of the Clinic of Gynecology and new reproductive technologies Anatoly Ischenko its main merit believes that over the years of medical practice he was able to become the «transmission mechanism», which helps to preserve women’s health for the sake of a common future: because it is a woman, in the belly of that emerging life — of its bearer.

First Moscow Medical University — the successor of the Moscow University. It was there in the 1760s. held in the country of birth of the first medical faculty. The first professor of the Faculty became famous Moscow obstetrician

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In the experimental stage

I knocked again.

Behind the door, the House-cabin was quiet. The passenger must have somewhere to come out.

In his device, setting the search mode, I went through all the rooms where he could now spend the evening, free time.

None of the security cameras did not record the passenger. He did not sit at the bar and watched a movie on the big screen, with other clients, did not play in the casino.

I went to visit one of the clients, she sits in her cabin, flirting? ..

A couple of hours on the ship. I arrived here

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Eugene died Budinas

His wife Valeria Liberty correspondent said:"It happened at about 9.30 now. He had cancer for a long time, for 3 years and now he was dead. Last week he was in the clinic, because the state was languid and needed be supervised. There was no chance, but to ease the suffering he was in the clinic. Although up to This time, despite the very serious condition, we still perceived past weekend guests. It was prostate cancer, outright fourth stage, and we have eclipsed all time — with live two months, and he lived Three years. Yet only recently been in

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Karatkevich — the idol of the ’80s

First 80s in Belarus Karatkevich bug. His name has joined the patriots of old and voedinyzhdy and neophyte belarushchyny and people impartially people as well as the name now joins voedinyzhdy Bykov. Bykov then appreciated as the author alone, who wrote in a European way, the boundaries of our extensive flat provincially-Soviet life. It is now the Bulls became the flag of all Belarusians and password, and then the first 80s was so Karatkevich. His youth not only read, and sang his poems, called him naming their clubs, endlessly quoted in its own discussions and, of course, it has sought

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Citations a day or — August 30

"When the doctors came to me and said that they are discharged from the clinic, I said to them that I hurt my eyes and head. But they spoke, that must be so, write down. I have a feeling that they had received such an order — possible faster write me … I want to file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office, because such law enforcement officers who beat women, we do not need. "Youth activist Tatyana Tsishkevich — about her extract from the 10th Medical clinic Aug. 24

"Dissect. Work becomes more organized, though still many shortcomings. Maybe not

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Mogilev Regional Court Board dismissed the complaint K. Shatsikava

College Regional Court did not motivate their own solutions. Christina Shatsikava and her attorney will now turn to the chairman of the Mogilev Regional Court for the purpose of protest action College Regional Court.June 29 Leninsky Tribunal under starshynyavannem judge Sergey Queen not found reason to cancel the decision of the same district. The prosecutor’s office refused to lure responsibility policemen who delivered March 23 violence in a psychiatric clinic Shatsikava. Prosecutors also did not reveal violations by the administration and clinics, where over 3 days znahodilalasya activist. Referee Queens explained with all this, that the court can not force

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Knocked youth activist remains in the clinic

Reporter: "How does your state that cares?"Tsishkevich "What hurts? Now I will mention. My head aches, stomach, because very very knocked in the tummy at the moment stomach very very bakes; little sick. Sore back, shoulders, and kidneys. Patient lying on his back. Already put a drip in the morning. "Reporter: "Can you briefly tell how it all happened, then suddenly pounced on you?"Tsishkevich: "If this boy was seized, Nikita Sasim, I first ran, that he assist. His three men dragged and followed by three more, it seems. And some of them suddenly flew at head a couple of times

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Activist came to the clinic through the prison food poisoning in Akrestsin

Activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Sergei Klyuyev is contagious clinic. Man arrested in Russian district court for 10 days. He was detained for distributing leaflets calling to participate in the action on July 27, but police accused neprelichnoy battle.In the bullpen Akrestsin Street, after Sergei eaten hamburger and porridge, he became ill. Doctor called "fast", and the guy was taken to an infectious clinic. There two days with him were guards."I was handcuffed to the bed and sleep uttered"Sergei told how it was:"I ate a hamburger, I felt bad. Doctor called an ambulance. Akrestsin uttered her that I

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Vladimir Orlov: Already trying to write

OrlovI while ‘m in intensive care, where phone discussions are not very encouraged, but try to answer all calls and sms. They suddenly much, although I did not want to expand the news about my surgery. I called friends, acquaintances and complete strangers not only from Belarus, and from Britain, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland. Just wished health staff channel "Belsat". RadkevychIf you promise to write down what the doctor they say? OrlovI still live the first day after surgery, and forecasts when discharged unavailable. But I hope that the whole process of healing, rehabilitation does not take more than

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