In Solnechnogorsky district of Moscow region opened a new clinic

August 20 in the village of Lunevo Solnechnogorsky district clinic was inaugurated — the structural unit Mendeleev city hospital.

In recent years the area of health care have changed dramatically: the modernization program with co-financing from the regional and municipal budgets managed to repair clinics, health centers, most of the offices STSRB. The newly constructed building — the second after the children’s clinic in Solnechnogorsk — built in two years thanks to the joint efforts of the district administration and the rural settlement Lunevskoe and help local businesses.

The value of the new clinic

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The fanatics at the forefront

Despite the health crisis in Russia there are medical centers that provide assistance on a global level. Key to their success — a charismatic leader, a stable government funding and the rate of high-tech services to multi-

Putin once joked at a forum "South of Russia": do well here — there is always something to eat and drink. In Adygea, say, cheese, produce, and in the Krasnodar region — wine. Then I stood up and said, "You know, here you can not only drink, a snack," — Vladimir Porkhanov, chief physician of the Center of Thoracic Surgery

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Transformation Specialists Clinic participated in the program EGATIN

Its specialists Transformation (Moscow) took part in the next program block by group analysis, organized by the Moscow Society of group analysis, active member EGATIN (European Group-Analytis Training Institutions Network). Choosing gruppanaliticheskogo approach to group psychotherapy program specialists of the clinic is not accidental and is due in the first place, a unique opportunity to use the best practices of analytical groups in psychotherapy patients with neurotic, borderline and psychotic disorders. In other words, this experience can be successfully used for the treatment of diseases that make up the main specialization of the clinic. Event Aleksuhin commented Sergey, psychiatrist,

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In Zavitinsk (Amur region). Opened a new clinic

The new three-storey building clinics, covering nearly 2.5 thousand square meters. m, built in the framework of the program "Modernization of the health of the Amur region in 2011-2013.". For this purpose has been allocated 96.7 million.

Polyclinic for 250 visits per shift. It is equipped with a new working place an ophthalmologist, a laptop set of high-end ultrasound, ultrasound machines and other electronic registry works, doctors are medical records in electronic form.

The opening of a new clinic has increased the availability and improve the quality of the provision of medical care to the entire population

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In Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region after the cap. Repair opened children’s clinic

The need to overhaul is long overdue. Building children‘s clinic was built on an artificial terrace and in the last 18 years, underwent visible deformation. As a result, major repairs started in 2011 building completely refurbished.

During the repair was performed strengthening structures of the building, replaced all communications (sewerage, water supply, ventilation, light, heat), mounted fire alarm. After much work on the landscaping around the clinic. For the convenience of visitors undeveloped area for parking.   Clinic is fully computerized. Acquired a significant number of new medical equipment, including digital x-ray machine, equipment for ultrasound

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In Kyiv City TB Hospital number 2 earned modern X-ray machines


Less than a month of the new features of X-ray diagnostic system "Medix" took advantage of almost 200 people. Among them — the patients and staff of the hospital institution, which must undergo regular medical check-ups.  Before the installation of modern equipment in the X-ray room was renovated. From the local budget is spent over 78 thousand hryvnia. The unit itself was worth about 700 thousand hryvnia. According to the director of the Department of Health Vital Mokhoreva, tuberculosis control and prevention of this dangerous disease remains an important issue. And the city is doing everything it

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In Yakutia opened a modern clinic

On June 21, Yakutsk, the grand opening of the clinic medical school NEFU.

Work on the project began two years ago. Behind the painstaking design of the superstructure of the fourth floor, the selection and purchase of modern medical equipment, including laboratory and simulation center, interior finishing work.

The clinic consists of three main units: the educational, clinical, diagnostic and scientific production. In the research unit will operate six teaching and research laboratories: clinical, diagnostic, immunological, microbiological, and laboratory osteoporosis, genomic medicine, neyropsihofiziologicheskih research.

"For the future of medical skills are as

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Opening of the First Eye Hospital in Moscow

Opening of the First Eye Clinic, located in Moscow on the street Veresaeva will be held August 12, 2013. It will provide high-quality modern treatment of eye diseases on the latest expensive equipment at affordable prices.   Creating the First Eye Clinic was the embodiment of a unique social life — an innovative project which aims to make available to every high-tech treatment. The clinic placed the most modern equipment, with which will be carried out diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases of any difficulty. Particular attention is given to the operating room, equipped with the latest technology in

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In Moscow, opened a new children’s and adult clinic

A new children’s and adult clinic for 750 visits per shift opened in North-East, in the 9th district of the Northern region, the Dmitrov highway.

In Chita opened Regional Cardiology Clinic

May 20, opened in Chita Regional Cardiology Clinic. On the equipment of the new health facilities have been allocated 68 million rubles.

The repair of the future clinic was allocated 12 million rubles under the modernization program of the regional public health. In addition, the purchase of equipment separately allocated 68.5 million rubles.

Among the modern medical equipment received by the clinic: ultrasound scanners expert class, cardio-respiratory complex "Inkart" laboratory equipment for clinical and biochemical studies.   "In our clinic structure has a number of offices. Department of outpatient plan, functional diagnostics,

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