Refurbished opened clinic and a clinic

In the village of Zhigalovsky renovated building opened clinic. The two-story wooden building was built in 1932. Complex repair it bylproveden first time. This was announced by the Minister of Health of the Irkutsk region, Nikolai Kornilov.

The minister said that the foundation of the building was renovated, the roof, replaced electrical networks, utilities, windows, interior decoration done. On this out of the budgets of all levels of health care modernization program Angara in 2012 was sent to 12.4 million rubles.

According to the chief medical health facilities Anna Danilova, the clinic is designed for

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Refurbished opened 6 zdavoohraneniya facilities in 4 regions

In Zheleznogorsk renovated opened a children's hospital.In Zheleznogorsk opened a children's hospital, which was closed for repairs on June 5 this year. Participation in the ceremony was the head of the closed Vadim Medvedev, CEO of MCC Peter Gavrilov, representatives of regional FMBA of Russia, etc.For guests a tour of the refurbished offices and chambers, revealed a new, modern equipment installed in a hospital.

Vadim Medvedev said, despite the fact that many of the objects of the hospital campus require serious repairs, priority was made in favor of children's hospital. With the request to negotiate and allocate the

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Refurbished opened a clinic in pos.Severo-Yenisey (Krasnoyarsk Territory)

In the settlement of the North-Yenisei after reconstruction and overhaul opens polyclinic.

"The building replaced the roof, insulated and reinforced façade, fully renovated rooms — painted the walls, replaced the floors, windows and doors, changed the wiring. In addition, they have bought all new furniture — couches, tables, chairs, cabinets, beds. In the dental office installed a new dental chair. For this purpose has been allocated about 25 million rubles from the regional and district budgets, "- said the chief doctor of the central district hospital Igor man.

The renovated clinic has already begun work on a daily basis

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After the cap. repair clinic opened in Krasnoyarsk number one children’s hospital number 1

Clinic number 1 MBUZ "City Clinical Hospital № 1" is designed for 500 visits per shift, serves 4866 children, it is the largest children's outpatient facility in the Railway area.

Clinic was shut down for major repairs for three years. All the while, the children were served in other clinics Railway area. Repairs carried out in the clinic building number 1 MBUZ "City Clinical Hospital № 1", allowed to bring all the premises in compliance with the requirements of regulatory bodies.

Unfortunately, the repair work was delayed in the clinic. The contractor, which was

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Addiction Clinic

Today's special clinic for the treatment of people from various addictions: alcohol, drug, the game is very different from the medical institutions that offer similar services to 10 to 15 years back.

What is modern Drug Treatment Clinic? It's — well-groomed white European corridors, comfortable house in which everything is correct as to assist the unhealthy, and for a long and comfortable stay. This is an opportunity to elect a doctor methods of treatment of alcoholism, additional services. But that's only outdoor design, methods to stay in substance abuse clinic more enjoyable.

What has changed in the

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Opening of the First Eye Hospital in Moscow

Opening of the First Eye Clinic, located in Moscow on the street Veresaeva will be held August 12, 2013. It will provide high-quality modern treatment of eye diseases on the latest expensive equipment at affordable prices.   Creating the First Eye Clinic was the embodiment of a unique social life — an innovative project which aims to make available to every high-tech treatment. The clinic placed the most modern equipment, with which will be carried out diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases of any difficulty. Particular attention is given to the operating room, equipped with the latest technology in

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Hemodialysis clinic opened in Ussuriysk (Primorye)

More than 20 residents of Ussuriysk and surrounding towns and districts of Primorye, chronic renal failure, will undergo blood purification in the new dialysis unit, which opened on February 20 at the clinic number 2 Ussuriisk. Previously, these people had two to three times a week to travel to Vladivostok and Nakhodka, where such offices already exist.

In the new office are six vehicles "artificial kidney", one of which is redundant, chair of hemodialysis water treatment system and the concentrate. The department will work two experts who were trained in Moscow and Vladivostok, and conduct reception in

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Pros of Pediatric Dentistry

About his work in pediatric dentistry, says chief medical officer and a leading orthodontist children's dental clinic "Martinka" Nathan R. Nuvahov.

When opened, "Martinka"?

The idea to create a clinic appeared simultaneously at the head of the main network, and for me, since I'm flying mostly children. We opened in 2005 and has since been working for 5 years. During this time the clinic has worked well.

What distinguishes the "adult" from the children's dental clinic?

In pediatric dentistry there are some difficulties. Our main problem is that the kids can be a negative experience with

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The polyps of the colon: the enemy never sleeps


A polyp is difficult to find — it does not hurt! But the disease progresses and the risk to health is growing. As far as polyps are dangerous if they can develop into cancer?

Polyp — a benign tumor on the leg, hanging from the walls of the hollow body into the lumen may be located in any part of the digestive tract.

Polyps are classified into types depending on the structure, shape, quantity and level of potential onkoriska.

The most difficult time to diagnose and detect polyps due to a possible lack

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Lose weight from 50 to size 44

Sitting on a diet, I suddenly noticed a monstrous injustice everywhere with stupefying coffee cake, and I have the first — carrots, in the second — two peas and dill. Well, there were two weeks of unbearable suffering … month … And what is the result? Thinner wrist — well. Slightly sagging cheeks — it's worse. Went deep wrinkles on the face, skin sag has on the body — yuck. On the sides there folds away which was beyond the power of even the best cream of the French laboratory. But the hip … thighs were so, what were.

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