Why children do not like dentists?

About how to choose the child's oral health, as well as the complexities and nuances of the child's dentist, says the chief doctor of children's dental clinic "Martinka" Nathan R. Nuvahov. R. Nathan, why not take the children to the adult dentistry, what need of child clinic? Pediatric dentistry is very different from the adult: child needs a special approach. Everyone in the clinic should be adapted for young patients. We decided to create a children's clinic on the basis of our network of dental clinics for adults "Doc Martin."

They say that in recent years the city children's

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Termination of pregnancy without risk

How to solve this delicate problem without the risk of complications? And what are the criteria to choose a clinic?

In some cases, abortion is associated with a high risk?

Termination of pregnancy — particularly important step. Need to think carefully and not give in to fear and despair.

Abortions performed for up to 12 weeks at the woman's request.

But it is necessary to bear in mind: to postpone a decision on the termination of pregnancy for tomorrow is dangerous for women's health. The longer the pregnancy, the greater the risk of

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The Cardio-risk: the heart to beat regularly

Heart ailments and problems with blood vessels today is not confined to a very old man, but also very young people. Coronary heart disease (CHD) and heart attacks become much younger in the last few decades. The reason for that — continuous stress and a bad environment. And yet, to protect yourself from heart problems can be. It is important to only take care of yourself — take regular surveys on the special program "Cardio-risk."

Who needs a diagnostic program "Cardio-risk"?

Such a program is recommended once a year to pass all healthy people over age 35, especially

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Prostatitis: Treatment with comfort

In these days when it comes to health problems, more often referred to prostatitis. He devoted many publications in scientific, popular periodicals, and even entertainment, its study and treatment, practically all public and private hospitals offering services in the field of urology, constantly developing new medicines and non-drug methods. Is this problem is so great?

This question is difficult to answer in the affirmative. According to the large-scale epidemiological studies conducted in different countries, a chronic inflammation of the prostate (prostate) affects approximately 5-9% of all men (in their childbearing years, their share is much larger). And

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The way to slim waist

The hardest thing to get rid of fat deposits in the abdomen and waist. This problem concerns all the way to a harmonious and graceful figure.

A neat little tummy may be related to the female physique and rather gives the figure more feminine.

But the situation changes dramatically if the fat in the belly and waist begin to destroy the harmony of proportions of the figure and the overall silhouette.

This also applies to men, for whom taut, flat stomach — a true symbol of masculinity.

If the goal — to make the

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The new clinic will open in the villages of Nenets Autonomous Okrug

In the eastern district town on the coast of the Kara Sea has opened a new health care facility. Earlier clinic was located in an area of 100 square meters. The new one-story building in the wooden performance — is 640 square meters, on which the specialists' offices, pharmacy, laboratory. For almost 700 residents of Ust-Kara is a good gift in the Year of Health, announced in the Nenets Autonomous District in 2012.

— This is not the first such facility built recently in the area, — commented on the event Deputy Chief of Staff for Social Affairs NAO Olga

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Siberian LYMPHOLOGY can predict varices 5 years before its manifestation

In the Novosibirsk Institute of Lymphology Clinic Medical Sciences for more than 20 years of being a successful scientific and medical work on the causes of various diseases of the lymphatic system. Clinic specialists have accumulated vast analytical and practical material, including on such a dangerous disease, as phlebeurysm. 

At the time, the Institute of Lymphology Clinic was the first medical institution of the Siberian region, where it was introduced ultrasound of the veins. Many of the diagnostic techniques tested and implemented in practice, it is within the specialized Office ultrasound clinics.

As the IA

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New equipment Endocrinology Clinic of Cheboksary

In clinical diagnostic laboratories of the Endocrinology Clinic enacted automatic analyzer glycosylated hemoglobin D-10.

This analyzer is the only instrument in the Chuvash Republic, which meets the criteria of the national glycohemoglobin standardization program (NGSP — The National Glycohemoglobin Standartization Program). Standardization Program NGSP was recommended by the International Diabetes Federation, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, the American Diabetes Association and adopted by most of the world, including in Russia.

Determination of glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1s) test is the most informative for the diagnosis of diabetes. Particularly acute problem of diagnosis has

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The new clinic was put into operation in a residential area of Vladivostok Snow Pad

The clinic, a total of over 7,200 square meters, is designed for 600 visits per shift. The work here will be based on the principle of district maintenance of the adult population living in the attachment area of "Snow Pad". Clinic is a single medical unit, which includes: day care, clinical diagnostic and biochemical laboratories, infection study, the functional department and radiology, specialty rooms, and a meeting room, providing video conferencing.

The clinic have the most modern and high quality equipment.


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The new clinic opened in the village merry-Psou (Sochi)

In erected in accordance with the program of construction of Olympic facilities district merry-Psou opened a new clinic.

 Photo source:sochi-24.ru

Construction of a new clinic on the street Khudiakova — one of many measures aimed at meeting the needs of migrant neighborhoods in institutions and social amenities.

 Photo source:sochi-24.ru

For those families who are to start a new life in a new place, every arrangement for a comfortable life and leisure. In the Merry-Psou polyclinic complex is located in a two-story building area of 3,000 square meters. Health care facility designed for 100 visits per shift

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