The new clinic was opened in the village of Grahovo (Udmurtia)

The modern three-storey clinic, designed for 200 visits per shift, opened Dec. 26 in the village of Grahovo.

The new building will be the work of services that were previously in the old clinic did not function. Modern medical equipment arrived at the hospital within the National Health Project and regional healthcare modernization program. Security personnel in Grahovski CRH is 85-90%. As for the young professionals, the program "Zemsky Doctor" in 2012, the hospital came to work 3 physicians in 2013 is expected to visit three more.

The secret of perfect legs

Slender and beautiful legs — the perfect complement to the rich inner world. Is not it time to realize the dream of a perfect legs in life?

Beautiful legs caught admiring glances, they are perfect dresses of any length, they sing of the great poets, they are characterized by a confident and graceful gait, they quickly go to success.

Unfortunately, not all women can safely show off your legs, and even more claim to the title holders of the most attractive legs.

Do not forget about the men (and even though it is easier to

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In Hong Kong, learn to identify the sex of the child before its conception




Doctors from a clinic in Hong Kong say that learn to identify the sex of the baby on the calendar before conception. The new service is part of a package of pregnancy worth more than 6000 dollars.

The clinic promises a refund if its prediction will be

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Salvation for baldness

Healthy and beautiful hair — a source of pride. But, unfortunately, is not for everyone. What if the hair loss leads to depression? There is a solution!

Men hair — a symbol of manhood, strength, the key to success with the opposite sex. Hair loss can lead to severe emotional shock, a sense of confusion, self-doubt because of the inability to hide his "imperfect."

For womenhair loss can lead to extreme stress and low self-esteem. The problem may seem insurmountable, perceived as a catastrophe, lead to negative changes in self-perception. After all, for women it is

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Avtukhovich made prosthetics in private practice

Society In recent days, there have been positive changes for the better in the issue of the treatment of political prisoner Autukhovich, which is on the "Volodarka."Autukhovich right prosthetics.

Autukhovich in the detention center in Minsk visited dentists, said, "Freedom," the lawyer concluded Paul Sapelka. According to the lawyer Sapelka, doctors examined the teeth Autuhovich and confirmed that he needed urgent prosthetics:

"The result of this consultation was that I asked for the address of clinic where they can make a prosthetic Autukhovich. Today I visited the clinic and there was agreement on the operation of doctors. Hopefully, the prison

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On the basis of the Odessa military hospital clinic opened radiotherapy

After the reconstruction and re-equipment of the latest equipment at the Military Medical Clinical Centre South region was the grand opening of "Clinic radiology and therapy"

As the chief of the clinic Alexander Kostyshyn, "Clinic radiology and therapy" is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, allowing for timely and accurate diagnosis. In the clinic includes three departments: radiology department with a study of mammography, computed tomography department, department of diagnostic ultrasound.

He also added that all the offices are located in a separate building, isolated, which corresponds to the modern architectural and sanitary requirements. Doctors offices are familiar with

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Modernized rural medicine in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

In the central district hospital Nazarovskogo in the village of Bor appeared Low dose digital fluorography, which will help doctors identify various pulmonary diseases at an early stage, the press service of the Ministry of Health.

Fluorograph "ProScan-7000" with the x-ray unit admitted to the hospital as part of the modernization program of health care. Fluorograph cost of about 3.5 million rubles. According to the chief doctor CRH Boris Kulikov, the advantage of the device is that the radiation exposure to the patient and staff in the preparation of the picture is much lower than on previous

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Little swimmers tried out the pool at the children’s clinic Kansk

In the pediatric clinic opened Kansk pool, designed for the rehabilitation of children between six months and older.

Work on the reconstruction of the building was completed in late 2012. In January 2013, a special committee has visited here, and today held a workout in the pool for the first patients. This facility was opened specifically for the rehabilitation of babies born with lesions of the central nervous system defects and musculoskeletal tissues.

Medical staff who work with young patients underwent special training. To support facilities — changing rooms and showers — with

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Endoscopy — to see what is hidden!

Sleep gastroscopy? Is this possible: to wake up and get ready to test result, and you are no unpleasant sensations. This is not a dream and not a fantasy, it is — a reality that is available to every patient today one of the leading clinics in Moscow.

Endoscopy— The method of investigation of internal hollow organs (such as esophagus, colon, or bronchial) and body cavity (e.g., peritoneal) using optical instruments — endoscopes.

Endoscopic examinations allow us to study the inner surface of the tube or abdominal organs.


How is the endoscopic examination

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In Minsk clinics are 87 victims of the explosion in the subway

Society Of the Minsk clinics on Monday discharged 6 more victims of the terrorist attack on the subway, in hospitals remains 87 victims, the agency "Interfax-West" in the Ministry of Health.

"The hospitals are being treated 87 people, of whom in critical condition — 9, moderate — 19, mild — 59", — said the Health Ministry.

As reported, Monday morning the number of victims of terrorist attacks has risen to 14 people in a hospital emergency room care Vitaly Dayneko died.

The attack on the station, "October" Minsk metro killed 14 people, injured about 200.

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