National poet of Belarus Grigory Baradulin — ’72

Ryhor Baradulin came to the clinic on February 22. In ICU guests are not allowed. Also in the clinic quarantine influenza. Name Gregory Baradulin — in the list of nominees for the Nobel Prize in Literature.Greetings friends and colleagues Gregory Baradulin — later on our web site and in the evening air.

February frosts: is the first victim

An employee of the Ministry said, "We just do not allow the collection of such operational information. There are" the Statistics Act, "which regulates that all reports must be approved by decree specifically the ministry, and operational data such unnecessary, moreover, in accordance with the directive number 2 president. And, honestly, did not even manage such requests of information. If more control gave the job, of course, would be collected. "There are already the first deaths. For example, in Smalyavichy peraahalozhvannya on February 21 killed a man.Exclusively Maladziechna in the surgical department of the 1st city clinic on present day

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In clinics are 32 victims of the explosion

Condition of most of them is satisfactory, one person languid state is four— in a state of moderate severity.Three victims were discharged from the hospital on July 11.

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I do not think what we can do this!

Chief Doctor 6th Minsk polyclinics Victor Gourko said the number of the wounded, who were brought to him NIGHT MODE institution — 31. According to him, in the clinic made 26 transactions. 24 hospitalized patients. One — in intensive care; According Gurko, he needs a lot of attention. Two sent in the fourth hospital with damage to blood vessels:

"On the main operations were extracted nuts, unhealthy condition to a satisfactory close. From today morning with unhealthy work our doctors, psychologists. Damages — because sooner. Because — skin lesions, open fractures and internal injuries." On the question whether there is

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In 6th clinic made 26 transactions

According to him, in the clinic made 26 transactions. At the wounded in the main damaged skin and organs vnutarnyya open limb fractures, one injured in intensive care. Prince Gourko

All the wounded, who moved up from anesthesia, questioned by investigators. Chief Doctor 9th clinic Victor Syrenko

pavaedamiv about four hospitalized, three of which — in intensive care. Tags:

Mogilev region: Museum killed for the sake of saving

The three-storey building will position the clinic soon agrotown. The Department of Culture Gorki district executive committee regret that the museum had to be closed. So decided to superiors in the department justified. Director economy motivates closing Museum savings.Museum in the village Maslak existed for about 30 years. It began to develop in the 1980s by means of the collective farm. Patronized museum farm chairman Ignacy Medvyadev. He personally found the archives information about the past of the village and replenish their exposure. Kolkhoznye spetsy produced Belarusian stylized house with objects of peasant life. The museum often organizes exhibitions.Former head

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TB patients enrolled for opposition

Natalia and Valery Drabysheuskis, both disabled second group once a year take courses in healing clinic for patients Bogushevskoj tuberculosis. They say conditions are getting worse every year: patients complain about the lack of hot water, poor nutrition and poor sanitation in overcrowded wards — instead of 340 patients, as foreseen by the health department, there are about 500 people.

According to Natalia Drabysheuskaya, few days, about 100 patients had planned to start a hunger strike. But after, as their last-married couple organizers — urgently discharged from the clinic, people are afraid to publicly assert their interests.

"The main

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Andrei Kim was transferred to Volodarka unhealthy eyes?

Activist Andrei Kim transferred from the prison clinic the day before yesterday again in Minsk detention center, said mother of the political prisoner Tatyana Kim. Duty insulator which is confirmed not say in what state of health returned Andrei Kim. More than 2-weeks reversed activist put to the clinic with an eye disease. May 7th Tatyana Kim seen in the clinic with her son. The lady says that the offspring did not look quite healthy."Better steel eyes, but I think that is not yet completely ozdoroveli. On Wednesday, when I talked to him, still lighted eyes looked."I recall Central Tribunal

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The fanatics at the forefront

Despite the health crisis in Russia there are medical centers that provide assistance on a global level. Key to their success — a charismatic leader, a stable government funding and the rate of high-tech services to multi-

Putin once joked at a forum "South of Russia": do well here — there is always something to eat and drink. In Adygea, say, cheese, produce, and in the Krasnodar region — wine. Then I stood up and said, "You know, here you can not only drink, a snack," — Vladimir Porkhanov, chief physician of the Center of Thoracic Surgery

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Liver transplant in the second time

Liver transplanted 51-year-old lady who had cirrhosis of the liver, and which was in so called the "Letter of expectations."Second liver transplantation conducted the same team of doctors, that didas the first.Team of doctors headed by Oleg Rummo, Deputy head doctor of surgery 9th medical clinic.In an interview with Radio Liberty, Oleg Rummo said: "We do what we must do the doctors. You overestimate me as a person. I am a doctor from ordinary everyday clinic … They say to us: there is such a donor organ such groups. When we receive this information, we come, if the organ decent

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