Young Germans are interested Belarusian bullpen

Festival "Perspective" was held from 1 to 10 October in the German town of Nuremberg. After, as the documentary "Lesson whiteRussian language"Took the prize Youth Jury Award, the organizers decided to continue his show, also invite the 1st of the heroes of the movie Franak Vyachorka meeting with curious spectators. Vecherko: "I met with different age groups of people. Schoolchildren 13-15 years, students, people absolutely Incline age. And regardless of age differed issues that motivate them, very different perceptions about Belarus and disk imaging, in fact the film" A Lesson of Belarusian . "Young first motivate young people’s lives in

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One day political prisoner Alexander Vasiliev

I happened to be an eyewitness of justreturned to action around the "business-Levanevskogo Vasilyeva" governing national strike committee business, which was not registered. They could, perhaps even unwittingly do not expect to cook a mass rally, which resulted emotions Grodno: "Lukashenko — resign! No — the third term! Freedom!" Valery Levonevsky this could not hear, he already was sitting at the station. Alexander Vassiliev, in contrast, was on Lenin Square and heard everything and beheld with our eyes. In the lawsuit action May 1, 2004 in Grodno later be called "massive mess", and in the final verdict in the two-year

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