Ever decreasing circles -getting close to wildlife

Wildlife photography is often considered the domain of extreme long lenses. These great bazooka-like lumps of glass, metal and engineering plastic that cost a fortune and weigh a proverbial ton are seen as an easy solution when your subjects are shy, skittish and difficult or dangerous to approach.

While there are times long lenses are unavoidable, anyone who has ever worked with super telephotos will tell you that far from being an easy solution they are especially challenging to use well. The high levels of magnification they achieve means that every tiny movement

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RNZAF Wigram to Close

NEW ZEALAND’S WIGRAM base is to close. The decision follows a 1991 announcement that RNZAF Hying training was to move from Wigram on the South Island, to Ohakea on the North Island. The resident Flying Training Wing, comprising the Pilot Training Squadron the Central Flying School, and the RNZAF Historic Flight will move on December 31, 1995. The RNZAF Museum will remain at Wigram.

Transferring the RNZAF frying training to Ohakea will see several changes in the programme. Previously pilots did their basic training on the Aerospace Industries CT-4B Air trainers of the PTS at Wigram, and then went to

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HKN Energy, cultivating close connections in Kurdistan

HKN Energy feels right at home in Kurdistan.

Led by CEO Mr. Trem Smith and general manager Mr. Mark Jackson, HKN set up operations in 2007 and continues to see huge growth opportunities in the region’s energy sector.

A key advantage for HKN is its team’s longevity. As Mr. Smith attests, the same core team has been in place ‘‘from the very beginning; this has allowed us to build close relationships with the numerous key industry people, as well as the local communities where we do business.’’ There’s an intangible cultural understanding that goes with this that can’t be simply

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Alien worlds are close to Earth

Harvard astronomers suggest that our search for Earthlike worlds might find them closer to home.

Earth-like alien worlds could be as close as just 13 light years away, according to a team of astronomers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA). During their research the team found that six per cent of the most common stars in our galaxy – red dwarfs – have habitable planets similar in size to our own.

“Astronomers have learned that the universe tends to make many more small things than big things,” says Harvard astronomer and lead author of the study Courtney Dressing, who

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Brand new ground in the language of Taras Shevchenko

Zakonnikau poet Sergei, who will lead the current party, in an interview our radio gives the subsequent characterization of Valeria Strelko: "For the translator is very weighty work when it translates to more intimate language. A Ukrainian language is more close to the Belarusian. It just seems that if the languages are close, it is easier to translate. Indeed it is not. It seemed to me that Valery Strelko able to use all their knowledge and ability to do the translation and interpreter, in 1-x, very close to the original as well, in-2, where can not be translated literally, it

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S.Kalinkina: cannabis failed to curb appetite own business

"With those appetite, which he failed to keep. He was really and is very close to the man, Alexander Lukashenko, but very unsuccessfully to use it. Especially since, that this is not the first scandal Vladimir Konoplev.If such was the case of the well-known as "Euroopt" then strolled rumors that it was a final warning to Vladimir Nikolayevich that council person is not required to have at such close entrepreneurs. All clear that at the moment all close to Konopleva person tested in the oil business.Konoplev already had enough, as in next year there will be elections to the Parliament.

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Orderly Minsk do not like commercial kiosks?

Offer Fedor Germanovich prohibit operation of commercial stalls sounded at the daily briefing in Minsk City Hall on June 18.Now deputy governor of Minsk City Centre of Hygiene and Epidemiology Victor explained Chelny own superior expression: "Yeah, no it’s not an initiative. Drilling chore already tired to explain. Our daily work, but someone raised some wave … Drilling check kiosk or store completes what? If there are drawbacks, ie, close to or on sanden such time as the deficiencies are eliminated. spelling — are locked open. sansluzhb This ordinary work. techs in sight also falls state of ordering areas. In

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Branch: entrepreneurs have not found the awareness of chairman of the executive

Small businesses oppose closing fairs hosted on October street next to the bus station. In defense of fair signed up seven hundred inhabitants of the area.For disk imaging participants, Victor Burakou confirmed that the fair will be closed on June 1. In its place is planned to build a modern shopping pavilions. Today kiosks that four businessmen year reversed redeemed at your local bytkombinat 1.3 million rubles, the chairman of the executive committee proposes to move to another location on the views of business, not applicable to trade.None of today’s small traders operating in the market near the bus station,

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Why do you have a process in the cemetery?

Once expanded and intuitive concept in the midst of all faiths — springtime or autumn Dzyady — now there is almost never used. But all Christians adopted for its tradition of remembrance Protz first day of November, much less that the Orthodox to this day coincides with "Dimitryevay memorial Saturday." "Dzyady" is likely to be associated with a certain romantic drama Adam Mickiewicz. Of course, not everyone understands the difference a day or "Halloween" on November 1 and "zadushnaya Days" on November 2, is not practiced funeral feasts, as it happens on the Orthodox Radunitsa, but the custom of visiting

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In pictures: PAK FA first revealed the vicinity!

Finally! A group of journalists finally revealed the latest fighter from a distance that is available in order to see the fifth generation closer. The reason for this was the signing of an agreement of intent between the KLA and the Russian Academy of Sciences for the development of new technologies and materials for aviation.

On the territory of LIC "Dry" all at home. Apples can rip directly from production.

Promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) — Russia's fifth-generation multirole fighter developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau (United Aircraft Corporation), where he will also

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