Old World

Capturing a town’s living history.

Before he moved to Hoboken, New Jersey, in 2007, John Delaney, now 50, had little experience living in close-knit communities—he’d spent most of his career as a darkroom printer in New York City. Immediately fascinated by Hoboken’s historic businesses—butchers, bakers, and comic book shops—he was disappointed when many of them closed soon after he found them. «The economy was crashing, rents were going up,» he says. «A lot of these shops that had been here for ages weren’t surviving.»

Delaney’s photography work was likewise in transition. He’d had a successful darkroom business, first as a

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It’s no secret — an organised wardrobe will save you plenty of time getting dressed and ready to go.

But we’re only human, so the next best thing is to determine how much closet space you really need, and reorganise your belongings so everything has a place. «It’s a fact that what you can’t see, you won’t wear,» says Georgina Wong, CEO of Asian Professional Organisers.


First, make an inventory of the types of clothes you have, and if they are to be hung or folded. This will determine the number of shelves and drawers, or long and

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Vitebsk part fairs and shopping centers does not work

According to the chairman of the trade union business "Together" Ira Jaskiewicz, who also chairs the board of the shopping center business "EVIC" in Vitebsk not now employs about ninety percent of the business."Today, we can say, ninety percent do not work. Maybe a bit more or less — says Ira Yaskevich. — Buyers are asked why we do not work, but in most cases they do not ask anyone, they just closed on the blinds is written: "He left behind the product", "stock-taking", "Closed". Entrepreneurs hung signs saying that they just do not know how they will live in

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The trial of former police officer will be closed

Alexander Sergeichik which journalists have dubbed "Grodno maniac", served as the company commander of the department of the Grodno regional protection. Grodno and it will be judged, but, taking into account the gravity of the charge, the process is not charged local referees and field collegium of the Supreme Court. Case Sergeichik has many volumes, some 10’s episodes. Top among them — 12 kills, while some of the rape, and that gave ground spices talk about the maniacal temper offenders. But unlike similar serial criminals, suspected Sergeichik not forget about property motives 10s episodes cases involve theft of municipal property

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The number of children’s homes is reduced

 Photo source:mail.ru

In the Moscow region for the year ( ! ) Closed TEN orphanages. In the Krasnodar region closed on 14 !!! In just two years in an orphanage village Aban Krasnoyarsk region, not a single child.

This has not happened in Russia for a long time.

In 2010, adopted, sent to foster care, the care and custody or returned to their parents 280 children (81 percent) of the children.

(LIPETSK) Orphanage closed because ALL CHILDREN disassemble!

I recall that orphans were taking forever. There are also new children's home …


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Frolovskiy elevator resumed operation

In the Volgograd region has begun to live a new life once one of the closed enterprises. For several years Frolovskiy elevator rebuilt from scratch. The start button is pressed, which means Frolovskiy elevator back in service. With the restoration of the enterprise jobs gained nearly 100 local residents.  

Oleg Chuk, apparatchik, "it follows that the equipment is running at full, the performance was good, there was no failure. Currently engaged in mopping up, ready to receive grain. " Frolovskiy elevator was designed and commissioned in the early 70's as a highly mechanized waste-free production to

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Closed meeting of the House at the request of Venezuela

Possibility of such care now open a discussion in closed session House of Representatives. Disk imaging on the 1st of Chamber of Deputies, who asked not to call his name, some emergency information during a discussion followed. "This has already had read earlier," — said the deputy. To the question, why then handy closed meeting, the deputy said: "It was manufactured at the request of the Venezuelan side. " As a result deputies ratified an agreement between Belarus and Venezuela on assistance in the development of defense systems

Ford closes two plants in the UK and the city-forming plant in Belgium

Ford Motor Company has released details of a plan to achieve profitable growth in Europe, the priorities of which are restructuring operations in the European market, the introduction of new products and increased profitability. In particular, the company plans to reduce its assembly capacity by 18% (or 355 thousand units produced cars) in all European countries except Russia. This will reduce the annual cost of U.S. $ 450-500 million

Reduction of production capacity is planned to reach by closing three large plants, which will also cause reduction of about 5 thousand 700 employees.

Thus, the assembly plant

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Experts Katun Reserve regained weather station closed almost 80 years ago

Employees of the Katun Reserve in the Altai Mountains restored to the weather station observations of glacial areas, which was closed in 1935, said the reserve.

"In the Katun Reserve on the place of the closed nearly 80 years ago, the state weather station" Katun "is set at the foot of Belukha automatic meteopost. During a scientific expedition, which took place in the first half of July, the reserve staff have established the modern equipment that will automatically record the temperature and humidity and the amount of rainfall in the inaccessible mountainous area, "- said in a

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A nuclear reactor in California closed

A nuclear reactor in California closed Danger Zone

The third reactor nuclear power plant, "San Onofre" in southern California, was closed in the evening January 31, 2012 after the probe identified a possible leak in one of the steam pipes.

The main supplier of electricity to Southern California SCE said that any threat to the population and the workers will not be leaked, because it does not fall into the atmosphere and is in the dome of the containment. While the causes of the accident are not known, but the repairs are under way.

NPP "San Onofre" in 78.21% owned

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