There is a strange, subtle contrast between Eyedress’s languid beats and drowned-out vocals and the emotional urgency poking through the crevices of his music. With lines like “Your touch is so temporary,” the love and loss circling one another in his tracks are intense but fleeting, grounded deeply in the here and now—a YOLO kind of romance, if you will. And it is precisely this hyper-awareness that makes Eyedress such a hit among his listeners (“My following is mostly hipster kids who like weird stuff”), arming him with the focus to provide the audience a rounded musical experience.

His first

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Fashion trends autumn


Jewellery Roman Lazar from the new collection Geo ME Try made of gilded silver or radio and decorated with emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Double ring (Roman Lazar, price on request) will certainly emphasize the individual style and give easy-chic way around.

Well forgotten old, or a collection inspired PAST

Clothes made of autumn-winter collection studio Ksenia Schnaider Bodywarmer for those who value practicality. The main topic was the classic quilted jacket — clothing, popular in the past, ex-accessible and most convenient. All things have the latest collection of quilted elements characteristic design padded jackets. Bad weather —

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Poll in Mogilev: School — precious pleasure

Lady: "School supplies are expensive, I I wish to say. Here we purchased Pan, 26 thousand rubles — In my opinion, it is very expensive. And odezhka also not available. Schoolboy collect very cheap — four thousand leaves. Not all such wages. We did not take the credit, we assist grandmother. "Incline aged lady: "Not cheap. Odezhka, books — all it basically results in a large amount."Lady: "It’s not cheap enough for the disciple of the second class. Expensive as if a high quality product, it is very expensive. If something cheaper, it syntetyka — harmful to health. Furloughed I

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Business style will be compulsory for all students

According to the Deputy Minister of Education Casimir Farino, "Our task — to create a culture of wearing some clothes business style, fashion for school clothes". In all high schools and gymnasiums but most schools business style introduced two year reversed. Fathers and kids have already faced such problem. Hear how to apply business style kids:

No jeans can not be

"I’m in 3rd grade. We already pronounced that you can not wear any jeans, but only school dress."Reporter: "A school like for you dress, what you wear to school?""Not very much. Earlier we were strolling in jackets, and at

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Where can I sell things that are not necessary for you?

In "the commission store" come on bolshennom carIn the "Commission shops" on the street in Minsk Vaneeva I was told that from furniture buyers there is no curfew.Merchant store: "Very enjoying popular store. And come from the area and out of town, and from the suburbs come to us. "Radio Liberty: "In order to sell? Or to acquire? "Vendor shop "and sales and purchase. Many receive for temporary use, who lives in a dorm and rents an apartment. Great convenience for customers. From areas immediately so come with a huge car and get everything together — stools, myagenkoy furniture, closet

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The Spanish team will be dressed in the clothes of the company Bosco at the Olympic Games in London

Olympic parade in London to become a catwalk fashion from leading designers.

Italian national team will wear the famous Italian designer Giorgio Armani, who care not only about the physical shape for Italian athletes, but also about their clothes for parties and press conferences.

Fans of the United States would put the American designer and fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

Sportswear for the British team will provide the fashion designer Stella McCartney.

The French team will compete in the clothes from Adidas.

A physical shape for Spanish athletes who will compete at the Olympics in London in 2012, the

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Zhytomyr UTOH sews clothes for abroad

The President of the Polish Union of the Deaf Krzysztof Kotinevich an official visit to Zhytomyr Training — Production Enterprise of the deaf.

Krzysztof Kotinevich convinced that cooperation between the Union of the Deaf Ukraine and Poland should be the partner, and its result will be the introduction of joint projects, both cultural and educational. In addition, the Poles are planning to share the experience of rehabilitation of people with hearing impairments. During the visit, Mr. Krzysztof invited to tour the Zhytomyr Training and Production Enterprise. E. Alexander, director of the UPP UTOG said that the

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Meducherezhdeniya Novgorod region. received new vehicles

As reported by the committee on public health area, as part of the modernization program in the area of health care received specialized vehicles-21 unit.

4 ambulances sent to Borovichskye and STARORUSSKAYA CRH, one by one — in Soltsy, Mirage, and Poddore Shimsk. Roll FAP received Novgorod region (Central clinic) and Lyubytino (Zarubinsky CRH).

Novgorod ambulance station has received seven ambulances. Now the fleet of "First" has 47 ambulances and 3 reanimobile. In the near future it is expected the arrival of two more cars to the station.

We add that this summer for a retreat

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The military will have underwear on nanotechnology

The troops of the Central Military District until the end of 2012 will receive more than 50,000 sets of modern bed linen made of, inter alia, on the basis of nanotechnology. On it informs "Interfax" referring to the press service of the CVO. According to the press service, the kit includes a mattress with a foam component, cushion teak with synthetic filling, as well as a one-color gray blanket oversized, constructed using nylon thread. Engaged in the production of linen three factories in Moscow and the Moscow and Tambov regions. At present, the troops have already received 25,000 sets

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Thousands of Peruvians were trapped in snow

August 28, 2013. As a result of heavy snow a thousand people have been cut off from the outside world in Peru. Bad weather struck the south-eastern part of the country. In the Andean region of Puno very cold — the thermometer dropped to zero.

In remote villages fell to 40 cm of snow. According to local media, in a difficult position there were 12,000 families. Blizzards were taken by surprise and livestock, it is assumed that many animals were killed. The roads are seen dozens of abandoned cars bogged down in the snow, when people were trying to

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