From mezze to the rituals of the hammam, you’ll taste the best of what Turkey has to offer at a racking new resort on the Mediterranean coast.

Here are many things to love about Turkey. The romance of its history and culture; its architectural wonders; the food — and what glorious food it is. For spa fans it’ll probably be the traditional hammam ritual, which is said to have kept the harems of the Ottoman Empire happily occupied when off duty and which is still a favourite pastime for modern Turkish women and men. Before even arriving in the country

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Moyes shouldnt just go for tried and tested!


This could lead many to suggest that Moyes is showing his limitations at Man United.

He may have had a good start — losing the Community Shield to Wigan was out of the question — and he overcame a tricky first fixture against Swansea, but it was very strange of him to moan about the difficulty of his first five games. For the manager of the champions to do that is bizarre.

The market Moyes is now in doesn’t have to be one where he only goes for his last club’s star players.

At Old Trafford, the

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Giggs: ‘The Pram will be very close!’

Hi Ryan! What’s it like to be part of the coaching team?

It’s a new challenge and the next stage of my career. The opportunity came out of the blue but I’d been working on my badges in preparation for life after playing, so I said yes, thanks very much! It’s certainly been an eye-opener, seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

I guess the manager wanted continuity. He brought in Phil Neville as well — we both know the club inside out so hopefully we can help him in what he wants


WEAPONS small but proud republic

IVAN Cochin

It is believed that after the October Revolution received the independence of Latvia, Estonia and Finland was virtually no defense industry. However, this is not entirely true, it turns out, these countries have created original designs min.

Practicality CLUB SHOOTERS

Sergey Danilov

French Shooting Club, in Mytishchi, the former Olympic shooting range in the «Dinamo», distinguished by practical orientation: it is designed primarily for professionals who have a permit for short arms.

LEARN shoot straight

We begin to publish the book A. Karachevsky «Learn to shoot straight,» published by the State Publishing House Military Commissariat of Defense

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IF you want to know and, more importantly, to understand, kitchen SOUTHEAST ASIA, BETTER reservation table in the restaurant, A cabin on the ship.

Every self-respecting foodie obliged at least once in their lives to be in Southeast Asia. Pho soup, sandwiches of the ban, fish amok in cups of banana leaves — not all, for what it is worth to visit. And there is no better way to learn this region than to go on a cruise on the Mekong River, the largest in Indochina, such as Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam Cambodian Phnom Penh. In seven days’

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Find the unknown soldier

When Cadet School of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation of Alexander Nevsky to improve the effectiveness of military-patriotic work, to integrate and coordinate actions in the various fields of military education was created military-patriotic club search «Warrior.» At the root of his education was a reserve officer A. Kohanets, and the initiator and the soul of the project was Colonel Alexander Tsarev.

The main purpose of GTP «Warrior» was conducting a search operation in the field of fighting World War II. In order to gain experience, search engines «Warriors» make friends with Moscow search groups «Memory Metrostroi»

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British POLO today

Ponies thunder across fields, millionaires swarm the skies in their choppers, absurdly handsome Argentinians squeeze themselves into tight white jeans — there is nothing quite like polo season in full swing. By Matthew Bell

It cost Lyndon Lea £5m to shake hands with the Queen. That’s roughly how much Lea, a ju-jitsu-honed financier, will have spent during a year as patron of his high-goal polo team, Zacara, which won the Cartier Queens Cup in June. His team of four, including the absurdly handsome Argentinian 10-goaler, Facundo Pieres (polo players are ranked and given a handicap, the lowest being -2 and

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Quick fire

In September in Moscow will be the first city marathon. To prepare for the race from scratch decided Ekaterina Danilova.

Just remember, when I decided to run. In March, during the Paris Fashion Week, I saw Natalia Vodianova, closes the show Givenchy: that morning, she participated in the half marathon, ran twenty-one kilometer. For me, this number seemed absolutely fantastic. With sports, I have never been friends, you know, of course, that a modern girl needs something to do, even bought a subscription to a fitness club — but never there and did not appear to justify themselves by

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The club accomplished Arena clash with police

The official reason for curbing the concert was the incorrect date in the tour’s license.People refuses to leave the room, chanting "ACAB" (All Cops Are Bastards!). Later began to emerge from the club, but remained in the yard. Came out a few local skirmishes, according to witnesses — provoked police, but they swiftly ended.After 10 minutes, the police entered the courtyard "UAZ". In this time someone knocked on the stairs inside the window of the club. Police car immediately started throwing stones.During the incident, was arrested five people, including drummer "NaiSKAsok." Now confrontation musicians and young people against the police

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Vesna Cáceres in Minsk

Vesna Caceres was born in Croatia, and studied music there. Since 1990 he has been living in Prague. Usually she performs at concerts and festivals in different countries with their own group of "Anima", whose repertoire includes songs of the outstanding poets of Brazilian composers — Cayetana Velozu, chic Buarque, Jorge Ben, Milton Nasimentu. But the musical spectrum Vesny not limited to Brazilian and Cuban music, she sings swing, writes music for theater, and in soon began performing solo concerts, accompanied by an accordion. Specifically accordion she arrived in Minsk. On the days of it was a guest on the

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