The Russian military base in Abkhazia entered newest marching Automobile Club

The Russian military base in Abkhazia entered newest marching Automobile Club PAC-07, equipped with a satellite TV set, through which you can receive TV signals from virtually any point on earth.

The new complex is based on an off-roader Ural-43203 and has a self-contained power supply.

In the arsenal of the PAK-7 in addition to satellite TV, a video projection set, frame cinema, equipment for events, photos and video, as well as video editing station. The main advantages of a marching Automobile Club PAC-07 is its mobility, autonomy, the possibility of rapid formation and replication of its

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In the village of Naberezhnye Chelny opened a cultural center

In the village of Mount Elevatornaya (Naberezhnye Chelny) opened a new club, built in the framework of the national program "Country Club". The cultural center was named "Kyzyl Tau" ("Red Hill").

From the budget of Naberezhnye Chelny for club and engineering services were provided more than 4 million, 500 thousand rubles for the design of the club invested investors. On the whole center cost 15 million rubles.

The city intends to order two more of the club for the next year for other towns.

In the morning — the money in the evening — the match

As the "Boxing", the players of the Samara club "Wings of the Soviets" [url =] presented an ultimatum to the club [/ url]. In the event that prior to the first round match Rosgosstrah — Russian football championship with "Zenith" (March 13) in front of the players will not be paid off arrears of salary and bonus for 2008 and 2009, they refused to go on the field.

New Rural House of Culture opened in Tatarstan

In the village. Podlesniy Leninogorsky district opened the new House of Culture.

The decision on the construction of cultural facilities in remote rural areas was made about a year ago. Since then launched a national program to build a network of new clubs and houses of culture. In a number of municipalities to be built up to 3-4 such facilities.

For residents of Podlesnym opening of a new recreation center — a long-awaited event. Old dilapidated club was closed 10 years ago.

"Young people do not know to do with himself — says about sore taslim Salimzhanova resident

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Happy spring!

Lovely Ladies!

Football club "Lokomotiv" congratulates you on the holiday of spring, new hope, and love. We are convinced that to give you the care you need and the joy of not only this day. Therefore, we promise to do all we can to make you feel our love and attention throughout the year to be proud of the home club, with the guys in the red-green uniforms!

We believe that this spring your life will blossom with new colors, your heart filled with summer sun and heat, and in the fall we all be one big reason to

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In Ryazan, has opened a new sports club Hercules

19 September in Ryazan opened a new sports club "Hercules." It is located in a former furniture store down the street Zubkova opposite the Palace of Sports "Olympic".

Sports club "Hercules" is based on specialized youth sports school of Olympic reserve "Jupiter", which opened in 2004. In 2011, the "Jupiter" given the status of Sports School. Today it engage in sambo, judo, jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, melee combat and universal about three thousand young athletes. With them are 42 coaches, five of which have the title of Honored coach of Russia.

Photo essay: 

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Michael Osinov LEADS growth in the Premier League

[Img =] In "Rostselmash" Mischa appeared in 2002, and then there were persistent rumors that the midfielder changed to combine. The transition in Rostov club one of the most prominent players in the "Rotor" stirred up then Rostov football community, but, as is now known, the formidable "Rotor", the famous Veretennikov, Nidergausom and Zakharchuk, lived out his last years in the major leagues. [Cut] aspen, who had to play in Israel (Maccabi TA), was a prominent figure in the Volgograd club. Before moving to the banks of the Volga footballer, who spoke in the youth national team, playing in

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Sports club and children’s area opened in the villages of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

In the village of Shapkino Yenisei district opened the first in its history a sports club.

The club was named in taiga — "The Bear".

Organize it was possible thanks to a grant boundary, which amounted to 500 thousand rubles. The money went to purchase exercise equipment, table tennis and sports equipment for fitness. Under the direction of each given a separate room.

The first visitors of the club began to engage in early summer, but the official opening ceremony combined with the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the village, who noted the other day.

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In addition to various kinds of tournament records, in August, "growth" has surprised all and football exotic, presenting the gaming public of the North Korean midfielder Hon. His debut in the crucial match with the "Ural" was "a great success". Novice replaced Oleg Dolmatov in the second half, the podium was carried out by applause. Fast, technically, delivered a blow with snap, Hong Yong-Jo sees the field well, feels partner knows when and where to issue a perfect pass. In short, Rostov guessed at best, revealing a bright Russian football player. Do you think too much with the compliments? Not

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Prepare Buran (snowmobile) in the summer …

July 14, p. Yantikovo (Chuvash Republic) opened sports complex "Al." 23rd in a row FGC in Chuvashia (activities of the Federal Target Program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation for 2006-2015").Head of the Republic gave the Director of FGC:

"What do you do in the summer with a snowmobile?" — To become thoughtful Yantikovo.

Do not look at Yantikovo report Chuvash TV:

Cheboksary ekstremaly made an unusual water voyage. Members of the club "Extreme" decided not to ride on the Volga River on boats or jet skis and ride snowmobiles.

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