Detect bacteria in drinking water at Turkey, where poisoned by Russians

Representatives of the Ministry of Health in Turkey have found the bacteria in the drinking water at Club Gunes Garden, Russian guests who turned in late July for medical help with symptoms of food poisoning, said on Monday Rosturizm with reference to the Turkish embassy in Russia, RIA Novosti

According to the Office, July 26, 2011 in the Turkish Alanya with complaints of nausea, vomiting and malaise in hospitals in Turkey turned 69 tourists vacationing at Club Gunes Garden, 30 of which — the citizens of Russia. On the same day 66 tourists after care have been discharged from hospitals.

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Alexander Hleb into an English club Birmingham

Society Belarus national football team midfielder Alexander Hleb moves from the Spanish "Barcelona" to a club of English Premier League, "Birmingham City", BelTA informs. Belarusian football player loaned to the English team for a period of one year. According to the British press, the deal for the transfer of Gleb 4 million pounds.

Now 29-year-old midfielder is in the training camp of the Belarusian national team which in Minsk preparing for the opening match of the qualifying tournament of the European Championship 2012 with teams in France (September 3, Paris) and Romania (September 7, Minsk).

Alexander Hleb has played

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Maradona club an ultimatum from the UAE

Famous football player Diego Maradona, the coach of the football club SAR "Al Wasl" has informed the club that he might resign. The reason for this was the failure of the promises to attract new players to the team. As the internet portal, Maradona promised to fill a team of six players, but the team came just two.

The site also reported that Diego Maradona announced his decision to suspend the increase in the amount of his salary as a sign of the requirements of new players. He intends in the coming days to meet with the club, in

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Head coach of FC "Rostov" Oleg Protasov recognizes performance of the club in the first round of the Russian Championship success, but believes that only in the context of financial stability, "Rostov" in a position to fight for the top places. After half of the championship FC "Rostov" scored 22 points in 15 games and is ranked 5th in the standings. 7 wins — the same as for all of last season (30 games), played with powerful Moscow clubs — CSKA, "Spartacus" and "Locomotive". Positive changes in the statements "Rostov" with the arrival at the club in December

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[Img =] CEO Don top team in an exclusive interview with "Soviet Sport" talked about his first impressions of working in the new position. The conversation was about the past, present and future. [B] «GOAL FOR ME AWARDED watermelons» [/ b] — Oleg, you're certain a child playing soccer, and a student addicted to the number one sport? — Of course. In my opinion, football attracts 99.9 percent of boys. I spent my childhood in the Ukraine, so the competition has seen a lot of the union of all sizes. As a student of the Institute played for the

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In Lipetsk region saw a UFO

In this incident there were many witnesses, but all told a completely different, more will be said by different narrators spoke about the details.

Around midnight youth gathered around the village club. There's music playing in many homes the lights. Suddenly lit up the whole neighborhood, all over again decided that the car rides and lights illuminates some of the village, but something too long it lasted. Attention was drawn to yet another strange thing is that the light was not a natural, not like the headlights of the car,

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Wreath Memory: Vyacheslav baton

Society He was born in Slutsk. Freedom-loving spirit of the city is involved in the formation of personality irrepressible and indomitable. After the seventh grade, he decided to look at the sea and no money drove to Odessa. He will travel all my life and then put their travel experience based prose. Said a member of Vyacheslav Batons, historian and public figure Oleg Trusov:

"He wrote a lot of interesting novels with good humor Slutsky. Was an optimist, a man of extremely alert, which is not missed in any situation. And so, of course, Belarus will miss ethe man very

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The new pool to teach children to swim opened in Khabarovsk

In the Southern District of Khabarovsk has opened a new fitness club "Nautilus-South", which in addition to gyms have three pools. When one of them is the subject of an initial program of swimming training of children, which operates in Khabarovsk in 2011.

— Already recruited to teach about 700 children, they are already doing. Just opened three pools — one a 25-meter by 10 tracks, the second measuring 12×6 meters, which will teach children to swim at the age of 5 years, and the third — just a little — for the Advancement of special programs

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New services for fans

Dear friends! We are pleased to announce that today the football club "Lokomotiv" launches new services for you — club online store ( and updated website to book online ( ru / index.php) tickets for home games, "Loco". [Cut] «The" Locomotive "is faithful fans in all regions of Russia. That is why one of the priorities in our work is the convergence of the team and its fans, regardless of where they live, — commented the first vice-president of the club Alex Kirichek. We hope that the opening of an online store "Loco" will contribute to this important task. As

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New Rural House of Culture opened in Tatarstan

In the village. Podlesniy Leninogorsky district opened the new House of Culture.

The decision on the construction of cultural facilities in remote rural areas was made about a year ago. Since then launched a national program to build a network of new clubs and houses of culture. In a number of municipalities to be built up to 3-4 such facilities.

For residents of Podlesnym opening of a new recreation center — a long-awaited event. Old dilapidated club was closed 10 years ago.

"Young people do not know to do with himself — says about sore taslim Salimzhanova

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