Hearts Scottish players criticize Malafeeva

According to the Scottish edition of the Scotsman, close to the club owner Vladimir Romanov Malafeev had already last season some experience managing a team, when temporarily served as head coach of Hearts. This period was the worst in the club’s history, because of the six games in which the team ran Malafeev, Hearts not never defeated.

Gordon suggests that during nedavneshnih fees team in Germany and Austria, in training and games Malafeev often yelling at players. His workouts were good from those to which they are accustomed players. Many exercises Malafeeva that are focused on improving the physical level

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Knight festival in Lida

Only a single joust in Belarus occurs in the walls of a medieval castle — Lida. Knight festival in Leeds castle wallsThe festival was opened by the district head. Read about the cult of the male knight who Belarusians about knightly brotherhood of majestic Lithuanian princes of-mouth vertikalschikov it sounded not out of habit. Chairman of the Executive Committee read Andrew Khudyk and more conventional thesis:"In our country carried out the action" a strong, prosperous Blearus "Our festival is also held in the framework of this action."Reporter: "I wish to ask the spectators: How do you think — this is

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Warsaw was the premiere of» EPA» n play by play Kureichik

"Heaven" — is the title of a music club, which with great difficulty passing through 10s bureaucratic offices, open minchane young to have a place "where they could dance free people" and listening to music on Belarusian language.But the club survived for long because of "municipal reketu" and refusal to pay a bribe, its owner was behind bars. "There goes the whole fight in the main in the minds of the Belarusians. How can live when around decrees, some threat, lack of freedom? We want to show people, who live Belarus, does not differ from us. Deals exclusively in that

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Store did not give present new album

The new album "Krama" called "All life — weird dream." Songs created by Igor Varashkevich states that corresponds to the title story of the album. Exactly two months back the musicians filed an application in the metropolitan culture council executive committee to hold a concert presentation.Permission to This time not. According to the musicians, bureaucrats advised them to go to Presidential Administration. Again no answer, the musicians agreed with Minsk club "Night Star". Concert scheduled for May 30, but the 14th of the club, they were told that the concert will not take place. Why?By admin group Paul Kashirina management

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Salting Bulgaria replied L. Barshcheuski

"With a little delay I vyznat about the other situation that was caused by the public expression neobmyslennym owner of football club" Levski "sovereign Todor Batkova. Unfortunately, personal expression of this kind of persons for various reasons do not fall for the first time in Bulgarian media, but they are under no circumstances are not the official position of the Bulgarian policy, "- said in a letter to the ambassador.Recall that Party chairman BPF Lavon Barshcheuski sent a letter to the Ambassador of Bulgaria in Minsk Petko Ganchev. Prerequisite for appeal to the ambassador began expressing owner of football club

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Control of computer clubs will become more rigid (refreshed)

One of the managers naikrupneyshgo Minsk Internet club "Alliance Online" Valentin Borodavko reads work computer and internet facilities and monitored until now. On This time made new adjustments.Warts: "Before This time operated a temporary position, approved by the city authorities. And it actually not much than roznitststsa from today. Unlike except that increased storage time logs — in other words, the electric magazine with information which went users ".Valentin Borodavko states that very closely terrified at the prospect of attention from certain structures. What specifically to "Alliance Online", then the web sites of unknown content filters powerful bot, and guests

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BATE was in a group of perdition

Competitors BATE in the group will be Spanish "Real" Italian "Juventus" and Russian "Zenith". "Real" — a titled club in the history of the euro football, "Juventus" is also in the midst of "giants" and "Zenith" in Last year won the UEFA Cup.August 27 BATE in the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League played on their own field in a draw with Bulgarian club "Levski" and the amount of 2-games for the first time in the history of Belarusian football was in the group stage of the prestigious competition.

How to celebrate Valentine’s day minchane? (Audio)

Listen:Sleeping in the north district of Minsk. Club "Graffiti". Snowy evening. And already on the way see and hear that there people going out with pleasure.The band plays "Acoustics" band. Explains club representative PaulPaul: "I reverse the Month offered to make them festive program from specially dedicated to lovers of days. They promised something heartbreaking. They play flamenco, jazz, blues … a cover that closer to the" Beatles "… But in the treatment of" Acoustics Band "Reporter: "Today reflected in the activities of the club? "Paul: "It’s everyone. Someone travels with it as it is not clear what. For me

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Shikunov: in January

Athletic Director "growth" Alexander Shikunov explained the reasons for the First Division club is undefeated for 24 matches. "At the end of January, when the club have a new direction in our possession had only four players. And they were thinking about leaving. But we understand — in the life of any team there are dark days. And did not panic: all this comes to mind today like a bad dream, but fortunately, a difficult period behind. Nowadays club, putting the problem out in the Premier League, should have an annual budget of at least $ 15-20 million we fortunately

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In St. Petersburg killed Belarusian gastarbeiter

Reported that youth killed by a large loss of blood: he had a lot of stab wounds. Into the murder of city prosecutor’s office opened criminal case, report Petersburg online newspaper to Fontanka.ru.According to investigators, the young Belarusian came to Russia to work. Day before yesterday, along with friends, he rested in night club "Metro", which both left together yesterday afternoon. This fixed camera club. Outdoors men coming to grips with unfamiliar men. (Witnesses they say that it was either the Chinese or the Yakuts). During the fight Belarusian received numerous stab wounds.Killer fled the scene by car, the number

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