Forward Rostov Dmitry Akimov, I am an ambitious

[Img =] Rostov have collected in Austria, and head coach Oleg Dolmatov gave players a three-day holiday that team leader Dmitri Akimov prefer to hold in his native St. Petersburg. Dima visited the editorial office of "Sports" and answered questions from journalists and fans. Judging by the letters to the addresses of authors, this set of football fans in St. Petersburg, and Rostov, and in Tyumen and Lipetsk, and in Novosibirsk — in short, wherever he happened to speak. Therefore, we first granted the right to ask questions to readers.


Bolelschitsky round

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— Dmitry, our reader

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Belarusians under the flags of 30 Belarusian regiments

Society More than 500 Belarusians take part in the celebration of the 600th anniversary of the victory of Grunwald, which takes place July 15-17 in Olsztyn province in Poland.

About This was announced BelaPAN deputy chairman of the organizing committee of the National Public svyatkavanniyu the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald, the artist Mikola Kupava.

According to the newspaper "Travel and Leisure", a number of travel agencies and charity fund "Country of Castles" sent to the feast 219 Belarusian tourists. Another 194 friends Belarusian knight clubs led by the head of the Minsk club "Princely Gough"

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The Russian military base in Abkhazia entered newest marching Automobile Club

The Russian military base in Abkhazia entered newest marching Automobile Club PAC-07, equipped with a satellite TV set, through which you can receive TV signals from virtually any point on earth.

The new complex is based on an off-roader Ural-43203 and has a self-contained power supply.

In the arsenal of the PAK-7 in addition to satellite TV, a video projection set, frame cinema, equipment for events, photos and video, as well as video editing station. The main advantages of a marching Automobile Club PAC-07 is its mobility, autonomy, the possibility of rapid formation and replication of its

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Dnipro repeated Belarusian record

Society Mogilev "Dnepr" was released in the second qualifying round of the Europa League and repeated the record of performance of the Belarusian clubs in European cup competitions.July 8 in the second leg of the first round of the Belarusian team defeated in his field Albanian club "treated" — 7:1 (Bychenok, 10, 80, Yurchenko, 17, from the penalty spot, 56, 81, Zen'kovich, 42, Black, 87 — Nimani, 60). July 1, the Albanian Durres teams played in a draw — 1:1.

"Dnepr" repeated record of performance and the difference in scores for all the time Performances Belarusian teams in European club

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In Vitebsk friend BCD mart on the official did not give even a police chief to stay

Society Ales Halavan had participate in a theatrical setting — in the club's historical reconstruction show episode partisan battle. However, activist banned from the podium in front of his superiors, even as a policeman.According to the scenario of celebrations, it first parade, and then theatrical productions, in including and historical themes. "Hero" Ales Golovan have to "kill in battle" in front of the podium with the city and regional leadership, "Polizei" artfully shows the "Germans", where the guerrilla ambush, but the "people's avengers" courageously defended …

From yesterday's dress rehearsal for Ales Golovanov, he started having problems. One of the

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For growth

FC "Rostov" this weekend celebrating the anniversary. Eighty years in the fields of the country, even founding date habitually "floats". But a year has paid off. On the problems and accomplishments, "Rostov" — to ""

The idea to write on this topic arose long before there was information about a possible strike players. Anecdotal evidence that there are problems with salaries and bonuses, but approved of the need to talk on the subject. Where the theft, there is a thief, especially the general manager of the club Oleg Lopatin does not deny the existence of problems if not

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January 5, 2012 0:34

For many years, researchers have debated the ghosts with physicists and skeptics of the existence of ghosts and phantoms. But until now, neither one nor the other agreed.

Recently, I met up with her boyfriend, with whom in the 80 years of the Commission met in the paranormal at the Geographical Society. The former chief engineer of a large research institutes now worked there as a security guard.

-I have an interesting story for you, — said a familiar — we caught the ghost, more precisely, even a couple.

-Let us — without much enthusiasm

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MOMENT OF TRUTH FOR Rostov (Part Two: Siberia (Novosibirsk))

"Siberia" (Novosibirsk) By the way, the winner of "Siberia" over the "Zenith" in an interview on the eve of our new boldly predicted Akimov. Dmitri himself, by some strange contract, had the right to play against his former club, only a third of the match. "Siberia", which finished in third place last year, this past offseason voiced unequivocal problem out in the Premier League, his ambitions in support of a solid budget and strong structure. Of acquisitions should be noted our former player, defender Kirill Orlov and the two goalkeepers — Borodin (Torpedo) and Urich (youth team Serbia). Passed half

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At the country club Baganskogo district, the assurances of residents settled ghosts

October 5, 2012 15:12

Svetlana Martynets, head of the club: "The building is very old at all. Architectural. There used to be a church school, then children's home, then school, I also studied there. And now it's in our clubhouse. "

Few people Aleksandno Nevsky knows that this is one of the building, which, in fact, started the history Baganskogo district. It was built in the 19th century, when the Stolypin reform in Siberia flooded settlers. Children need to be taught. And there really was originally located parochial school. But this building holds another story. During World

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Mnguni can return to the Rostov

[Img =] South African midfielder Bennett Mnguni, known for his performances in the Moscow "Locomotive", could be back in the Russian league. According to Mnguni, he has an offer from the "Rostov" — the last of the club for which he played in Russia. Current club 34-year-old football player "Thanda Royal Zulu" refused to renew his contract. "I can go back to Russia — I have an offer from my old club in the" Rostov "I was invited at the beginning of this season. I am interested in this offer, I would like to play again in the Russian

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