China wants to buy Russian CD Club to arm the submarines

South American research center Heritage Foundation published an article that China is interested in acquiring Russian cruise missile "Club" to equip the submarine Type 93, Type 041 diesel-electric submarines and Kilo (the last placed Russia).

The article also says that our homeland is promoting the global arms market container complex with such missiles under the symbol "Club-K". The standard cargo container are four missiles with a retractable device complex serve two operators that produce satellites and the guidance of the Kyrgyz Republic on the target. In NATO rocket "Club" received the designation SS-N-27 Sizzler.

Container complex received

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In the village of Essoila (Karelia) opened a sports club for teenagers

Revive sports club movement in the village decided Essoila Pryazha region. It re-opened youth club where young people have the opportunity to engage in boxing and table tennis. Teen club appeared in Essoila in Soviet times. In the mid-nineties it safely covered up, the laundry room was turned into a local hospital. When it was gone, and, basement abandoned as unnecessary.

But at the end of last year essoylskie enthusiasts decided to re-organize the club to create on the basis of its sports section, hold competitions and to promote a healthy lifestyle. With the help of sponsors

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In the village of Lower Vyazovye opened the country’s largest cultural center in Tatarstan

This club — the final program in the construction of rural clubs in 2012 and is the largest of the constructed.

The project of the club was extended at the request of the villagers, and the resulting capacity of the hall is 450, which has allowed it to gather today members of the zonal round of pop art festival "Constellation". Also in the house of culture has a library, classrooms for training of various creative teams.

In the village of Naberezhnye Chelny opened a cultural center

In the village of Mount Elevatornaya (Naberezhnye Chelny) opened a new club, built in the framework of the national program "Country Club". The cultural center was named "Kyzyl Tau" ("Red Hill").

From the budget of Naberezhnye Chelny for club and engineering services were provided more than 4 million, 500 thousand rubles for the design of the club invested investors. On the whole center cost 15 million rubles.

The city intends to order two more of the club for the next year for other towns.

In the village. Chunskii (Irkutsk region). Swimming pool opened after reconstruction

On May 16, paragraph Chunskii a ceremonial opening of the pool at the gym "Champion". The pool at the boxing club had, but could not operate at full capacity — it was necessary to improve the system of cleaning, heating and drain. Along with the cost of installation works costs of the district budget amounted to more than 230,000 rubles. Now the pupils of "Champion" will be able to undergo regular health and restorative in the pool club.

The smoke poltergeist in Blagoveshchensk


Residents of five-story buildings saw a strange phenomenon. At 10:00 am on Wednesday, January 27, Annunciation single Rescue took up the challenge. To the apartment building, which is located in the alley Relochnom, the first rank of the call were drawn ambulance, gas service, rescue workers.


At the scene felt a burning smell, but no smoke, no fire was not. Neighbors say: the smoke was.

"That's the club! — Says a resident of

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In anticipation of the year. Rostov

[Img =] Anticipating the Russian football season, shall submit the clubs in the Premier League. In the first episode of the 16-episode series winner D1 — "Rostov". Donetsk residents have returned to the Premier League with a Napoleonic plans, teaching ability and patient Oleg Dolmatova ball rolling a can in the club office. Against this background, the fans from the Don to hope for a miracle, namely the fact that Igor Lebedenco finally begin to score. [B] problems [/ b] [cut] The President of the victors of the First Division last year, Ali Uzdenov, inducing fear in the

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Club of historical reconstruction Kitezh

Club of historical reconstruction "Kitezh" to reconstruct the historical period, as a rule, Kievan Rus early medieval period, namely 11.9 century. Why is it done? Probably because it is extremely interesting and informative, provides comprehensive development, introduction and chat with many people, it is also fun and useful free time allows.

In the priority interests of the club "Kitezh" — a living history of Russia, which includes a detailed study and recreation of historic costumes, life at the time, learning the skills of our ancient ancestors, this allows us to study traditional crafts and crafts, learn the history of Russia,

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Forged Men — service people of Siberia

Moscow hosted the II International Festival of History. Members of the Omsk club "Forged Men — service people of Siberia" dignity there myself were presented to display the accumulated knowledge, experience and outstanding combat skills. XVII century history collected bit by bit: the elements of the costumes, the details of weapons already forgotten crafts and traditions of ancient times. As a result, 23 of the Siberian fighter did not go unnoticed. Antiques, accurate recreations of Omsk craftsmen, perplexed and foreign masters.

Pride of the club — field gun. The people is a gun affectionately referred to as

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The ambassador defended Bagdonas demonstrantok

Society Lithuanian Ambassador to Belarus Edminas Bagdonas while riot police disperse protesters on December 19 rushed to defend the three girls who were beaten with rubber truncheons.

This was told at the press conference, one of the election observers, MP Andrus Shazhus, the agency BNS.

"I saw our ambassador Edminas Bagdonas, who rushed to the defense of the three girls. Their really beaten with rubber batons, but the ambassador pushed spetssily. Ambassador shouted that it diplomats, MPs, but no one is not grok, not looked at the certificate of international observers. They were not considered to anyone, be it a

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