Four bulldozers CTZ sent to the Far East

Four bulldozers B-10M of the party "registered" vehicles CTZ, named in honor of the players, "Tractor", sent to the Far East — to help in the reconstruction of flood devastated infrastructure in the region.

It is worth noting that only 12 units shipped the Khabarovsk with symbols hockey club, the names and signatures of the players on the board.   On the eve of shipment "nominal" four B-10M in the company visited the team forward, Honored Master of Sports, world champion in ice hockey in 2012 Evgeny Kuznetsov. He tried the machine in action.

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13.08.10 Chavdar YANKOV: "RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP — high level" Press office of FC "Rostov"

Immediately after registration of all necessary paperwork, Bulgarian newcomer "Rostov" gave an exclusive interview to the press service of the club:

— Chavdar, tell us how poyavilsyavariant with the transition to "Rostov"?

— Don klubsdelal me an offer and I think carefully, took the decision to move the team again.

— Prior to vyslyshali the "Rostov" or anything of the Russian league?

— Of course. ChempionatRossii — this is a very high level. In Bulgaria, the show of kazhdogotura

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Round dance at the samovar. In Astrakhan in vogue party

More recently, in the square of Peter I in the center of Astrakhan on Saturdays overcrowded. Bright sun dresses, embroidered blouses, dances, fist fights and tea from a samovar. Spend time having fun and interesting, but at the same time and get acquainted with ancient traditions evening can be anyone.

The idea of an evening (from the word evening) is not new. Vecherki in Russia were an integral part of the life of our ancestors. In the villages, young people gathered each evening — relax and have fun after a long day at work, having participated in

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HONG Yong-Jo: SOCCER FOR GIRLS not trade

In addition to various kinds of tournament records, in August, "growth" has surprised all and football exotic, presenting the gaming public of the North Korean midfielder Hon. His debut in the crucial match with the "Ural" was "a great success". Novice replaced Oleg Dolmatov in the second half, the podium was carried out by applause. Fast, technically, delivered a blow with snap, Hong Yong-Jo sees the field well, feels partner knows when and where to issue a perfect pass. In short, Rostov guessed at best, revealing a bright Russian football player. Do you think too much with the compliments? Not

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Hiddink led by

[Img =] Head coach of the Russian national football team Guus Hiddink led by London "Chelsea" for three months — until the end sezona-2008/09. This method of cooperation English club offered the Russian Football Union (RFU) and the Russian side is ready to accept the proposal, the official website of the RFU. [Cut] RFU also confirmed that within three months Hiddink will combine work in "Chelsea" and the team of Russia. This possibility is stipulated in the contract Dutch expert with the Russian Football Union. Hiddink agreement with the RFU is valid until July 2010, and the fund pays

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Suspects cacti

The club is headed by a member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Vladimir Shitikov. Sovereign states Shitikov:"The deputy director of the city center of culture Dmitry Tver said team director Tikhonov we will not give any more space, because there is no center of Tipo cacti no utility. May 30 years we were needed, we have an honorable title "People’s Club". Notable exhibitions were. People do was to their liking. Who funds the culture is not enough. New Director-General considers that cacti unnecessary Belarusian citizen. "Club "Lafafora" was created in 1973. About 10 years amateurs kaktusavody conducted their classes

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FC SKA has returned to Rostov

[B] After the charges, which took place in Krasnodar, the club will decide on signing the contract. [/ B] Footballers 'SKA' back from training fees trenirovychnyh held in Krymsk for seven days. With a team engaged a group of potential recruits. The club's management said it will announce in the near future, who will continue his career in the "SKA". Recall that the first match of the second round SKA will at home July 26 against the Khabarovsk club "SKA-Energia".


[Img =] Yesterday FC "Rostov" passed the procedure of application for participation in the Russian Championship. A complete list of players can be found on the official website of the Premier League. By the end of the term dozayavki not received a transfer certificate to Dusan Andjelkovic, which prevented the "Rostov" to include it in the application. International Department of the RFU asked the Turkish side to give an answer, but it was never received. After that, the RAF turned to FIFA to allow the situation and allow Andjelkovic continue his career at a new club. In international football

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Fans of growth: football players went on strike

According to the fan site "Rostov" football team on Thursday in protest against the non-fulfillment of their obligations, and the club four months salary delays refused to go to the gym.

We remind that the club had to start preparing for the fight of the 24th round of the Premier League with "Ruby".

Favorites PROVINCE

After the first round of the European Cup for a couple of places located clubs that were not expected.

The group is headed by leaders of persecution "Rostov" and Nalchik "Spartacus" in the number of these same leaders and includes: a team of Yuri Krasnozhan "hook" for CSKA with "Ruby", breaking away from í on six points.

Nevertheless, with the Rostov nalchan still do not believe: Many agree that the stalled until the fall of Moscow grants southerners displace — unless Nalchik will be able to catch on in the top six, a well-deserved respect to the set of

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