Transfers summer 2009. Deadline approaches

With the thrill of waiting for the transfer window, launches special online, which will keep track of all the events of the day and will try to give an answer to the question will be whether the expected return of Roman Pavlyuchenko in "Spartacus," will go to Oleksandr Aliyev from Valery Gazzaev to Yuri Semin, need to "Tottenham" Pletikosa injured and why the red-white Sheshukov Alexander and Alexander Samedov.


15.14. Tormented by the nostalgia for the epic with the transfer of Arshavin in the "Arsenal», tries to revive stir the events of

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17.09.10 TIMOTHY KALACHEV: STILL benefited Dean Zaplahova "Soviet Sport" by Don

It was during the first round match against "Alania" Timofey Kalachev got a terrible injury — a fracture of the ankle. Then it seemed that the season is over for Belarusians. But in the last round, he returned to the field, and brought his team to victory. After yesterday's workout goals against the author of "Anji" answered our questions under incessant fun by passing trainers and partners.

"VICTORY" Rostov "gave SIL"

— The consequences of injury, do not bother?

— No. I had a

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SE: Old Acquaintance — COMPOSITION: HUNT Loskova

Absolutely the best in the first division of the composition chosen with taste and an eye to the Premier League. The strongest line — Attack: Hong Yong-Jo, Akimov, Slivich, Gatskan, aspen, Dyadyun Kulchiy, Zuev able to open any defense in the tournament. However, this pleasant for Rostovites fact does not exempt them from having to spend the winter market. Premier League — a fundamentally different level, it "pull" is not all. At least a dozen newcomers will have to buy, it is clear today, because Rostov certainly lose rented Gitselova, Dyadyuna and Kozhanova. Unlikely to remain at the club and

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The current budget of "growth" — the largest in the history of the club. Investors and shareholders are jointly sought 500 million rubles. In 2007, when the team was relegated from the Premier League club purse was noticeably thinner — 350 million. In general, Rostov invested in the triumphant return of $ 20 million. With this budget, you can look decent in the Premier League. [Cut] more solid opportunities in Russia have only a "Zenith", the Moscow clubs, "Ruby", "wings", "Saturn". "Tom" laid the charges in the current season figure of 650 million rubles, "Amkar" spring announced a record 21

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Fife club opened in Minsk

Favourite band "Stary Olsa" Professor Piper Dmitry Sosnowski noted that on November 28 at the "Catacombs" for the first time brought together senior master Fife motion:"It Todor Kashkurevich Ales Elk Viktor Kulpin’s oldest and our master Vladimir Puzynya. Currently we first time their plant at the same table."Todor Kashkurevich expected opening of the club more than one year:"Now finally revealed" Fife club ", the idea that there was even 15 years back. But for a variety of events could not be realized. And now born very many young musicians. Through their initiatives and efforts have now open happiness first Fife

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Dutch players have scored the judge before his death on the field

41-year-old Dutch referee has died after being beaten by the players in the match junior championship. Richard was appointed to serve Novehuyzen match the Amsterdam club "Noyv slot" as a linesman, but during the game was attacked by several players on the team right.

According to the AP, after beating the referee was bad. R.Novehuyzen was taken to hospital, but doctors could not help him and he died a few hours later.

Dutch media have also reported that after the attack the referee tried to escape from attacking his players, but they caught up with him and continued beating.

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Apocalyptica West gold billion from futurologists

"In the coming new world order there will be losers and winners. Number of losers, of course, will exceed the number of winners. They will seek to have a chance at a decent life, but it is likely that chance will not provide. They will be in the pen, will choke with a poisoned atmosphere, and on them no one would pay attention because of the simple indifference. All the horrors of the XX century will fade in comparison with this picture "

The ideology of globalization, Jacques Attali

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Sports club and children’s area opened in the villages of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

In the village of Shapkino Yenisei district opened the first in its history a sports club.

The club was named in taiga — "The Bear".

Organize it was possible thanks to a grant boundary, which amounted to 500 thousand rubles. The money went to purchase exercise equipment, table tennis and sports equipment for fitness. Under the direction of each given a separate room.

The first visitors of the club began to engage in early summer, but the official opening ceremony combined with the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the village, who noted the other day.

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SERGEY STROGANOV: The Moscow club spoiled by attention SPONSORS

— How does the FC "Rostov" managed to conclude an agreement on technical co-sponsorship?

Oleg Lopatin, general diretokr FC "Rostov": played a role, of course, a personal acquaintance. Before the signing of the agreement has been done a lot of preparatory work, negotiated, agreed upon terms. Everything happens in a moment.

— From any of the parties proceeded initiative?

— To us this proposal addressed Moscow-based company, which is engaged in the promotion of the Italian brand Patrick in Russia. They went out on us.

— Why "growth" was not

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Sergei Balakhnin: NOW growth and Podolsk — PARTNERS

[B] — Why is the "Hero"? — First of all interested in the famous Rostov specialist, who returned to work after a year and a half. [/ B] — And what is it bad? [B] — Hardly your team can qualify for something serious. [/ B] — Tasks let local, placed in front of any club. "Hero" in this sense is not an exception. [Cut] [b] — In Saransk, where you called, would have to decide the maximum task: to return to the team from Mordovia place in the first division. [/ B] — Yes, it was an offer I

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