Yegor Titov, If leave Spartacus , only to return to it

Yesterday banished to the youth team captain, "Spartacus" has given an interview to the "SE". [B] — Now that since the transfer to take more than a week has passed, you will have a logical explanation for the decision of Stanislaus Cherchesova? [/ B] — all would have understood if to us with Kalinichenko and Mozart have shown basic respect, honestly would say "Guys, we begin to build a new team, and you do not fit into it." According to the concepts of football, we the people are no longer young, everyone gave "Spartacus" for years. But we were told

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Hiddink led by

[Img =] Head coach of the Russian national football team Guus Hiddink led by London "Chelsea" for three months — until the end sezona-2008/09. This method of cooperation English club offered the Russian Football Union (RFU) and the Russian side is ready to accept the proposal, the official website of the RFU. [Cut] RFU also confirmed that within three months Hiddink will combine work in "Chelsea" and the team of Russia. This possibility is stipulated in the contract Dutch expert with the Russian Football Union. Hiddink agreement with the RFU is valid until July 2010, and the fund pays

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Constantine Kuharenko, "Soviet Sport" on the Don at the end of last week, "Rostov" went to Israel for their second training camp. On the results of work in Turkey and the latest news in the Rostov club correspondent of "Soviet Sport" head coach Oleg Dolmatov. Interview with Oleg Vasilyevich took place on the eve of departure, "Rostov" in the country beyond. [Cut] [b] productively GREAT TIME IN TURKEY [/ b] [b] — Oleg, to be comfortable with your team ready for the season in the troubled country after the recent events in Gaza and the ongoing attacks on both sides

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Four bulldozers CTZ sent to the Far East

Four bulldozers B-10M of the party "registered" vehicles CTZ, named in honor of the players, "Tractor", sent to the Far East — to help in the reconstruction of flood devastated infrastructure in the region.

It is worth noting that only 12 units shipped the Khabarovsk with symbols hockey club, the names and signatures of the players on the board.   On the eve of shipment "nominal" four B-10M in the company visited the team forward, Honored Master of Sports, world champion in ice hockey in 2012 Evgeny Kuznetsov. He tried the machine in action.

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Club card for foreign fans

[Img =] request from management and the official website of the club to regional fan groups "Locomotive" to send a collective application for membership cards. The next season is the club card will become for us the main pass to away games, "Locomotive", and will not need any lists, and then approval. Form of the questionnaire is to ofits.sayte in the "fans." and has the following form: [cut] [i] — Last name, first name, middle name: — Date of birth: — Phone: — country, region, city, postal address, E-MAIL (for mailing correspondence) — When did you support «Lokomotiv»: [/

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British shocked requests Arshavin

As follows from the formal communication between the clubs agreed in principle to move the player on terms acceptable to both parties and the respective fair market value of a football player. Specifically noted that the set-off transfer fee player will be introduced half received them upon signing the 2006 contract with the St. Petersburg club "lift." Only for agreeing to sign a contract Arshavin paid 5 million euros! Andrew will return two and a half — and for exactly the same amount will decrease its value to "Arsenal". [Cut] It would seem that it is the long-awaited happy ending.

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Lebedenco close to the transition to Rostov

[Img =] Yesterday, the "SE", it was reported that an Israeli collection of "growth" will go forward Igor Lebedenco. The last club 25-year-old striker, who over the years played for the "Torpedo" and "Locomotive" was "Saturn." [Cut] — The term of the contract with the team outside Moscow, where I spent two and a half seasons, expired on December 31, so that the over supply of "growth" hesitated briefly, — [b] said yesterday Lebedenco correspondent "SE". [/ B] — This is ambitious club, led an interesting coach. But most importantly, I hope that I will have it a lot

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Defender SKA (Rostov) Gia Grigalava not approached the Dutch

Georgian defender with a Russian passport Gia Grigalava passing view in "Ajax", will not play for the Amsterdam club. According to the "De Telegraaf", the club has decided to abandon the defense services. "Gia took part in two matches. It has been a bad, but it was not enough, so we signed him," — said the technical director of "Ajax" Danny Blind. According to the "Soviet Sport", Grigalava interested in "growth", which is already in talks with the SKA, which owns the player.

Aspen: the Premier League to be nicer

"Growth" at the beginning of the new century became famous as one of the most likable teams, the game which regularly forced fans to fill the stands, "Olympus 2", the 2007 season did serious damage to his reputation because of relegation to the First Division. However, the failure of the team changed the triumphant return to the Premier League, where Rostovites will restore his reputation and regain the trust of the fans, as well as the old regalia. The responsibility for carrying out such a difficult task will be responsible not only for the head coach, but the club’s captain

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Aspen: offers from other clubs, I did not receive

Midfielder "growth" Michael Osinov told him that nobody addressed the proposal to move to another club. "To be honest, I was nobody addressed the proposal to move to another club, although the option to" Amkar ", which is now reported in several publications, was. However, a long time ago, back in 2008. Now, I do know that I need to go through three collection with the club, whose contract expires at me only a year. So I do not get distracted by the rumors, but did not deny it, because our life is such that it is not necessary to

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