Future of the Belarusian football: Well, what we Stange will do when he will not be material?

"And if the foundation is based on sufficient Nekhoroshev concrete, the new mission will not solve anything" Sports columnist for the "Solidarity" Sergei Olehnovich believes that the purpose of a new head coach is not fundamentally change the situation in Belarusian football:"The State is the only team of the peak of the football pyramid. And if the foundation is based on sufficient Nekhoroshev concrete, the new mission will not solve anything. On my eyes, necessary to begin all baseman. But, taking into account the fact that our state team — this is the main command of the country, and she

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German football coach arrived in Minsk with winter things

According to Stange, regardless of unsuccessful games in the qualifying round of the European Championship, the Belarusian team still has great potential. According to the agreement, the new coach has to lead the team to the highest results at the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. In dealing with the German edition of Neues Deutschland Stange said: "Such complex tasks I received during my work team coach GDR state. Even in Iraq, the pressure was not so strong."• Manage the Belarusian football team wish two Germans, 26.07.2007

Hiddink led by

[Img = http://www.rsmfans.ru/images/photos/1039.jpeg] Head coach of the Russian national football team Guus Hiddink led by London "Chelsea" for three months — until the end sezona-2008/09. This method of cooperation English club offered the Russian Football Union (RFU) and the Russian side is ready to accept the proposal, the official website of the RFU. [Cut] RFU also confirmed that within three months Hiddink will combine work in "Chelsea" and the team of Russia. This possibility is stipulated in the contract Dutch expert with the Russian Football Union. Hiddink agreement with the RFU is valid until July 2010, and the fund pays

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Olympic Committee selected at kids gym

Students at the school, the ancestors and coaches unhappy. "This conflict provoked by sports bureaucrats" — they say. "We read: Endure until September, completed repairs — and all there allowed. But when the repair was completed, we were on the street" — says Natalia Zubarava trenerka acrobats.The interviewee told that they now have friction in cramped and unsuitable gym high school number 6:"We need a standard carpet eleven by eleven meters, and then we practice on the mat four-by-six. Babes very many. Awkward to work, so that there and small, and the team of friction. Our results do not suit

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Died Vladimir Fedotov

On Sunday, a 67-year life of the Botkin hospital died, former head coach of the Moscow "Spartak" Vladimir G. Fedotov. Vladimir G. worked in "Spartacus" in 2002-2003, assistant Oleg Romantsev, then the technical and sporting director of the club. In 2003 and 2006 he was the acting head coach, and from May 2006 to June 2007 — the head coach of "Spartacus." Under the guidance of Fedotov's team won the silver medal in the championship of Russia 2006, advanced to the group stage of the Champions League. Vladimir G. was a very kind and sympathetic person. On his official website,

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The coach and captain of growth — the best in the first division

Head coach of "growth" Oleg Dolmatov and captain Michael Osinov Southerners named the best coach and the best player of the season in the first division clubs in the poll of the Professional Football League (PFL), the official site of the Russian Football Union (RFU). Michael Osinov [img = http://img.beta.rian.ru/images/15607/43/156074341.jpg] Michael aspen is also recognized as the best midfielder of the season. The best game in the rest of the lines are named goalkeeper of "growth" Roman Gerus, a defender of the Krasnodar "Kuban" Roman Lengyel and forward "growth" Dmitri Akimov (the first part of the season striker spent in

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SE: Old Acquaintance — COACH: FOREVER YOUNG Dolmatov

On Tuesday, as reported by "SE", start in the Premier League after a one-year stay in the first division ahead of secured "growth." How he will return to the elite? When Oleg Dolmatov was working alone in first Union League, Sergei Juran was in the graduating class of the school of native Lugansk. When the head coach of "growth" -2008 won with Novorossiysk "Chernomorets" football tournament in the first Russian league, Jurgen Reber and Zoran Vulic themselves still playing football. Experience — a great thing, but it does have a downside. However, in their 60 head coach, "growth" does not

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The strongest junior teams of the world are trained in the arena of the Olympic Park

Teams from Germany, Canada, Latvia, Russia, Slovakia, USA, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden need to practice on the eve of the World Hockey Championship among juniors.


Preparations for the match goes to five ice rinks Sochi Olympic Park — in the palace of the "Big", erected by order "Olympstroy" at the ice arena, "Washer" and a training center.

The first on the ice went out Sochi favorites of the tournament, the winners of the last four world championships — the players from the United States. Athletes start training, despite being

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Protasov may lead Rostov

Top scorer in the history of the Soviet championships can return to Russia as a coach, the correspondent "SE" Vyacheslav Korotkin. Oleg Protasov completed the 2007 season as head coach, "Kuban", but in December, the parties terminated the existing contract. As the cause of Ukrainian expert called the absence of the club — because of the economic crisis — possibilities for a team that is able to claim in the Russian league for something serious. In that year, "Kuban" leased a total of ten players, changed coaches, working with the team in a different status, and in November left the

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That’s another change

Gazzaev changes Slutsky. So far — six rounds 10.10.2009 FOOTBALL — Premier League yesterday the head coach, "Wings of the Soviets" Leonid Slutsky, resigned, which was adopted [cut] Leonid Slutsky last night flew to Moscow, informing the team that will come in November, especially in Samara say goodbye in an informal setting. New head coach, "Wings," as predicted in September, "SE", named Yuri Gazzaev, who served previously as CEO and head coach of "KAMAZ". Yesterday he spent in Moscow, where he attended a meeting of the Board of PFL — a traditional event for the clubs first and second divisions.

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