YOUR COLLECTION FOR SCHUMACHER: Combines feminine floral chinoiserie and fretwork paired with snakeskin and ’60s geometries.


LA: JF Chen is number one for antique and vintage furnishings. New York: Score hard-to-find porcelain at Bardith. Creel and Gow is a no-brainer for unbelievable minerals, fossils and taxidermy. Palm Beach: House of Lavande’s vintage jewelry is to-die-for. Lori Jayne Monogramming & More mean “more” when they say it. Who doesn’t love Circa Who for antiques?


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Easy Cocktail Parties

Tips for Hosting a Successful Gathering

We both love to entertain. Whether it is a full-blown event that has been planned for weeks or friends coming over on the fly, we really enjoy inviting people over. Having back­grounds in cocktails, wines, and food, we’ve learned quite a few things over the years for hosting nearly any style of cocktail party. Here are some tips and techniques for mak­ing your next event a huge success.

Who and What?

The first order of business for a successful cocktail party is to create your guest list and theme. When developing a theme, consider

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Energy Cocktail with green tea.

For 1 serving

400 g of fresh pineapple

1 ch.l.chaya match (matcha)

200 ml of skimmed milk

1 scoop vanilla protein shake powder

In one portion

237 kcal

22.1 g protein

27.7 g carbohydrates

21.6 grams of sugar

4.4 g fat

1.1 g saturated fat

Drink this cocktail before exercise for optimal weight loss. Green tea is rich in antioxidants catechins, which, according to published in the American Journal of Critical Nutrition information, among other things diligently destroy abdominal fat — the one that’s on your belly. To do this, you’ll need a cocktail powdered tea of ​​the match

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Americans invented a drink that replaces all food


Programmer from the U.S. who tired of spending their time and energy for cooking and its absorption, decided to create a cocktail that contains all the nutrients necessary for survival.

Rob Reinhart(Rob Rhinehart) — 24-year-old man from the city of Atlanta has developed a drink called "all in one" that provides its full range of vitamins and minerals. [

According to the inventor at the wonderful taste of the drink, and for six weeks he he has not bothered. Furthermore, despite the important elements of the balanced content of food thereinonly a

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How to make the food to be medicine and medicine — food?

These words of Hippocrates, and they ask in our life today. Well, when there is not now find them relevant? How to reduce to a common denominator desire to be healthy, do not waste time and money to prepare for the purchase of products? I’ll try to answer it. But, first, let everyone who has taken up this article, I will advance in the form of trust. At least for a month — half forward. Exactly as much time will it take for the majority of what would really feel the first significant change, both inside and outside. [Cut]


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Cocktails: mix, but do not drink

Regarding the origin of cocktails, there are many different legends, however, we can safely say that the habit of mix in a glass a few drinks, decorating and giving the result obtained as an attractive appearance, a native of America. Now Russia has formed a fashion for cocktails, and the popularity of them is somewhere very close to the peak.


From the point of view of those who make cocktails and drinks — all wonderful. Stylish surroundings, special glasses, shakers, blenders, bartender, juggling all these like a real magician, and, of course, the result itself — multicolored and

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Festive cocktails — Safe?

Behind the New Year's holiday. Make it a beautiful and memorable sought each. And not the last role in this played a selection of dishes and drinks. First of all we are talking about New Year's cocktails. Beautiful multi-colored glasses, bright, sparkling ornaments on the legs of glasses, and drink themselves of all colors of the rainbow — it is always a lucky find for the holiday table decoration. And every year the recipes are becoming more original and unexpected.

Cocktails are a pleasure to hold in their hands, they complement any image, refined and suitable for any

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Cocktail recipes watch online

In this video — a real demonstration lesson from the 1st of the leading bartenders named Vyacheslav that works in the restaurant Ruff. It will show how to prepare the most delicious cocktails as alcoholic and non-alcoholic

The other films

Already weekend, February 5-6


Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Snow …

Temperature: +2 +3 C.

Do not pass:

February 5 in Minsk in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Nyamiha service poet Tatiana Dubovets memory. Beginning at 9:30 am.


February 5 — Day cocktail "Pisco Sour" in Peru. Every year on the first Saturday of February in Peru celebrate National Pisco Sour Day — the day's most popular cocktail in the country, made on the basis of grape vodka "squeak" that Peruvians drink from the 16th century.


February 5, 1923

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