Built ships in the 2000s

I tried to select only Launched ships passing factory tests or handed fleet. Unfortunately for many information is scanty and sometimes contradictory. Data obtained from public sources.

Pr. 20380 "Guarding" put one plus one launched

Pr. 21630 "Desperado"

Pr. 20370 Boat Connections 4 pieces

Pr. 11661 frigate "Tatarstan"

Pr. 11540 Patrol ships "Yaroslav Mudry"

Pr. 11356 Patrol ships, "Sentinel", "Shock", "SKR-23" + 2 floated

Pr. Missile hovercraft Project 1239, code "Sivush" "Simoom"

Pr.503M/RR Border patrol vessels PPS-818, PPP-819

Pr. 20180 "Star" Naval Weapons (search-and-transport vessel)

Pr. 20120 B-90 "Sarov"

Pr. 18280 1 Communication Ship built "Admiral

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In Kamchatka volcano Untitled is assigned the highest code of aviation hazards

"Untitled" — is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Note that the March 2, 2012, he became more active in the area of the crater fever. Volcano threw ash column height of 3.5 kilometers. As experts predict that in the coming two weeks will increase the power of the eruption, and ash cloud has been lifted by 13 kilometers."Red" code means that the ash and gases thrown into the atmosphere of a volcano, can be a danger to aircraft engines.Source: utro.ru.

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In Kamchatka, the plume from the eruption Kizimen stretches for 220 km


Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, April 9. / ITAR-TASS /. Plume from the eruption of a volcano in Kamchatka Kizimen stretches for 220 km to the southeast of the giant. Risk to human settlements there. Itar-Tass reported today in the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service RAS.

During the day, the volcano was more than 30 local earthquakes. The strongest are often dumped the ashes of the volcano to a height of 4.5 to 4.8 km above sea level. Vulcan is assigned an "orange" air code warning of its increased activity and the dangers that they thrown into the atmosphere gases and

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Police received badges

 Photo source:arms-expo.ru

The Interior Ministry confirmed samples of badges for police officers and their description. All the characters have a series corresponding to a particular region of Russia. Below, drawings and descriptions of characters.

 Photo source:arms-expo.ru

Employee patrol.

Breastplate officer patrol is made of aluminum in the form of an oval golden brown size 75 x 60 mm and consists of two parts: the base and cover with the code mark. In the central part of the base of radiant red — image heraldic symbol — the emblem of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

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Increased risk of a Colombian volcano code Shotaro

A few days ago, the activity at the volcano increased Shotaro, forcing service monitoring volcanoes raise danger code on that site with the "yellow" on the orange. Starting from June 24, 2012 in the area of the volcano was recorded 6891 earthquake, about 150 aftershocks during the day. Almost all of them had a great 5177 magnitude, but the remaining 1714 had substantial energy (0,1-2,2 points) and were concentrated in a radius of 0.1-5 km north-east of the summit Shotaro at a depth of 2-6 km. Of course, for local residents such shocks cause no harm can not, but

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Flooding in Taiwan

After prolonged rains, the strongest in the last couple of years, in the heart of Taiwan have been many mudslides. Seven thousand people were evacuated and 11 are injured, including six people killed in the province of Nantes, two of them died in hospital. Two people reported missing. In large cities, schools are closed, dozens of roads no longer be operating, including 57 major roads in Taiwan, large areas are de-energized.

Taoyuan County poultry farms suffered damage after the flooding of their facilities. From the south, the second largest city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung evacuated about 3,200 people. 1.5 thousand evacuated

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Indonesian Volcano Soputan became increasingly

Center mitigation of geological and volcanic disasters (PVMBG) have raised the level of danger on Mount Soputan in Minahasa regency, and the South-east Minahasa, located in the north of. Sulawesi. Now, due to increasing volcanic activity Soputan code risk is 3 for a four-point scale.

The volcano began to show serious signs of seismic activity is May 25, 2012, spewing white smoke to a height of 50 to 75 meters above the top of the mountain. Since then, the center PVMBG there were dozens of different symptoms intensify Soputana. All local residents are warned of the threat of release of

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Danger of flooding in Bulgaria

Balkans covered rains brought by the Mediterranean cyclone. The central and southern part of Bulgaria on the verge of flooding, a few days ago in its nine regions was declared a "yellow" code of danger. With the increased rainfall code red danger announced in the Maritsa River near the town of Harmanli. Code orange danger remains relevant for settlement Parvomay and Svilengrad and to Plovdiv.

Warned of the possibility of flooding and riverbank residents Sazliyka and Tundja (hazard code "yellow"), and the southern regions of Bulgaria. In the mountainous parts of the country expected a significant cooling to 14 °

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Review of volcanic activity from 28 March to 3 April 2012

During this period of seismic events occurred in 15 volcanoes, signs of a new volcanic activity appeared in seven volcanoes:

CLEVELAND (1730 m, about. Chuginadak, Alaska, 52,825 ° N, 169,944 ° W)

March 28 code danger volcano was raised to "orange", as in the crater formed a new lava dome. Made April 4 satellite image displayed the temperature increase due to activation of the surface of the volcano lava.

Fuego (3763 m, Guatemala, 14,473 ° N, 90,880 ° W)

During this period, active volcano spewed ash column to a height of 500-800 m above the crater. Lava fountains rose

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There were more strawberry genes than human

An international team of scientists managed to decipher the genetic code of strawberries and cocoa fruit that make chocolate. Woodland strawberry genome contains 35,000 genes, a third more than in humans. Researchers are reminded that the genome of Homo Sapience has 25,000 genes.

However, suffer from their "genetically defective" people of this does not have to: the genome of plants, usually contains more genes. In the DNA of rice, for example, includes 57 000 genes. Grätzel has a practical application. It will greatly improve the taste of strawberries and chocolate. In genetic structure akin strawberries with fruit like apples, pears,

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