Buried near Minsk Ira Kozulin

"Alexander Kozulin said nothing about politics"

Then fate led to find their last refuge Kazulina Ira, from which came a few hundred people to say goodbye. The singing of the church choir coffin was carried out of the hearse. After several prayers priest Vladislav Zavalniuk proposed to say about Ira Kazulina farewell.

 It made Alexander Kozulin himself. He read about his own love for his wife, her selflessness and that his example she helped people to live and fight for life. 

Alexander Kozulin said not a word about politics. In some moments, he wept, and listening to him,

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Separated Ira Kazulina

16:15. At the cemetery in Tarasavafuneral ceremony ended Ira Kazulina People razyazhzhayutstsa the cemetery. 16:00.At the grave of Ira Kazulina poured burial mound, set wreaths, baskets of flowers. Melody sounds of Frank Sinatra "My Way" 15:40 "May the all-powerful God will give to you, our sister, Ira, drink endless source of life" — under the words priest Vladislav Zavalniuk coffin.body Ira Kazulina lowered into the ground 15:30. Vladislav Zavalniuk priest blessed the grave. Word took Alexander Kozulin. His speech was very sensual., People weptAlexander Kozulin stressed that Ira sacrificed her life for him urged all to charity, love for

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British archaeologists have unearthed a mysterious coffin in the grave


The coffin inside the tomb, found in the ruins of the convent of the Grey brothers in Leicester (photo University of Leicester).

A team of archaeologists from the University of Leicester (University of Leicester) benefited from the ruins of the monastery of the Grey brothers (Greyfriars) stone sarcophagus. When archaeologists opened it, it turned out that another one placed inside the coffin: a lead. Earlier, in September 2012, on the same archaeological site contained the remains of a medieval British King Richard III.

Presumably, the "coffin in the coffin" was buried in

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Risen priestess of love almost ruined hotel guests



The hotel Maynor is located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, the incident took place, after which the police took a long time sedation.

A resident of Bulawayo, apparently did not enjoy the attention of the beautiful half of humanity, wanted to spend the evening in the company of women for which invited into a hotel room priestess of love, is represented by Mandla (MaNdlo).

However putana not live up to expectations of African, who dreamed of spending the night in her arms

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At the burial site of Richard III found a mysterious stone coffin



In the ruins of the monastery, where he was buried English King Richard III, archaeologists discovered an untouched stone coffin. The researchers intend to raise the lid of the coffin and try to figure out whose remains are there. Experts believe that the tomb is found in the skeleton of a medieval knight or one of the monks of very high status, because he was buried in the monastery.

Richard III — the last king of the dynasty of York,

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Tisulskaya find

Another story

Oleg Kulishkin Name of the hero, who told me this story, I'm not going to call. For such revelations in our "free" society can be free not free.

During a recent trip to Moscow, I met on the train with a man with a strong, extremely intelligent person (like Stirlitz). At first, he kept quiet, but the road is long, and the soul of a fellow traveler, they say, boiling …

It turned out that he was a retired colonel in the KGB, for many years, worked in one of the secret parts. Left the bodies in 1991

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Revived after death

A lot of discussion of the fact that NV Gogol was buried alive. The death was passed lethargy. After the funeral, the great writer wakes up in a coffin and have truly died there. It is known that during the life of Gogol most feared precisely this — to be buried alive.

In XVIII-XIX centuries, there was even a so-called tafofobiya (ancient Greek "grave" and "fear"). Many succumbed to this fear. Constantly information surfaced that suddenly stood up at the funeral of the deceased coffin. Many of the resurrected later

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Teleportation graves.

On teleportation of living people have heard and read a lot, but that's about to from one place to another transpired GRAVE, read first. It is not known what is the reason: whether with black magic, whether with stealers, and maybe even with something else. Here are the facts that are sure you will be interested.

Imagine that you went to the cemetery to visit someone from deceased loved ones — and suddenly found that his grave had disappeared. And later find it in another place … Such cases occur

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Siberian miracle incorruptible body


Hambo Lama XII (in the world Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov) gathered his disciples to let them know he was going to die, and asked to see his body after 30 years. After that, the guru sat in the lotus position, and began to meditate and died shortly thereafter.

Followers of performing the request of a teacher, his remains were exhumed at the cemetery Huhe-Zurhen and found the body of llamas in the lotus position — with no signs of decomposition. Lama was able to defeat the forces of nature. "Return the body of the temple while it

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German submarines: Iron Coffins (Part 3) Watch online

In this documentary film, we learn about how the German troops have lost an unlimited number of submarines during the second world war. 10's of thousands of German submariners lost in their underwater graves, making this part of the German army more damage to the victim.

Marine engineering

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