Wireless Recording

Generally, recording from tape to tape is done with the help of a lead, which is often associated with electrical noises. To avoid this,inductive recording is done, which is superior as compared to direct electrical recording.

For such recording from any source of sound, the sensor is placed near the speaker and the earphone pin is inserted into the external mike jack of tape recorder, which is set into the recording mode. In this way, recording free from surrounding noises and electrical disturbances is done.

The circuit works with two pencil cells which last quite some time due to low

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PRS Brent Mason Signature

So what does a celebrated Nashville session player with an armoury of guitars at his disposal need from a new axe? Flexibility – and that’s what you get from this new PRS with a twist. Review by Marcus Leadley.

Brent who? If you’re not a country music fan then you might just be let off for not knowing the name – but Mason has been cited as being the most recorded guitarist of all time, which is quite something. Aside from a brief flirtation concentrating upon his own career in the late ’90s, he’s always been a gun for hire.

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AM/FM Radio Receiver using BEL7220

The BEL, 7220 is an integrated AM/FM IC designed for economical and high quality receivers. The BEL

7220 IC can be used in battery or mains operated AM/FM receivers working from a nominal voltage of 1.6 to 6 volts. The functional block diagram is shown in Fig.l. With the exception of FM front end and audio output stage, the following functions are integrated.

(a) Pre-amplifier and double balanced mixer with AGC

(b) One pin local oscillator

(c) IF amplifier with internal AGC

(d) FM/IF amplifier and limiter

(e) Detector

(f) FM quadrature detector

(g) Audio pre-amplifier

The audio power amplifier

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Radek Filip lives in Prague. The chief editor of the fishing magazine Kaіtap. Universal Angler specializes in catching predatory fish. Personal records: KGS 206 cm in length and weighing 75 kg, the carp length 107 cm and weighing 18.5 kg.

Not long ago, many anglers asp associated with fish, which is almost impossible to catch. But in 80-90 years of the last century the situation has changed, mainly due to a significant breakthrough spinning fishing. Asp has become more likely to fall in the catch of fishermen, but these were accidental capture of lures and fishing techniques used by

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This, of course, wouldn’t work too well in sunny Singapore, where humidity hovers around the 90 per cent mark! If you’re torn between using air-conditioning and resolving to guzzle less energy at home, get the most efficient cooling system available and keep it in tip-top condition.


Modern-day air-conditioning systems mounted on your wall/ceiling/window cool your space by running the air in the room past pipes filled with refrigerant in the fan coil unit (which removes the heat), and then dispensing the cooled air

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‘Dancing «from the power supply

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SoyuzEnergoPostavil coil feed water for the Kemerovo JSC Nitrogen

Concern "SoyuzEnergo" has supplied coil feed water for the Kemerovo JSC "Nitrogen". This coil will be installed in the primary reformer furnace in the shop Ammonia-2 Kemerovo JSC "Nitrogen" for heating gas and the feed water, operating pressure of 12.5 MPa and temperature of the working fluid 102-1600C.

Manufacture of coil carried on the production facilities of PJSC "PRMZ." The basic details to create a coil feed water: the frame was made of hot-rolled sheet steel St3ps, heat transfer elements were made of seamless steel pipes 57×5 steel 20; ribbon fin of cold-rolled sheet in coils of

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